Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lazer Sword: Golden Handshake EP Gets A Pound

California might be broke under the Governator, but the bounty of tuneful tender that these beats are creating, have produced an musical windfall, making Cali resemble @ times a Dubai circa early 2000. Say wrd.
Next up to run for office (but not in Sacramento), are Low Limit and Lando Kal bka Lazer Sword. Whilst I heard of all three separately, I eventually made the connection a short time after. Even better, I was finally able to identify some riddims I had been humming.
But bestest, is the new Lazer Sword EP: The Golden Handshake.

From Glasgow's Numbers crew, comes this 6-pack of tracks from Low Limit and Lando Kal. Electronic, but not so much electro, and bordering on gitch @ times, this is an EP I was soooo pumped to get my hands on. And if you respect the Golden State, you will too. Tempos and melodies will vary much like the Cali landscape, with an array of sounds and melodies that all meld into one great creation: The Golden Handshake EP. They get a pound for that.

Get your hands on it is all I wanna say.

Trapperkeeper || Low Limit of Lazer Sword

Fuzzy Angles || Lando Kal of Lazer Sword

Give these guys a pound. Enjoy.


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  1. Nice one :) Numbers is from Glasgow though. Calum/Numbers


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