Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ghostly Tour w/ Shigeto, Beacon, Heathered Pearls, Friday Sept 13th 2013

We are so pleased to announce this show, and there's no better time than now. So, consider this the show announcement, light. It;s with pleasure than we announce the North American Ghostly tour featuring Shigeto, Beacon, Heathered Pearls and & mymanhenri.

92BPM presents:

The Ghostly North American Tour
Shigeto, Beacon, Heathered Pearls
w/ special guest mymanhenri
Friday Sept 13th 2013
The Garrison, 1197 Dundas West, Toronto.
$16 in advance.
FaceBook RSVP.

Tickets available online @

Tickets will be in stores Aug 9th 2013 at the following locations:

Soundscapes: 572 College St Toronto, ON M6G 1B3 (416) 537-1620
Rotate This: 801 Queen St W Toronto, ON M6J 1G1 (416) 504-8447
Moog Audio: 442 Queen St W Toronto, ON M5V 2A8 (416) 599-6664

Will be updating the post with goodies in the weeks to come.


See you soon.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Dam Funk at Drake Hotel, Aug 01 w/ mymanhenri & Sunclef

It's been several months, but I'm slowly making my way back out. Either way, here we go.

All the way from Sunny Los Angeles California, we will be joined by the Consul General of Culver City, the Emissary of Funk himself, Dam Funk.
On a mini tour through Canada and he's passing through for a night last min DJ set over @ the Drake Hotel, and the warmest sound system in the city. Joining will be mymanhenri and Sunclef to round off this fantastic bill. Details are as follows:

Dam Funk (Stones Throw, LA)
w/ mymanhenri & Sunclef.
August 1st 2013
The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
$10_Doors @ 10pm.
FaceBook RSVP

Just a quick announcement. I'll be adding links to this post soon. But as you all know, bring a friend, tell another ™.

See you next week.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Computer Jay: Hardships ft. Orfeo [VIDEO]

Still one of the most unsung dudes out of Los Angeles, the homie Computer Jay had been working on this video for a min - posting some behind the scene pics on his instagram. Check back a few weeks later and it's all done and complete. Coming from a tetralogy of EPs I do believe, this latest single Hardship features Orfeo and exhibits the elements that I love most from Computer Jay: that lo fi, low bit soul. There aren't too many doing it like that to start - add syrupy vocals from Orfeo... bang.
The video clip was a staff pick over @ Vimeo. Watch it below and or listen to the track as well.

Say wrd.


Om Unit: Dark Sunrise (Kromestars lean'in mix) [DWNLD]

If there's something that I've have endless love for is Red Bull Music Academy alum Om Unit's catalog. From his own, to this label's to the remixes he's put out. The relationship that he's got w/ Kromestar is one that feels like a Jordan and Pippen, Gretzky and Kurri, Manning and Harrison and on and on. They seem to work so well together, that all releases are not to even be questioned: they're just that nice.
This last one that seems to have been posted just a few weeks ago is a single turned to ballad by Kromestar. All is love in this slow tempo conjuring old school 80s 808 slow leaners. Take this Om Unit riddim in - and it's a freebie.




Nosaj Thing & Chance The Rapper: Paranoia [VIDEO]

Something that popped up from LA's Nosaj Thing. A collab that was apparently a silent track on a series that came from a Yours Truly x Adidas originals called Songs from Scratch. Watch it all below, and stream the track as well.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tall Black Guy: 8 Miles To Moenart [VIDEO]

I've kept an eye on Tall Black Guy, né Terrel Wallace. Ever since seeing him in 2007 in Chicago, as he took home 1st prize for the famed Red Bull Battles that once took place around the country. He had created his own brand of hard hitters that had a very soulful edge, cleverly chopping samples and playing with cadence. Originally from Detroit, but now living out in EU, he's now got a new release out on First Word Records May 20th. Here's a fresh little teaser for it. You can't hate on The Cosby show!

... and a stream of the music as well.

I'll touch on this release this week.


