Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jung Hollywood: Camouflage [DWNLD]

Something that showed in the inbox. LA's Jung Hollywood create a classic beat tape with the raw elements I like to take in every so oft - raw, unfiltered sampling. Plus, I have a soft spot for anything that has the whiff of chimes getting sampled. ;) But seriously, I nice little beat EP that also features something that I would consider very much ready for club play (Dntsy), à la Onra almost. Either way, take this one in as it's a name your price offer.



Kaytranada: LFTF Mix [DWNLD]

Kaytranada, fka as Kaystradamus, has been on quite a tear in the last year or so. I still recall the oddest of scenarios. Allow me. It was Jan of 2011, and I was playing with Madlib + J-Rocc, only to find out later that Kay's friends were in house. They tracked me down to tell me that I played one of their boy's tracks. I was like who?? Kaytranada. Of course. That beat was a banger. Either way, what a year it's been. He's been heralded by the beat cats, and more recently, he's widen his tempo to some new ranges, and has with that has widen his audience as well. I actually suggested he be booked for this show earlier in the year in Toronto, but this most recent show he played - last week in fact - was one which sealed the deal for me.
His sound has matured and his set has burgeoned. He's that that Black Mozart EP coming from HW&W among other projects. Bout to be a busy yr for my man + he's a fellow countryman ;). Either way, here's a mix he banged out for LFTF blog. Take it in.


Dom$Olo - Brownsugapackets
Kenlo Craqnuques - Astrocalin
Kaytranada - Nevalie/Down Low (Feat. Cyber) {Unreleased}
Mr. Carmack - Pay (For What)
Aaliyah - We Need A Resolution
Sean Price - Title Track
Da-P - Flight
Kaytranada - Holy Hole Inna Donut
Nas & Ginuwine - You Owe Me (Sango Edit)
The Celestics - Black Mozarts (Feat. Green Hypnotic & Cyber)
Youthkills - Time Is Now (Kaytranada Remix) {Unreleased}
Rami B. - Shatdafackap
Ta-Ku - Hustle
Dibia$E - Skullcrack
Kaytranada - Get It Confused {Unreleased}
Djemba Djemba - Yah Pop
Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
Jaylib - Heavy (Chronic Mix)
Kaytranada & Shash’u - Untitled {Unreleased}
Kenlo Craqnuques - 160_Mute
Munoz - Takeoff {Unreleased}
Dibiase - Renegade Slap (Devonwho Collabo)
Myth Syzer - C’mon (Feat. Kaytranada) {Unreleased}
Lakim - She’s The Type
Vlooper Aka Nrvloopa - Little Queen (Feat. Modlee)
Teeko, Dibia$E & Devonwho - Young Funklords
Black Eyed Peas - Falling Up (Remix Instrumental)
Jay-Z - Lalala



Danny Scrilla: Fluxus EP

I've been messing with this for a hot min now. Ever since the email dropped in a few weeks ago, I've been lawked in. One thing I've loved is how he's been riding that 80-85 bpm groove, and what the possibilities are with that riddim. Cosmic Bridge have played a great part in this, and Munich's Danny Scrilla is having his input.
His Fluxus EP, which drops Feb 25th, is full of superb melodies, tight grooves and that swing I love - all written in beautiful electronic language.
The 6 tracker features 4 original joints and the enlistment of both Goth Trad and Deft on the remix duties.


A1 Fallout
A2 Thorium
B1 Jolt
B2 Magellanic Clouds
05 Fallout (Goth-Trad Remix)
06 Magellanic Clouds (Deft Remix)

Out Feb 25th 2013 on Civil Music. Enjoy.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

H∆SHTAG$: Don't Call It #AltRnB [VIDEO]

This is the inaugural series of H∆SHTAG$, a video series by Red Bull Music Academy meant to look @ genres that, for better or worse, were seemingly invented and proliferated by the internet. In this 1st one, we look @ R&B, or AltRnB - the experimental offshoot. Loved seeing Zodiac in there, and oddly, they spent some time in Toronto. But to my shock and awe, no interview w/ pioneer Doc?!?! No JB3?!? Surprising. Anyhow, give it watch, and post comments as I plan to have this discussion with friends on this for sure.

