Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gilles Peterson iPhone App [DWNLD]

Need more Gilles Peterson?? Well, there's an app for that. Funny, but I've been wondering why more radio hosts and/or tastemakers weren't investing in the appmosphere more oft. I'm a huge believe that this is the new standard and pretty much, you have a touch of leg up if you're in that space. I mean, after dropping my Blackberry (and I on'y got one to be patriotic - felt like I was missing out, but thank the lord I dumped it), i've been listening to more radio than I ever have in the previous (fill in blank) years. Honest truth.

So enter Gilles Peterson. The international tastemaker, curator extraordinaire launched his own iPhone app just about 1 month ago. With a bevy of content, here's what you'll find:

podcasts from past shows
pics from past events
video content of his previous events including the Worldwide Awards
Up and coming tour dates with venue and location where you can also buy tickets.
Sign up for mailing lists
Scan QR codes for exclusive content
Go through his catalog of releases

You can even look at the top registered users of the app, in case you want to battle others for that "mayorship".

For the curious, don't believe this is a universal app so no dice on proper iPad resolution. But either way, this is still a great one to have.

And it's free.



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