Red Bull Music Academy: Rakim [VIDEO]

Likely the reason that I have been off the boards in the last week. I've been busy reading,listening and watching everything that the Red Bull Music Academy has to offer. This past week has seen the 1st term of the famed and heralded retreat and has featured as always some of the most esteemed musical guest to have walk this planet. One such guest as THE lord Rakim. I can't begin to tell you what this man has meant to hip hop. The story of hip hop can't be written w/o a chapter on Rakim, and how he influenced the art form.
So having Rakim sit on the couch, and interviewed by one of my personal faves Chairman Mao? +1 all day. Sit back, and watch this lecture as we hear about Rakim's beginnings, his work with Dr Dre and all things in between - timbs and all. ;)



Dizz1: Reach Out Or Not featuring Sadat X

A few months back the Red Bull Music Academy alum and Aussie Dizz1 hit me about this new rap record that he was putting out. After shopping it, he ended up with a home in Tru Thoughts. In Sickness & In Health will be out later this year and best believe it's a banger - for all you hip hop diehards who have been neglected in the last few. I KNOW. But let's stream this one featuring of my personal fave, and clearly one that Dizz1 keeps in high regard, Sadat X.

** update ** : this track was taken down shortly after this post. I'll update this with other streaming tracks. // my bad.

Stay tuned.


Shlohmo: Crust (Jameszoo Remix) [DWNLD]

It's been a min, since last week. But as some of you keenly know right now, The Red Bull Music Academy is in full effect in NYC right now and 30 gifted participants have all descended onto the big apple to flex mind and music muscle for 2 week. Among the 1st term participants this year is Jameszoo. With some a very notable discog under his belt, we revisit an Error Broadcast release that featured a remix he did for a very young Shlohmo @ time. Coming from the Shlo-fi ep is the Jameszoo re-edit of Crust. To celebrate his RBMA session, Error Broadcast has let loose the remix as a freebie. Ah yes....



Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ta-ku: Boom [STREAM]

I truly believe that Ta-Ku, the BCN Red Bull Music Academy alum and dapper dresser has maybe.... 4-5 LPs in the can ready to go. I put out this challenge out on twitter a few moons ago, about paying anyone who had a pic of Ta-Ku sleeping. STILL STANDS.

Just got this email that he's got another record coming from the good ppl over @ Jakarta Records. Due in June, this sounds like a return to that raw raw. Boom got a Frank Knitt sample, and another that sounds like a mandolin of some sorts. Of course that kick and snare to make your head sway is in full effect.

Dowhatyoulove LP is due June 21. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ta-ku: Hey Justin (Elaquent Remix)

Something that just snuck out not too long ago. eQ does Ta-ku who does Justin. That math comes out sounding pretty tight.

eQ got that new new coming for the summer. Stay tuned.



Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elusive: Hiss Fit [DWNLD]

No nonsense. My last post before my hiatus happened to be about Cali's Elusive, and I now open the week with yet another release by the tireless beatsmith. No seriously. Either way, you always want some sh*t to bounce your head to, in your whip, on your bike, or on the subway on your way to the Captain Murphy show tonight in NYC (RBMA NYC). Always a good play in my books. That lo-fi tapestry of samples and efx always sits well with me.

This is up as a pay what you want download, so show love.



fLako: Mesektet gets re issued

This was tucked away in my inbox.
The enigmatic fLako returns - kinda. The RBMA bound Londoner who has more recently gained steamed with some of his more recently released is due to drop a re-issue for early June from Project Mooncircle . This will feature the original released tracks, as well as some exclusives to beef the release up, as well to assuage the recent adopters of his sound. To the ardent fans, some of these might sound familiar, but to most, this will expose you to that early early early that some of us really gravitated towards - beats, beats, beats.


01 Moonchild (Reissue Exclusive)
02 YeahYeahYeah
03 Eluma Horns
04 Sun Ba
05 Crying On The In
06 Elsewhere (Reissue Exclusive)
07 Pupil Suck (Reissue Exclusive)
08 Finger On The Pony (Reissue Exclusive)
09 Mirror Box
10 Voodoo (Reissue Exclusive)
11 Welcome
12 Moving Molecules
13 Dwarf Dance
14 Transition (Reissue Exclusive)
15 Soosh (Reissue Exclusive)
16 One Quarter
17 Psico (Reissue Exclusive)
18 Hotsh
19 Lords Of Chaos
20 Humming
21 SP 405
22 Casita
23 The Sorcerer (Reissue Exclusive)
24 Whats That Calling Me (Reissue Exclusive)
25 Lullaby
26 Chapter 4
27 Peter And The Whale
28 The Wrong Guy
29 Colors Of Love

The Mesektet re-issue will be out June 6th 2013 on Project Mooncircle. Here's a little something off the release.

