Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Computer Jay: Hardships ft. Orfeo [VIDEO]

Still one of the most unsung dudes out of Los Angeles, the homie Computer Jay had been working on this video for a min - posting some behind the scene pics on his instagram. Check back a few weeks later and it's all done and complete. Coming from a tetralogy of EPs I do believe, this latest single Hardship features Orfeo and exhibits the elements that I love most from Computer Jay: that lo fi, low bit soul. There aren't too many doing it like that to start - add syrupy vocals from Orfeo... bang.
The video clip was a staff pick over @ Vimeo. Watch it below and or listen to the track as well.

Say wrd.


Om Unit: Dark Sunrise (Kromestars lean'in mix) [DWNLD]

If there's something that I've have endless love for is Red Bull Music Academy alum Om Unit's catalog. From his own, to this label's to the remixes he's put out. The relationship that he's got w/ Kromestar is one that feels like a Jordan and Pippen, Gretzky and Kurri, Manning and Harrison and on and on. They seem to work so well together, that all releases are not to even be questioned: they're just that nice.
This last one that seems to have been posted just a few weeks ago is a single turned to ballad by Kromestar. All is love in this slow tempo conjuring old school 80s 808 slow leaners. Take this Om Unit riddim in - and it's a freebie.




Nosaj Thing & Chance The Rapper: Paranoia [VIDEO]

Something that popped up from LA's Nosaj Thing. A collab that was apparently a silent track on a series that came from a Yours Truly x Adidas originals called Songs from Scratch. Watch it all below, and stream the track as well.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tall Black Guy: 8 Miles To Moenart [VIDEO]

I've kept an eye on Tall Black Guy, né Terrel Wallace. Ever since seeing him in 2007 in Chicago, as he took home 1st prize for the famed Red Bull Battles that once took place around the country. He had created his own brand of hard hitters that had a very soulful edge, cleverly chopping samples and playing with cadence. Originally from Detroit, but now living out in EU, he's now got a new release out on First Word Records May 20th. Here's a fresh little teaser for it. You can't hate on The Cosby show!

... and a stream of the music as well.

I'll touch on this release this week.


Red Bull Music Academy: Rakim [VIDEO]

Likely the reason that I have been off the boards in the last week. I've been busy reading,listening and watching everything that the Red Bull Music Academy has to offer. This past week has seen the 1st term of the famed and heralded retreat and has featured as always some of the most esteemed musical guest to have walk this planet. One such guest as THE lord Rakim. I can't begin to tell you what this man has meant to hip hop. The story of hip hop can't be written w/o a chapter on Rakim, and how he influenced the art form.
So having Rakim sit on the couch, and interviewed by one of my personal faves Chairman Mao? +1 all day. Sit back, and watch this lecture as we hear about Rakim's beginnings, his work with Dr Dre and all things in between - timbs and all. ;)



Dizz1: Reach Out Or Not featuring Sadat X

A few months back the Red Bull Music Academy alum and Aussie Dizz1 hit me about this new rap record that he was putting out. After shopping it, he ended up with a home in Tru Thoughts. In Sickness & In Health will be out later this year and best believe it's a banger - for all you hip hop diehards who have been neglected in the last few. I KNOW. But let's stream this one featuring of my personal fave, and clearly one that Dizz1 keeps in high regard, Sadat X.

** update ** : this track was taken down shortly after this post. I'll update this with other streaming tracks. // my bad.

Stay tuned.


Shlohmo: Crust (Jameszoo Remix) [DWNLD]

It's been a min, since last week. But as some of you keenly know right now, The Red Bull Music Academy is in full effect in NYC right now and 30 gifted participants have all descended onto the big apple to flex mind and music muscle for 2 week. Among the 1st term participants this year is Jameszoo. With some a very notable discog under his belt, we revisit an Error Broadcast release that featured a remix he did for a very young Shlohmo @ time. Coming from the Shlo-fi ep is the Jameszoo re-edit of Crust. To celebrate his RBMA session, Error Broadcast has let loose the remix as a freebie. Ah yes....



Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ta-ku: Boom [STREAM]

I truly believe that Ta-Ku, the BCN Red Bull Music Academy alum and dapper dresser has maybe.... 4-5 LPs in the can ready to go. I put out this challenge out on twitter a few moons ago, about paying anyone who had a pic of Ta-Ku sleeping. STILL STANDS.

Just got this email that he's got another record coming from the good ppl over @ Jakarta Records. Due in June, this sounds like a return to that raw raw. Boom got a Frank Knitt sample, and another that sounds like a mandolin of some sorts. Of course that kick and snare to make your head sway is in full effect.

Dowhatyoulove LP is due June 21. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ta-ku: Hey Justin (Elaquent Remix)

Something that just snuck out not too long ago. eQ does Ta-ku who does Justin. That math comes out sounding pretty tight.

eQ got that new new coming for the summer. Stay tuned.


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