// update //

Just heard back from Doc himself. Too bad this could not have happened. Would have loved to hear his take. Either way, enjoy.


Werkha: Bottle Trick

Live from money making Manchester is where this cat came from to surprise me! I'm not even sure how this discovery came about, but I will assure you, it was of the most random way. Either way, I bought this asap. This track Bottle Trick comes from Werkha, and is all world in my books. All the elements I love, rolled up in one track: smooth guitrar strums, pulsing synths and a swinging beat. You can scoop it from his 3 track EP Cube & Puzzle from from Cool Kid Music label.

You can scoop this Cube & Puzzle EP now in most major online stores. Anyhow, enjoy. I did.


FINEST EGO: 5 Days, 5000 Downloads [DWNLD]

Xmas has come early. For those that never got around to it, one of the finest labels in the game Finest Ego, the master curators of the international beat compilations, are celebrating their 2 glorious years with the mother of all freebies: 5000 downloads of their 5 comps. Wow. That includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand & Australia. 96 tracks and too many names to go through. Salute Finest Ego.



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Deft: Let's Hook Up (Asthma) ft Om'Mas Keith [VIDEO]

That was my tweet, and that was Brackles' reply. Actually, a few replied on twitter telling me that it was a young man Deft. At the time, the riddim was not out, and Brackles played in the instrumental version. The original happen to feature the velvet vocalizations of Grammy ™ nominated Om'Mas Keith of famed Sa-Ra. Video dropped not too long ago, and this is what came out. Looking fwd to this EP coming on Space Hardware.



Salva: Drop That B

With a new record due for February, we have the new single from Salva, the Frite Nite official and Red Bull Music Academy alum. Had a great sit down him last year, and I JUST found the audio. Ugh. Either way, after what I would ualify as a fantastic year, from co producing a remix for MERCY that got tons of play, making it's way onto major radio, do getting a slot @ the famed BBC Radio 1, solidifying a slot for 2013.
Now, with all that momentum, Salva will release Odd Furniture, an EP due Feb 12th on FoF Music. Leading that off will be this new single: Drop That B . Keeping with this club bounce, and tapping into his wisdom, and years of playing Miami bass, Drop That B conjures visions of ladies bouncing, popping *that*, in what I would call an ode to classics, 808 club riddims (for those who might recall those years).

Stay tuned.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Hir-O: My Language of Love

Still not sure how this ended up in my inbox, but this is absolutely gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Lovely keys, and what seems like a plucking harp, echoing & panning across, and that smooth kick n snare. Anyhow, take this one in from Hir-O


Souleance: Como Estan Bitches? [VIDEO]

Coming from the the French duo Souleance (DJ Soulist + Fulgeance) , here's a fresh little video from La Beat TapeLP set to drop from First Word Records Feb 4th 2013. Some breaks, all chopped up to your liking, and the video shot by Émile Sacré. Tracks on the vid are “Blue Moon” & “Como Estan Bitches?”, both from the 30+ track La Beat Tape. Never mad @ some bright ass horns! Enjoy.


CR PODCAST 54 by Morpheground [DWNLD]

Coming from the French label is the Cascade Records podcast #54, and this time we're pleased to see our long time Italian amico, Morpheground. Been a hot min since I've heard from my man, but it's always a pleasure to get some news. I still credit him for some of the earliest bangers I recall from back in the day. Say wrd. This mix has some of your faves out there, and usual a few unknown. #Discovery.


