Wednesday, February 27, 2013

H∆SHTAG$, Episode 4: Don’t Call It #Beats [DWNLD]

This one was bound to come.

This is pretty much where 92bpm jumped off on this one. I still recall trying to get certain ppl around town to listen to this music in 2007 as something was taking place. I was trying to get ppl to listen to this Flying Lotus among a few others. But regardless, this is a H∆SHTAG$ episode that could have gone much longer. Depending on where you were, for many, discovering Flying Lotus was the chronological start of beat music. I really started to listen to Jay Scarlett, who for me - was near the top of the food chain with this beat music scene. Many including Flylo, have credited him for their early rise, and he would have been a great voice for this. Either way, listen to the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Dorian Concept, Benji B and others speak on this scene in this new episode of H∆SHTAG$.



  1. what's the name of that beat at the 5 minute mark?


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