Friday, January 25, 2013

Akai Pro: MPX-8 Sample Pad Controller

So A few days past, I get the email about Akai Pro's NAMM product line, a sort of sneak peak. One piece that caught my eye was this Akai Pro MPX-8 SD Sample Pad Controller. Here's what they're saying about this unit in the guide.

• Add sound samples via standard SD card(sold separately)
• 8 velocity-sensitive and pressure-sensitive pads
• Drag-and-drop sample editor for Mac and PC included
• Built-in library of popular sounds, samples, and bumps
• Tune, add reverb, saves ample sets for easy recall
• USB MIDI plus standard MIDI inputs and outputs
• 1/8" headphoneout put and balanced 1/4" outputs

So as I took closer look, it all most seemed like a 2013 version of a Roland SP series sampler. Now, we all know that there's been an ongoing interest in that line of SP samplers from Roland. It's been the device of choice in So Cal, made famous likely by the sight of Madlib working on a 303 years back, and in turn, has influenced a multitude of producers across the globe. The Roland SP404 has been a staple.

Looking at these features from the Akai MPX8 makes me wonder whether or not they might be going after this community. Aside from missing multiple effects, this could be their answer. No sign on whether or not it runs on batteries (like a 404), but I don't see anything re: a power plug. +, most importantly, no mention of sample bank capacities but I can't see that being something worth discussing in 2013 - as it should simply be LONG. ;) Curious.

Looking fwd to seeing this in person soon.

For more info on Akai Pro's new products for NAMM, click here.



  1. there is no sequencer

  2. True. And I made no mention of it despite it crossing my mind. But most guys I know who perform with it, never actually use the sequencer. But thanks for the reminder. ;)

  3. Mono samples only, otherwise would be nice.

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