Randy Crawford - You Bring The Sun Out
Fulgeance - Hiver Normand (Josip Klobucar Remix)
ContaineR - Quack Methods
Elaquent - Carpe Diem
Kutmah - Drums for the ladies
Knxwledge - seenikRowt
Slugabed - Sex
DevonWho - Sleet
Sir Froderick - MakeAFamily (Ft. Time Wharp)
fLako & Shuanise - Untitled
Benny B. Blonco - Wizard Swing Warriors
(LIVE MASH) Mndsgn - Kmptble x Aaliyah - Rock the boat x Bibio Lovers' Carvings (Letherette Remix)
Morpheground - Silver Line (Robot Glasper Experiment)
Knxwledge - wntwrk
Duktus - Complet
Elaquent - Montreal Poutine
Josip Klobucar - Creative Slice
DevonWho - Taurus-shorty
Morpheground - Lego
Hellomynameisra - My Rough Way To Say Goodbye
Duktus - Schwing
Morpheground - Ripples On A Blank Shore



Friday, January 25, 2013

Akai Pro: MPX-8 Sample Pad Controller

So A few days past, I get the email about Akai Pro's NAMM product line, a sort of sneak peak. One piece that caught my eye was this Akai Pro MPX-8 SD Sample Pad Controller. Here's what they're saying about this unit in the guide.

• Add sound samples via standard SD card(sold separately)
• 8 velocity-sensitive and pressure-sensitive pads
• Drag-and-drop sample editor for Mac and PC included
• Built-in library of popular sounds, samples, and bumps
• Tune, add reverb, saves ample sets for easy recall
• USB MIDI plus standard MIDI inputs and outputs
• 1/8" headphoneout put and balanced 1/4" outputs

So as I took closer look, it all most seemed like a 2013 version of a Roland SP series sampler. Now, we all know that there's been an ongoing interest in that line of SP samplers from Roland. It's been the device of choice in So Cal, made famous likely by the sight of Madlib working on a 303 years back, and in turn, has influenced a multitude of producers across the globe. The Roland SP404 has been a staple.

Looking at these features from the Akai MPX8 makes me wonder whether or not they might be going after this community. Aside from missing multiple effects, this could be their answer. No sign on whether or not it runs on batteries (like a 404), but I don't see anything re: a power plug. +, most importantly, no mention of sample bank capacities but I can't see that being something worth discussing in 2013 - as it should simply be LONG. ;) Curious.

Looking fwd to seeing this in person soon.

For more info on Akai Pro's new products for NAMM, click here.


Onra: Second Chance [DWNLD]

My man has been pretty quiet. A 92bpm darling, Onra has been likely hard at work putting together the next few releases. If you following him on IG, you might have seen him digging in remote parts of the world, finding untapped stashes of music to chop up through his trusted MPC. Can't wait.
But in the interim, we have a freebie from the Frenchman. A 2011 bside that was seemingly left on the cutting room floor.
Second Chance is a tempo driving riddim, cut in the same style and feel as his Fool's Gold release: simple funky goodness. Enjoy the download. [via]


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vangel: Vinyl Postcards [DWNLD]

I absolutely love this. A postcard you can spin on a turntable. Now that's a great campaign - one I shall bookmark.
Toronto's Vangel is the person behind the soundtrack to this conceptual release by Cooler Than Cucumber Records from Paris and features the artwork of Albane Simon. Wondering whether or not it would stand the rigours of being handled like most mail. but this is still nice either way.
Cool Day Bruce Lee b/w Cause I Dropped Him are the two tracks and can be streaed here.

The songs are set for free download for all to enjoy. Sadly, the post cards are sold out @ current.


Souleance: La Beat Tape [DWNLD]

The French tandem of Dj Soulist & Fulgeance aka Souleance are following up La Belle Vie (et quelle belle vie, so instagram en est témoin!) with a new record, La Beat Tape.
In the time since their last release, they've toured extensively, whilst still staying busy chopping sounds and phrases, ultimately finishing up the 20 track LP and delivering it to First World Records.
To be expected are varied influences, from Turkish breaks, Hammond funk, tripped out western cinematics, brooding jazz among other inspirations. There's a little something for everyone to dig.

[download via]

Due Feb 4th, you can get La Beat Tape from Souleance at a value added price, and will also have a limited edition 7" pressed with 4 tracks for collectors.



AstroLogical: Truthseeker LP

Another release from one of our faves. AstroLogical has dropped a full LP of more radiant Rhodes, bubbling basslines, sloppy kicks (as ?uest once called 'em) , with s light sprinkles of spacey psychotropics for flavouring. The largely instrumental record has a few vocals, but mostly maintains much of that sound and feel that we've loved from AstroLogical and his JellyFish Recordings fam.

