Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elusive: Hiss Fit [DWNLD]

No nonsense. My last post before my hiatus happened to be about Cali's Elusive, and I now open the week with yet another release by the tireless beatsmith. No seriously. Either way, you always want some sh*t to bounce your head to, in your whip, on your bike, or on the subway on your way to the Captain Murphy show tonight in NYC (RBMA NYC). Always a good play in my books. That lo-fi tapestry of samples and efx always sits well with me.

This is up as a pay what you want download, so show love.



fLako: Mesektet gets re issued

This was tucked away in my inbox.
The enigmatic fLako returns - kinda. The RBMA bound Londoner who has more recently gained steamed with some of his more recently released is due to drop a re-issue for early June from Project Mooncircle . This will feature the original released tracks, as well as some exclusives to beef the release up, as well to assuage the recent adopters of his sound. To the ardent fans, some of these might sound familiar, but to most, this will expose you to that early early early that some of us really gravitated towards - beats, beats, beats.


01 Moonchild (Reissue Exclusive)
02 YeahYeahYeah
03 Eluma Horns
04 Sun Ba
05 Crying On The In
06 Elsewhere (Reissue Exclusive)
07 Pupil Suck (Reissue Exclusive)
08 Finger On The Pony (Reissue Exclusive)
09 Mirror Box
10 Voodoo (Reissue Exclusive)
11 Welcome
12 Moving Molecules
13 Dwarf Dance
14 Transition (Reissue Exclusive)
15 Soosh (Reissue Exclusive)
16 One Quarter
17 Psico (Reissue Exclusive)
18 Hotsh
19 Lords Of Chaos
20 Humming
21 SP 405
22 Casita
23 The Sorcerer (Reissue Exclusive)
24 Whats That Calling Me (Reissue Exclusive)
25 Lullaby
26 Chapter 4
27 Peter And The Whale
28 The Wrong Guy
29 Colors Of Love

The Mesektet re-issue will be out June 6th 2013 on Project Mooncircle. Here's a little something off the release.

More to come soon.


Monday, April 29, 2013

ONRA, Live in TORONTO: May 30 2013 @ Blk Box Theatre [DWNLD]

Back one year after smashing The Supermarket in 2012, France's premiere beat maker, ambassador of boogie and funk returns to the city that he has vowed to move to - Toronto. For his return to one of his favorite cities, ONRA could not be coming back at a better time: ONRA will grace the stage @ what is the newest and premiere venue to entertain the club goers: BLK BOX THEATRE.
The dynamic sound provided by the Funktion One sound system, and vibrant visuals at Blk Box Theatre has been stuff of legends in it's little time since opening doors, and will now host the boom bap and boogie of France's ONRA.

Along for this epic night, will be ANDY CAPP of Bang The Party fame along side mymanhenri.

Join us as we welcome ONRA back to Toronto as he comes Back For One Night only.

ONRA (All City, FRA)
with special guests: ANDY CAPP (BANG THE PARTY) & mymanhenri (92BPM)
THURSDAY MAY 30th 2013
BLK BOX THEATER - 1087 Queen St West
RSVP FaceBook Event Page
$15 Adv tickets.
Available online now

in stores May 6th @:
357 Yonge St Toronto, ON. M5B 1S1 (416) 586-0380
442 Queen St W Toronto, ON. M5V 2A8. (416) 599-6664

After his last show in Toronto, I recall running into some fans of his music who didn't realize he was in town. Shame. I'm coming for you guys this time around.
We're planing some pretty interesting visuals this time around too.

He's also bringing some exclusive merch this time around, so make sure you make it out.

But as always, we have some new fans, and we welcome all. Here are some classics to keep you going.


That's just the start.

See you cats May 30th.


Once again back is the incredible: thank you

I've loved the quote from Chuck D for ever.

Man, it's been 54 days since I last logged in here. I just have to say thanks for your patience - for whomever is still here. Outside of suddenly having an obligation that kept me from dealing with my little lo fi blog, I was also struck with lethargy and apathy all rolled into one. Been since 08 that I've been running this place for kicks, and the last little while was getting - well, weird.

I'll spare you the duel and conflict, but I simply needed to take a few steps left for a moment. But i was recently kicking it w/ Shigeto and realized how much I missed the music + the stage. Seriously. Nothing like hearing music you love on full blast. Added to that, we ran into one of his fans who wanted a pic, which I was happy to take, and he then turned to me saying that he thanked me for my work and vowed to invite me to his wedding. Ha.

Honestly, many thanks for your patience and esp the cats who sent me DMs on FB, and notes on twitter. I saw the messages and thank you again. Very appreciated. Been so long though, that I almost forgot my password. Added to that, the interfaced has changed out here... Ha. And what better time to get started again, It's RBMA time.

Ok. Back to biz.

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