Monday, March 4, 2013


Foundry is here.

If you're been living under a rock, you're certainly STILL know this is happening. What might be the biggest endeavour to have taken place in a long long time has kicked off this past weekend with a bang. You can officially called this March Madness (for all your sports buffs).
Seriously though.
The month of March 2013 in Toronto will be one to remember. This panoply of producer during a 5 weekend extravaganza (now 4 at present time of writing) will certainly redefine clubbing, and curating all at once.
The good ppl @ Mansion have essentially pulled off what will be regarded as a quasi festival, and named the endeavour FOUNDRY.

What we have are 5 weekend, 8 nights, 24 acts, all during 1 month and 1 great cause: the music. After a phenomenal launch during weekend 1 with Shlohmo and Juan Atkins, here are how the 4 following weekends will transpire.

It's all going down like this:

March 9th

OMAR S, Reference, Martin Fazekas
tix | event page | curated by breakandenther

March 16th

ANDY STOTT, Box of Kittens
tix | event page | curated by Box Of Kittens

March 22th

3024 Label Night w/ MARTYN, Kevin McPhee, Nautiluss, mymanhenri
tix | event page | curated by 92BPM

March 23th

BICEP, Lapelle, Members Only
tix | event page | curated by Evening Standard

March 29th

ANDRES, Bruce Trail, Colin Bergh
tix | event page | curated by Colin Bergh

March 30th

DVS1, How Does It Make You Feel
tix | event page | curated by How Does It Make You Feel

There you have it. And we @ 92BPM are proud to be a part of this whole endeavour, and very much look fwd to sharing the stage March 22 2013 with friends Martyn, Nautiluss and Kevin McPhee during the 3024 label night. + it's a 4am license. Let's go!


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