You can scoop this one now from their bandcamp page.



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cooly G: Mini Doc by Adidas x Vice

Hyperdub's queen of low bass in high heels, bad gyal Cooly G is on her mat leave I would imagine. Just months after her 2nd yoot, she gets on camera to talk about how things got started, her routine, day to day, and just being a mom and a producer for Hyperdub. Oh, and playing football. Watch pt 1 + 2 here below.



Astronautica: Cruise [DWNLD]

As we await the 1st full length from Astronautica, we were treated recently to the lead off from the Replay Last Night LP due late Feb on Alpha Pup.
Cruise is a tranquil track with muffled melodies, and slight strums of the six string, her fave instrument.

[download via]

We did a profile last year on Alpha Pup's Astronautica as she was just starting to surface. She also did a set over at Culture Remixed radio which you can listen to here.



HASHTAGS: Documentary Series [VIDEO]

This could not come @ a better time. With the way social media and the internet has shaped music, from creation to it's consumption, the Red Bull Music Academy presents a series of short docs on the said subject arrives right on time. And who better to out this project together than master curators over at the Red Bull Music Academy. Look for this doc to launch Jan 29th, with weekly updates every Tuesday there after.

Stay tuned.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Flying Lotus x Lilfuchs for Moog Sub Phatty [VIDEO]

It's been a min since we've heard from Flylo. Tiny Tortures? But something has just popped up.
Adult Swim vet Adam 'Lilfuchs' Fuchs and Flying Lotus have come together for an animation for Moog music. As Moog announce the release of their new Sub Phatty, they have asked Adam and Flying Lotus, who collab'ed on Zodiac Shit vid, to once again create an animation w/ a score produced w/ the new synth.

Moog Sub Phatty: New Machine For Living.

You can actually download the frenetic and tumultuous track, Such a Square, and get additional deets over @ P4k.

Enjoy, and make sure to check out the Sub Phatty for all you synth heads.



Ta-Ku: Boiler Room Australia DJ Set [VIDEO]

In what I would describe as one of the better Boiler Room broadcasts OUTSIDE of UK (The LA ones have been meh...), this BR AUS was actually really fun to watch and more importantly, had some great sets, one of which was from Oz's very own Ta-Ku. Though it started at the crack of dawn EST, i was able to catch it all, and of course, you can sit back on your iPhone or your lap and relive the whole set from this RBMA alum. Lots of bounce on this one... And yes, I guess they did read this tweet.


PS - BoilerRoom, pls post the rest of the sets esp the one from YLEM.


1000 Names: Firebird

It's been beyond a month of sundays since I've last spoken about Sophia's 1000 Names. The duo was one of the 1st that I came across back 4-5 yrs ago and they're still hard at it.
In a quick convo, they told me this track posted a few days ago was from a future release. Firebird has some pop and punch to it, mid tempo with a funk through it. I'm looking fwd to more, and also need to re up. You can check more out here: 1000 Names.



Sunday, January 20, 2013

V.I.V.E.K.: Over My Head (Om Unit remix)

In what will be the launch of his own label, long time bass music luminary V.I.V.E.K. will have a 12" released in March 2013, off his own label System Music. Based off a long running night run of the same name curated by he and Mala, the 12" will feature a rmx done by our good friend and Red Bull Music Academy alum, Om Unit.


V.I.V.E.K ‘Asteroids’/'Over My Head’ full tracklisting:
A1 Asteroids
B1 Over My Head ft. Mel Dymond
B2 Over My Head ft. Mel Dymond (Om Unit Remix)


Friday, January 18, 2013

Lim Ed 12" by BBNG for Innovative Leisure

The youngest in charge, Toronto's BadbadNotGood have just released the 12" to their rendition of Ye's Flashing Lights, one of my faves from he and a great re interpretation from the young trio.
This 7 some min rework nimbly navigates through measures and melodies, following a leisurely lead up. Included as well is a track UMV feat Leland W. pon sax.
For the collectors, the physical 12" features a sketched pig's mask on the flip, a well known site to the accustomed/acolytes. You can scoop the 12" from Innovative Leisure over there, and peep the tracks here.

