Wednesday, January 30, 2013

H∆SHTAG$: Don't Call It #AltRnB [VIDEO]

This is the inaugural series of H∆SHTAG$, a video series by Red Bull Music Academy meant to look @ genres that, for better or worse, were seemingly invented and proliferated by the internet. In this 1st one, we look @ R&B, or AltRnB - the experimental offshoot. Loved seeing Zodiac in there, and oddly, they spent some time in Toronto. But to my shock and awe, no interview w/ pioneer Doc?!?! No JB3?!? Surprising. Anyhow, give it watch, and post comments as I plan to have this discussion with friends on this for sure.

// update //

Just heard back from Doc himself. Too bad this could not have happened. Would have loved to hear his take. Either way, enjoy.



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