Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Om Unit: Dark Sunrise (Kromestars lean'in mix) [DWNLD]

If there's something that I've have endless love for is Red Bull Music Academy alum Om Unit's catalog. From his own, to this label's to the remixes he's put out. The relationship that he's got w/ Kromestar is one that feels like a Jordan and Pippen, Gretzky and Kurri, Manning and Harrison and on and on. They seem to work so well together, that all releases are not to even be questioned: they're just that nice.
This last one that seems to have been posted just a few weeks ago is a single turned to ballad by Kromestar. All is love in this slow tempo conjuring old school 80s 808 slow leaners. Take this Om Unit riddim in - and it's a freebie.





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