Both are were previously avail on BBNG2.



Hudson Mohawke signs to Kanye West's Label

Congrats Hudson Mohawke. Congrats Hudson Mohawke!! Many of us have known for the longest that he was uber talented, and I was just a matter of time that this signature sound got through to some of the biggest names, and they have: G.O.O.D. Music
Kanye West came, heard, and scooped. How could you not?? For anyone who's been to recent Hudson Mohawke/TNGHT shows, and heard the magic pumping out those speakers? Wow.
Either way, we here @ 92 look forward to hearing more of it for years to come.

Salutations out to Ross.


Harmonic 313 LIVE @ Golden Pudel [DWNLD]

Nothing better than a live set from Harmonic 313. He's had some legendary ones that I have worn out (is that possible w/ MP3s?). Either way, another one popped up just days ago.
Harmonic 313 spun in Hamburg this summer at the famed and legendary Golden Pudel for MFOC. And as he does every so oft, he lets loose the mix w/ a full track listing and it's share of exclusives. Amazing. Enjoy the download.

Harmonic 313 MFOC Pudel July 2012 Pt1

1 In Heaven Lady in the Radiator Song - Eraserhead Soundtrack
2 Mechanical Man - Devo
3 Frequency 7 (Dance Mix) - Visage
4 I You Cherrypearl - Jameszoo - Rwina
5 The Ghetto Dwieshings - J Dilla
6 Sniper Elite feat. MF DOOM - Dilla Ghost Doom
7 Cypress Phil - Hudson Mohawke
8 Lately - Massive Attack - Mark Pritchard Rmx
9 Lion feat Riko Dan - Harmonic 313 - Warp
10 GhettoRock - Pampidoo/Tapes - Meeuw Muzak
11 Gun Connection - Q Bass - Suburban Base
12 Babylon Soundtrack
13 Dub Fire - Aswad
14 Rebel Vibration - Starship Africa
15 Psitta Riddim - Jameszoo - Rwina
16 Lord of Lords - Trim feat Riko Dan - Harmonic 313 Production
17 Ironside - Dark E Freaker
18 Chxmxs - Hxdsxn Mxhxwkx
19 Out of my mind - Mr Mitch
20 Old School 2 - Geeneus
21 Nosy Parker VIP - Preditah
22 Bobs Pillow - Coki
23 Calle F - Mala - Brownswood
24 The Darkest Hype (Phillip D Kick Remix) - Cadenza
25 Out in the streets - Africa hitech - Warp
26 Out in the streets VIP - Africa hitech - Warp
27 Press The Trigger - Half Breed - Poison Chang

Harmonic 313 MFOC Pudel July 2012 Pt2

1 Scottie - Subnation
2 Worries in the dance - New Blood
3 Loveable - King of the Jungle
4 Music Box - Roni Size and Dj Die
5 Horizons - LTJ Bukem - Phillip D Kick Remix
6 I'll Fly away - Ballistic Brothers - Junior Boys own
7 All I Feel (REMIXX 2012) - Traxman
8 Do It Again12 - Rashad Manny Spinn
9 Blow Your Shit(DA OUT OF HERE REMIXX) - Traxman
10 Costas - Hudson Mohawke
11 You Don't know me - Harmonic 313 Version 1
12 Higher Ground - TNGHT - Warp
13 R U Ready - Lumo
14 32 Seconds
15 Toothbrush Portamento - Dorian Concept
16 Seven Samurai - Fumio Hayasaka
17 Never Been - Dub Phizix feat Mr Fox
18 Anomaly - Loxy & Resound
19 Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu- Photek - Science Records
20 The Drained - Vertigo - Droppin Science
21 Night Bus - Burial - Hyperdub
22 942937 - Aphex Twin - Reflex
23 Sheriff John Brown Version - Sugar Minott Sheriff John Brown
24 Magnetic Enforcer - Twinkle Brothers
25 Dove Song - Nicolette
26 Scud Books - Hudson Mohawke
27 All Is Loneliness - Moondog

Enjoy and make room: these downloads are hefty!


