Monday, April 29, 2013

Once again back is the incredible: thank you

I've loved the quote from Chuck D for ever.

Man, it's been 54 days since I last logged in here. I just have to say thanks for your patience - for whomever is still here. Outside of suddenly having an obligation that kept me from dealing with my little lo fi blog, I was also struck with lethargy and apathy all rolled into one. Been since 08 that I've been running this place for kicks, and the last little while was getting - well, weird.

I'll spare you the duel and conflict, but I simply needed to take a few steps left for a moment. But i was recently kicking it w/ Shigeto and realized how much I missed the music + the stage. Seriously. Nothing like hearing music you love on full blast. Added to that, we ran into one of his fans who wanted a pic, which I was happy to take, and he then turned to me saying that he thanked me for my work and vowed to invite me to his wedding. Ha.

Honestly, many thanks for your patience and esp the cats who sent me DMs on FB, and notes on twitter. I saw the messages and thank you again. Very appreciated. Been so long though, that I almost forgot my password. Added to that, the interfaced has changed out here... Ha. And what better time to get started again, It's RBMA time.

Ok. Back to biz.



  1. Welcome back Sir! Really missed the updates...

  2. finally man :) hope everything is allright


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