Monday, March 8, 2010

DOOM: The Good, The Bad And The Doom pt2 [AUDIO]

Looks as though this Doom show will go down in infamy. I was @ this bday party this weekend and this girl I know brought it up, mentioned how glad she was she never went. She added that some ppl from her work left that show FURIOUS, as for one - they didn't know Mos was off the date, and for 2, the show was one of the worst she had ever been to. Even more troubling, they tried to pull out the Hip Hop card [read, typical hip hop show]. Really?? Lastly, they were throwing the promoter under the bus, like he had anything to do w/ Doom's live act. But, i guess seeing that he's the front person, I get it.
Oddly enough, minutes after getting into the venue that Feb 25th night, and seeing all the beer cans being thrown on stage and @ the DJs, I felt the promoter would be well served to address the hip hop community on the radio that weekend. So he did.
Thus, in order to give ppl an insight on what happened that fateful night, and more importantly, the lead up to the show, here's the interview by the promoter @ Mixtape Massacre Sat Feb 27th, days following the Doom Debacle.
If you're in Toronto and you know ppl who went to the show, spread the link so they get an idea of the challenge that was getting Doom here. Too bad as it could have been a classic night.
You got pt1, now here's pt 2.

Sit back and enjoy...

The Good, The Bad and The Doom pt2.



  1. Hip Hop DX picked up this story. Nice that you've spread the word

  2. notefromundergroundMarch 29, 2010 at 11:48 PM

    myman, good lookin with this interview.. cleared a lot up.

    I will say though, DOOM is a villain, and what with his live-show history, people shouldn't have been so surprised.


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