Monday, February 18, 2013


Some of you will recall this. Others won't.

Slum Village and Dilla had a special relationship w/ Toronto. As testified by House Shoes - Toronto knew Detroit. It likely started w/ that infamous show at the Comfort Zone in 99 maybe (I was there), and pockets of us were buzzing still. Torontonians have many Dilla stories to share as Jay Dee was here 4 times at the peak of both his career and health.
And in 2000, there was a special one.
I shared this one on the Drip.FM / Stones Throw boards as they were looking for the best stories to win a box set of the 45s. So here's how this one went:

"Allow me to share one of my fave Dilla stories, among the few I have. This is during the Goodvibe tour that featured Cali Agents, Bahamadia and Slum Village in the summer of 2000. The word was that during the tour dates, Dilla has been skipping some of the dates. He would show up @ some, go awol on others, and this was being documented online by fans in the pre blog era of the net: newsgroups. It was quite amazing. So I found myself looking to see what exactly had been taking place.
Then came the Toronto show. The tour was doing an In Store performance at what was one of the most important outlets, the HMV SuperStore on Yonge st. I made it out JUST to see if Dilla was going to be there. To my utter dismay, no sign of the Yancey boy. As much as I was still a big fan of Cali Agents (got some stuff inked), was distraught Dilla never showed. I went to the show anyhow, which was @ the famous Opera House in Toronto. This is where the story gets crazy.
I was chilling outside the venue during what might have been an opener - can't recall. But a limo pulls up. Now, you have to understand that a limo pulling up in front of this venue made no sense. A residential/industrial part of Toronto that's sits right across from a diner and a strip club. So I was like "This dude is lost". It couldn't have been further from that. Doors opens up, and out comes Dilla. !!!!!, and to make things even crazier, he had an MPC under EACH ARM. My head was spinning, and I ran inside to tell cats. And, like nothing had ever happened, SV rawked the show flawlessly.
Toronto was spoiled by Dills. he rawked shows at the height of his career and physical health, and I got to see all 4 shows (2 as SV, 1 LEGENDARY DJ gig <-- which was another ordeal/great story, and the JAYLIB one). Rest In Paradise. Hope you enjoyed that one."

Yup. And to boot, my man hit me up like... 2 week ago telling me he found the footage. After a move, he was going through bins and bins of DV tapes, and found the footage of the show AFTER some wedding footage. He actually had the whole show recorded. But decided to offer just a snippet. We're going to do something with the footage after.

Anyhow, enjoy Slum Village, with Baatin a very healthy Jay Dee during the summer of 2000 tour for Goodvibe. Notice - as you can tell from the still above - how he rawked the show w/ the 2 MPC 3000s. That was the craziest moment seeing him show up w/ those... Shouts to Cairo & YYZBRA for this one.


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