Monday, January 21, 2013

Flying Lotus x Lilfuchs for Moog Sub Phatty [VIDEO]

It's been a min since we've heard from Flylo. Tiny Tortures? But something has just popped up.
Adult Swim vet Adam 'Lilfuchs' Fuchs and Flying Lotus have come together for an animation for Moog music. As Moog announce the release of their new Sub Phatty, they have asked Adam and Flying Lotus, who collab'ed on Zodiac Shit vid, to once again create an animation w/ a score produced w/ the new synth.

Moog Sub Phatty: New Machine For Living.

You can actually download the frenetic and tumultuous track, Such a Square, and get additional deets over @ P4k.

Enjoy, and make sure to check out the Sub Phatty for all you synth heads.



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