Friday, February 15, 2013

SWEATSON KLANK: F*ck & Fight ft Deniro Farrar

FINALLY. The work is complete. After stepping away to work on his new project, we finally have a finished product - really to deliver. Sweatson Klank just released the new single F*ck & Fight ft Deniro Farrar, which is setting the tone for the LP You, Me, Temporary which is set to drop April 2nd.
F*ck & Fight features smooth and polished production, aligned w/ the raspy, raw and unvarnished raps from Deniro Farrar. We have a classic tale, exploring the tumult and turmoil of relationships adding that "all we do is f*ck and fight, break up today, make love tonight". This is the new sound of brash and unapologetic R&B influenced future riddims, with vocals to match - that mature bounce.

In a clairvoyant move, this was released just in time for Valentine's Day yesterday, you can scoop this new Sweatson Klank single F*ck & Fight ft Deniro Farrar @ the iTunes store now, and as I mentioned look for this 3LP full length April 2 from the good ppl over @ Project Mooncircle.

Now, just go kiss and make up.



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