Portable speakers are awesome, people are buying them for their backyard or other particular needs, some of them want to enjoy barbeque party at backyard with their portable speakers while most of them want to enjoy music along working in the garden. Portable speakers are a must buy gadget of this year so you should also get one. The applications of enjoying these speakers are endless.

Market is full with various kind of portable speakers for particular needs. There are water proof portable speakers that can face wet weather or drop in a pool too. That’s amazin we thing. And there are speakers that you could carry in your pockets while jogging on your street.

Choosing the best portable speaker is a very difficult task, but we made easier with this 92 BPM guide of best portable speakers.

JBL Flip 4 is the best all around portable speaker, either you want enjoy pool party and don’t want to worry about getting your speakers damaged by the water, or you need loud sound at the beach party. This portable speaker has all the must needed features of a portable speaker this year,

Sound quality is the best in this price and we must say they are enough loud to enjoy party at noisy beach with your friends.

As you need to know this portable speaker can run for 20 hours battery which is great relative to other models availabjle in this price tag. There is not any issue with these speakers and there will be not any we hope. As JBL is great brand in the world of audio and already won its enough credivility in the masses.Buying JBL flip 4 is the best choice in portable speakers this year.

From the Japan, Sony XB40 is great addition to portable speakers competition. This portable speaker is very great in terms of sound quality, produces amazin sound, and has a great long lasting battery. Its water proof rating is ipx6 which is great we think, as it can face rain and a short drop in a pool too. I hope you wont forget picking the speaker back after dropping in pool or some other water pond. As it can not last for more than 15 minutes in water.its design is another great thing about this speaker, led lights look great on them them and are very beneficial for informing you about the speaker status. For example if its charging there will be a light blinking. Its made with some kind of great plastice that helps this sony marvelous speaker to make a great bass in songs, we can pass this speaker if you want to enjoy hip hop music on them,

Another great upside of this speaker is that it looks great. Sony has crafted this speaker with great colors and good building quality.. we hope dropping it on road wont break its body.

The size of Sony XB40 is nice, as you can carry it in your bag easily which is great feature for portable speakers as you need to carry these to your party or some other picnic stuff.

Anker soundcore portable speaker is another great affordable waterproof speaker which is best in terms of sound quality in this price range. We can say that this speaker is the best value speaker of the year. You will be easily amazed after listening to the first time this speaker. As it sound great. Most of the buyers wont believe that they bought such kind of quality within this price tag.

These were the 3 best portable Bluetooth speakers according to 92 BPM. If you are thinking about buying one portable speaker we assure you that you can buy any of these according to your particular needs. And we guarantee you that you will need regret putting money on them.