Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Slum Village w/ J Dilla LIVE (2000) [VIDEO]

As you all well know, it's Dilla month all around the world where most will celebrate his life through the music he composed and that we love. We @ 92bpm has been doing this for a few years now (5th), will be toasting this week Feb 7th - on his birthday - with a live band doing medleys and faves. But whilst doing some research last night, I found this amazing vid - and maybe you've seen this too. But this is Slum Village with a very healthy Jay Dee in 2000 in what I will assume is Los Angeles - but I could be wrong. I recall this tour VERY WELL as it came to Toronto and it was the stuff of legends - Dilla showed up late in a limo w/ 2 MPCs). Either way, enjoy this stunning and heart warming video as we see a young Jay Dee in his prime along w/ Baatin (RIP) and your man T3.

Say wrd.

Feb 7th. Toronto. Wrongbar. We toast.



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