Just Blaze x Baauer: Higher

Something like that.

So over might, his highness Just Blaze let loose this collab w/ Lucky Me / Jeffries darling Baauer, ahead of a North American they have all locked starting late February.
The alliance of the hip hop patriarch that is Just Blaze, and the exhilarating new school ravings of a certain stripling Baauer, have resulted in a old school classic drum break (Madlib fans will know this one) aligned with pulses of ravy synths, topped with the ubiquitous voice of Hov.

Loving the OG tempo.

Here are the dates of the tour @ present [via]

01-24 Urbana, IL - Canopy Club *
01-25 Detroit, MI - Elekricity
01-26 Orlando, FL - Firestone
01-30 Calgary, Alberta - Commonwealth
01-31 London, Ontario - London Music Hall
02-01 Toronto, Ontario - The Hoxton
02-02 Denver, CO - City Hall
02-06 Vancouver, British Columbia - Celebrities
02-07 San Francisco, CA - 103 Harriet *
02-08 Chicago, IL - The Mid
02-09 Edmonton, Alberta - Empire Ballroom
02-10 Winnipeg, Manitoba - Opera Ultralounge *
02-13 Ann Arbor, MI - The Necto
02-14 Boston, MA - Middle East
02-15 New York, NY -Webster Hall
02-16 Minneapolis, MN - The Loft

* Baauer only



Thursday, January 17, 2013

Karriem Riggins (Stones Throw): Live Feb 22, Toronto

I could not be happier to be making this announcement. 92bpm, is very proud to announce and present the return to Toronto of the most esteemed, and the one I have oft called the most egregiously overlooked producer in the game.
Feb 22 2013, we are proud to have Stones Throw's very own and Detroit's Karriem Riggins back in Toronto for a very exclusive DJ set.
I can go on and on how nice he is, but just on this:

● He's worked with many of the nicest in jazz (Hank Jones, Oscar Peterson, Donald Byrd, Bobby Hutcherson, Ron Carter, Diana Krall)
● He's also worked with the nicest in hip hop (Common, J Dilla, Madlib, Kanye West, Slum Village, The Roots, Madlib & Erykha Badu)
● He produces and arranges jazz as well as hip hop, and has touched on electronic.
● And when you thought it was all done, he also raps

92bpm presents:

Karriem Riggins (Stones Throw, Detroit)
w/ mymanhenri & DJ Taktiks
February 22nd @ Wrongbar (1279 Queen St. W)
19+ Event, Doors Open @ 930pm
Facebook RSVP
$10 Limited Advance Tickets (online only)
$13 Advance Ticket
Tickets Available @:
online: (now)
Play De Record, Moog Music (Feb 1st - 22nd).

And with that being said, make sure you check out his last podcast from Stones Throw.

Look out for some more announcements.


J Rocc (Stones Throw, LA): Live Feb 8th TORONTO

It's with pleasure that we announce the return of J Rocc aka the Funky President, back to Toronto for night that could not be timed any better.
His rep precedes him and not many can match his pedigree. One of the nicest to have ever blessed the tables, coming from SoCal, waving the Stones Throw flag high and with pride.
Friday Feb 8th in Toronto, we get a piece of hip hop, played like it was meant to be played with special guests Sweet Touch Foundation along side mymanhenri.

Union East, 92bpm & Sofa King Raw present:

J Rocc (Stones Throw, LA)
w/ Sweet Touch Foundation & mymanhenri
Friday Feb 8th 2013 @ Revival Bar - 783 College St
FaceBook RSVP
Doors @ 930p. 19+

Tickets on sale now (online)
Play De Record, Soundscapes, Rotate This. (Jan 19th)

See you Friday Feb 8th.


