Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All City Presents: KALEIDOSCOPIC by mymanhenri [DWNLD]

So, this is my recent mix. Just a few days old. To be honest, I have this love hate relationship w/ these. Love the music. Hate to arrange it. Love it when it comes together well. Hate that I have to listen to it over and over again to realize after I should have done something different. Love the fact that ppl have sent over newness. Hate the fact that I forgot to include others on it. Love the fact that I can rant about this. Hate the fact that I AM ranting about this.
Hate the fact that when I make these, I', always thinking of what my neighbors are thinking right now - I live in a condo... ha.
At the end of the day, I'm happy about this mix for the fact that it was requested by a boutique label a greatly admire, All City, and that it reflects the enthusiasm in music that I've always had: metal, hip hop, electronic and all in between. I was going to call this potentially, MPCs n Beatbreaks v2, as it was going to be a long overdue follow up to v1 (which is still available to my surprise), but I chose otherwise. Kaleidoscopic was more apt for so many reasons, many of which will come to light soon. Anyhow, enough of the soliloquy. Here's a run down of the track listing...


#1. k - Metallica: Massive Metallica fan that I am (old Metallca that is), I've always loved their 6 string breaks, intros and melodies whether it be classical or electric axe - and they havea bunch of 'em. Just wanted to throw that one in for kicks...

#2. Begin End Begin - Take. TaKe sent me this one when he got wind that I was doing this podcast. This is a track from his forthcoming Only Mountains rmx record coming out on Alpha Pup later this fall. Double disc of goodies. Always loved his mature sound.

#3. YESterday - RLP. Man, what can I say, RLP sent me this some time ago and just came out on his amazing WORKS LP (that I have YET to review - my bad). But this is a banger. Always loved it, and those who've been to my 92 nights will have heard this in the past. WORKS is out now.

#4. Bubbling Hot - Leonard Dstroy. Man, dude and I have been in touch for a min. But this Higher Vibrations record he came out was just bananas (and was a free download). Bangers. Word is he might start to work w/ Alex B...

#5. Nothing is Always Something - Alex B .... And speaking for Alex B., his LP Moments will rank as one of my faves this year, no matter what else drops. This joint was just one of many stellar joints on this record. Good seeing you in Seattle this past weekend dude. #allday.

#6. Meloportation - Ultragamma I was flipping when I 1st heard this from my mellow my man Ultragamma. Holla'd and told him I had to have it. Ha. Shot it to me in an email. Love this joint. #TUFF GANG.

#7. Gooddnight - Elaquent. Eq is another dude who's banging em out. Great material. His 1st official full length, Persona is out in stores now, but this is a recently completed unreleased joint he sent me. Good look.

#8. Black Crayon - Ana Caravelle. This is a break that I spotted in this track by the Non Project's songtsress. There's a rmx LP coming out featuring edits from some noteworthies. Her Basic Climb EP is out now.

#9. Triceratopless - heRobust heRobust sent me this shortly after we got up. He had orignally sent me an email long ago that I overlooked (in box is craze some days), but we did connect, I was pretty blown away. Ask your boy Leonard Dstroy about that one... tight track.

#10. Dance Brace - Letherette. This is from their coming EP on Ho Tep, Alex's Nuts home. My original Letherette post has been getting tons of love. Had to throw this one on.

#11. Punta Skala - Don Leisiure. A joint that Darkhouse Family sent me recently. Again, their beat tape post gets top traffic and infact, I ran into this complete stranger in Seattle who told me he was feeling that one. Say wrd.

#12. Lady Linda (Devonwho edit) - Muxmool Pretty one indeed. A joint off that Muxmool rmx ep out on Ghostly right now. A Devonwho rmx to boot. Got love for both. In fact, got to see Muxmool rawk it out this weekend in Seattle. Dude got game. #allday. Had to miss Dev's set as the Airport was calling... next time man.

#13. L.I.A.B. - Onra. Banger. Period. BTW, Onra, live in Toronto Oct 10th, The Drake Hotel. done.

#14. Samolero - Sunclef. This is a funny story. I knew Sunclef's real name but always forgot his nom de plume. We actually met a few yrs back @ a mutual friend's bday. But I recently heard this joint and when I hit his soundcloud, I looked @ his image and was like...YO. That's xxxx! Anyhow, Suncleezy got some heat.

#15. Neighborhood Watch - Dibia$e. Forget about it. Machines Hate Me, bananas. For the cats that are on the hip hop side of town, this is for you #allday. This is a record YOU NEED in your life. Period. And again, got to break bread w/ Dibia$e this weekend. He killed it in Seattle. For all those in Chicago, look for him @ the Red Bull Big Tune National finals. He's not playing this yr.

#16. Still In Love (Blue Daisy Rmx) - Pollyn. One of my most prized purchases this yr. A solid 12"/track from Pollyn and moreover a magnificently unpolished rmx by the man who possesses melody and muscle. Don't adjust your iPod.

#17 Ancestors ((Dreamtime) Mark Pritchard rmx) - Gonjasufi. From the rmx LP coming out in just about 1 week's time, this re-edit is courtesy of the genius of Pritch. What a tune... speechless.

#18. Double Fifths - Teebs. A song that I 1st heard on a Mary Anne Hobbs show, and just played incessantly. A track which is coming out of Teebs' alluring Ardour LP from Brainfeeder/Alpha Pup. Shouts to Teebs who rawked it @ The RBMA showcase this weekend in Seattle. Looking fwd to having him in town Oct 30th.

#19. Mi Viejo - Ratatat. This is among a gang of songs i loved off the LP3 album. Hope you do as well.

#20. Waters Of Duality - Mono Poly. Why more ppl aren't talking about this Paramatma LP is beyond me (and a few of my peers). Anyhow, dude has the gift of melody as well, and this is one of the many joints I loved off his album.

#21 xxxxxxxx xxxxxx - xxxx xxxxxx. Taking a page out of Kutmah's book here. This isn't out and is one of my fave tracks right now that will go unnamed. Next.

#22. The Things You Left - Flying Lotus. Something that poppped into my inbox a few months back. Been playing it out and just cleared whether or not I could include this one. Unreleased. Love it.

#23. Before We Talked - Gold Panda. I must thank Raj @ leep for putting me on to Gold Panda some time back. His new LP is out on Ghostly right now, and this is one of the many I was feeling off Lucky Shiner.

#24 Tinitus - Comfort Fit. Man, I need to do a feature on dude. His songs have oft made my sets live, and this track is no exception of late. This came from the Private Primate EP from the good ppl @ Error Broadcast.

#25. Sun - Caribou. Dan Snaith made a banger. Bananas. Period.

#26. Sun (break) - Caribou Taken from the stems, to take you out...

So here it is. Again, massive shouts to O. A free download (click the arrow).

All City Podcast - Kaleidoscopia w/ mymanhenri 92bpm by allcitydublin




  1. Startin to listen // TAKE tune is great, as usual....

  2. Love that Onra track - heard you play it the other night at the Flying Lotus show. Didn't know he was coming to town - exciting stuff. Nice mix!

  3. "Love the music. Hate to arrange it."

    so stop MIXING.

  4. whaaaaaat how did i miss this a month ago. looks great, can't wait to sit down with it.



  5. 29th September is my birthday. Big up!


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