Thursday, September 3, 2009

92bpm Presents: GSTMX v2 feat. FITZ AMBRO$E (DWNLD)

I still recall dude handing me a CD when he came to Toronto. For some reason I was running around and never got to really sit and chat. But seeing that we do almost err-other day now, sh*t, it's only right that i reached out.
FITZ AMBRO$E, a Canadian expatriate working in Sendai, JPN teaching the yoots has been bangin'em out for more than a min now. Hailing from the famous Canadian East Coast of Nova Scotia, he's been diligently working on music when he's not riding his single speed up and down these streets.

A recent addition to the young ∆ICASEA roster, look for some goodies to finally drop from the steady and skilled hands of FITZ AMBRO$E, accompanied by his trustworthy and unwavering MPC.
But in the interim, we have a little mix for all to enjoy.
Presenting the 2nd installment of the new GSTMX series, featuring FITZ AMBRO$E aka the SENDAI SAMURAI. ;)

The tracklist taste something like this:

Abdul-Aliim - sekong time
Mindesign - roundnround
devonwho -
Annu - strawberry surf
Shlomo - antigravity
John Mo - easy ways
K1enra - gonekarmagone
KenLo Craqnuques - grasmaigre
RLP - 0003
Benny B.Blonco - pray
Jellphonic - the only one
Delta Studio - cidi freaks

Take it all in, and it's all for you. You know the drill right??


Man. Enjoy. Show love. Make sure to peep my man's myspace to peep new riddims. Wrd.



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