EMUFUCKA: Live at 2.5D [VIDEO]

As he prepares to hit the US shores this year to attend the Red Bull Music Academy, Japan's Emufucka had a GREAT release last year. As per usual, overwhelmed - I never got to feature it out here. But nothing like a new year to bring positive change. So minutes ago, he just posted a live clip of a full set that took place last fall. Stunning visuals, along the dizzying sound that had me lawked in. You take it in yourself - but this was awesome.



RBMA BASS CAMP 2012: Sendai Beat [DWNLD]

RBMA Bass Camps are shorter spinoffs meant to mirror what essentially takes place at the full Red Bull Music Academy. The collaborative process is 1st and foremost at the Academy and at these Bass Camps as well. Here's a beat that was made at the one that took place in Japan some time back and features Bugseed, Yagi, ill.sugi and mactuve.

The video above gives you a little glimpse of the process and community environment. Either way, enjoy as we prepare for RBMA 2013.



Nick Wisdom: Big Shiny House EP [DWNLD]

Last seen on his collab w/ Astrological as Potatoehead People, that dude Nick Wisdom is now dropping another solo riddim out of the always jolly Jellyfish Recordings camp. Rhodes, dusty samples, smoke filled rooms (though not in Vancouver) conjure the mood for this EP. Either way, beats beats beats. His collab w/ Astrological is one of my faves but this is a nice addition to the library. Go in.



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ta-ku: Make It Last feat. JMSN [DWNLD]

14k plays in 1 day. Well, that's what happens when you team up shooting star JMSN with Red Bull Music Academy alum Taku. This was discussed sometime back on twitter (with that tweet now residing in birdy heaven), and it's now here for all to enjoy.
What we got?? Something in the harmonious R&B space, but back with the interstellar intonations and beats of one of the finest and busiest out there: Taku. I love this slow prodding riddims... Enjoy.

// updated Jan 18 //

... and as premiered by the good ppl @ the Red Bull Music Academy, the video.

Show LFTFblog some love for putting banger out.


Lapalux: Guuurl

I feel like I heard this so long ago, but it's only been up for a few days. Maybe I caught in a podcast or something. Either way Lapalux, is dude a full length to come from the good ppl over @ Brainfeeder. Nostalchic LP is due to drop in March of this year, and he leads is all off w/ this track Guuurl. This soothing serenade is right in step w/ what I love from Lapalux: all things dreamy, delicate and desirable. Very much looking fwd to this new one... i have ideas already. Hope you do too.


Gilles Peterson iPhone App [DWNLD]

Need more Gilles Peterson?? Well, there's an app for that. Funny, but I've been wondering why more radio hosts and/or tastemakers weren't investing in the appmosphere more oft. I'm a huge believe that this is the new standard and pretty much, you have a touch of leg up if you're in that space. I mean, after dropping my Blackberry (and I on'y got one to be patriotic - felt like I was missing out, but thank the lord I dumped it), i've been listening to more radio than I ever have in the previous (fill in blank) years. Honest truth.

So enter Gilles Peterson. The international tastemaker, curator extraordinaire launched his own iPhone app just about 1 month ago. With a bevy of content, here's what you'll find:

podcasts from past shows
pics from past events
video content of his previous events including the Worldwide Awards
Up and coming tour dates with venue and location where you can also buy tickets.
Sign up for mailing lists
Scan QR codes for exclusive content
Go through his catalog of releases

You can even look at the top registered users of the app, in case you want to battle others for that "mayorship".

For the curious, don't believe this is a universal app so no dice on proper iPad resolution. But either way, this is still a great one to have.

And it's free.



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vida Jafari: January [DWNLD]

Been listening to this for a few right now w/o bothering to post it out of straight laziness. But I reached out the Blunt Guts Nation guys to give them daps on this one. Well, this track from Los Angeles based Vida Jafari will be coming soon from the More Blunt Guts Vol. 2. Great track w/ Analog Division on the boards. Nice work.

Enjoy and stay tuned.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

FOR THE D: Feb 7 2013

No words are needed here. Just another classic night of bangers to celebrate the genius that was J Dilla aka you man Jay Dee.

This is oddly the 5th year running this night, and last year was phenomenal. The live band element is one that I've always enjoyed, seeing and hearing melodies played out live. And this year is no exception.
On Dilla's birthday (he would have turned 39), we toast with another edition of FOR THE D.

