Friday, February 1, 2013

Om'Mas Keith: City Pulse [DWNLD]

YAY. This came out as I was in deep with some work yesterday and I still haven't sat down to listen to it. But, Om'Mas Keith, the man involved w/ visionary Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Grammy nominated for his recent work w/ Frank Ocean and numerous collabs with ppl you may not have come across yet, studio team member of the Red Bull Music Academy, has just released the biggest treat of all: a new free LP, City Pulse.
At time of writing, I haven't take this in yet but I simply urge you do go out and get this record, as a music fan, a producer, as a follower of progressive sounds. The early Sa-Ra must credited in influencing beat production early on, and that still remains. Ironically, this comes as the H∆SHTAG$ mini doc dropped discussing where R&B has gone and is going... BTW, look for appearances Shafiq H as well as a certain Badu.
But this is not even the end of it. The zipped pkg contained instrumentals AND a cappellas. Wow. Download City Pulse on his blog.

Slow Motion




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