92BPM Presents:


Celebrating The Music Of J Dilla

w/ Taktiks + Special Guest RE:VERSE (Live Band)

curated by mymanhenri
Thursday Feb 7th 2013
WRONGBAR - 1279 Queen St West

Doors @ 930p

19+ ID required

FaceBook RSVP.
Lim Adv $7 tickets (web only)

All advance ticket holders will be entered in a draw for the Stones Throw 45 Box Set, and there will be other surprise too.

You can pre order and reserve the box set @ Play De Record:
357 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5B 1S1
Phone: (416) 586-0380

Stay tuned for more updates.




A quick interview by Pitchfork featuring Future and TNGHT who are apparently on a collision course to collab. And from the sounds of it, it's gonna be bananas. That Meek Mane beat was heard live at the Toronto and NYC shows a few months back, and here it is a bit more edited with Future spitting. Wow. Listen to all 3 speak about their music and production approach as well.

2013. Let's go.


TOKiMONSTA: The Force ft Kool Keith [Preview]

She's been quiet for a few. After being a part of some significant tour dates in the last little whilst as well as putting together that Analog Monsta project, TOKiMONSTA has been kinda quiet. We all know why now: the new LP is on it's way.
And a snippet of the lead off was leaked during this interview she did for Miss KL (Karmaloop). And of all collaborators, she's pulled that the most famous ultra mag MC, Kool Keith. THIS will be interesting...

// UPDATE Jan 17 2013 // The full track is now here to stream. You can listen to the collaboration below

The LP is out Jan 15th. No deets as of yet.


Monday, January 7, 2013

00Geneis: Moving On [DWNLD]

In what was his final instalment of his Sunday Selects campaign, 00Genesis dropped Moving On which is available for download below. The Red Bull Music Academy alum has a a few EPs in the chamber ready to go, and is also completing an LP due to follow up the EPs closely. Either way, get down with this Moving On.


Akai Pro MPC Battle [DWNLD]

As Akai Pro pushes on, working the brand onwards with a slew of new products to parade, they've now created a sort of online beat battle - akin to the STMB one I would imagine (which just recently passed 300 battles). They have essentially created a vehicle for producers new and seasoned, to showcase their works. Any MPC user can participate by visiting their page which will be updated with a new sample to load into your MPC and you'll also given a soundcloud page to upload your finished worked to. They've just finished up round one, and have posted the winning track

They've posted the samples to round 2.

Check out all the info, deets and rules to the battle here. You can also like them on Facebook, and follow them on twitter for more info and updates.

Good luck.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Lucky Me on RInse FM: Jan 2013

As some of you know, Lucky Me is up and at it for 2013, with a brand new show on Rinse FM. Congrats again. Either way, the 2nd show was this week and with the label being the pearl of the world's eye, and with a roster in today's sound that might possibly rival Loud in it's heyday, you might want to lock in. The Blessings & Eclairfifi hold it down with a special appearance by Lucky Me's very own S-Type. Look for a download soon from Rinse FM.


FULL CRATE: Live @ DRAKE Jan 9th 2013

HNY. Happy New Year.

Just took a break off the site just to enjoy some family and friends time. Nothing better than seeing your little relatives grow and make you laugh. Makes you miss em tremendously.
But one thing you won't want to miss is this.
Full Crate from Amsterdam just popped up in Toronto on a visit, so he's going to make his Drake Underground debut. All the way in from Amsterdam, repping 22 tracks, we have the Red Bull Music Academy alum here for an intimate night, showcasing the sounds that got him his international repute. Along for the ride will be rising star Sunclef and the whole night will be curated by mymanhenri.

92bpm presents a special night with:

Full Crate (22 Tracks, RBMA, Amsterdam)
w/ Sunclef + mymanhenri
Wednesday Jan 9th 2013
Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
$5 before 1130pm
FaceBook RSVP

These are the nights we've been looking for. Something fresh, something new. 2013. Let's go. Tell a friend, bring another™. ;)

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