More to come soon.


Monday, April 29, 2013

ONRA, Live in TORONTO: May 30 2013 @ Blk Box Theatre [DWNLD]

Back one year after smashing The Supermarket in 2012, France's premiere beat maker, ambassador of boogie and funk returns to the city that he has vowed to move to - Toronto. For his return to one of his favorite cities, ONRA could not be coming back at a better time: ONRA will grace the stage @ what is the newest and premiere venue to entertain the club goers: BLK BOX THEATRE.
The dynamic sound provided by the Funktion One sound system, and vibrant visuals at Blk Box Theatre has been stuff of legends in it's little time since opening doors, and will now host the boom bap and boogie of France's ONRA.

Along for this epic night, will be ANDY CAPP of Bang The Party fame along side mymanhenri.

Join us as we welcome ONRA back to Toronto as he comes Back For One Night only.

ONRA (All City, FRA)
with special guests: ANDY CAPP (BANG THE PARTY) & mymanhenri (92BPM)
THURSDAY MAY 30th 2013
BLK BOX THEATER - 1087 Queen St West
RSVP FaceBook Event Page
$15 Adv tickets.
Available online now

in stores May 6th @:
357 Yonge St Toronto, ON. M5B 1S1 (416) 586-0380
442 Queen St W Toronto, ON. M5V 2A8. (416) 599-6664

After his last show in Toronto, I recall running into some fans of his music who didn't realize he was in town. Shame. I'm coming for you guys this time around.
We're planing some pretty interesting visuals this time around too.

He's also bringing some exclusive merch this time around, so make sure you make it out.

But as always, we have some new fans, and we welcome all. Here are some classics to keep you going.


That's just the start.

See you cats May 30th.


Once again back is the incredible: thank you

I've loved the quote from Chuck D for ever.

Man, it's been 54 days since I last logged in here. I just have to say thanks for your patience - for whomever is still here. Outside of suddenly having an obligation that kept me from dealing with my little lo fi blog, I was also struck with lethargy and apathy all rolled into one. Been since 08 that I've been running this place for kicks, and the last little while was getting - well, weird.

I'll spare you the duel and conflict, but I simply needed to take a few steps left for a moment. But i was recently kicking it w/ Shigeto and realized how much I missed the music + the stage. Seriously. Nothing like hearing music you love on full blast. Added to that, we ran into one of his fans who wanted a pic, which I was happy to take, and he then turned to me saying that he thanked me for my work and vowed to invite me to his wedding. Ha.

Honestly, many thanks for your patience and esp the cats who sent me DMs on FB, and notes on twitter. I saw the messages and thank you again. Very appreciated. Been so long though, that I almost forgot my password. Added to that, the interfaced has changed out here... Ha. And what better time to get started again, It's RBMA time.

Ok. Back to biz.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Elusive: portrait of a loop (beatapemix) [DWNLD]

A mix from the indefatigable Elusive. His own raw and unvarnished material as always, blended in a quick 20 some min mix.

Soulection: Inside The Sound of Tomorrow 001 [VIDEO]

Not sure I would qualify this as a documentary but maybe a chronicle?? I guess it is a doc. Either way, experience the weekly occurrence that is Soulection from SoCal. A radio show come label come event that has been able to shepherd a legion of loyal listeners, near biblical with a quasi patented jambayala of silvery soul, luscious low end and tantalizing tempos. Indeed. They've been putting in some great work and should be commended for it. Cheers to that. Listen and watch Soulection sagamore speak on the movement.



Sunclef: Raise It Up (dillavamp) [DWNLD]

Been waiting for something to from dude. But I can settle with this. Sunclef just leaked his ode to Dilla which was originally set to be a personal rework for his own set, but decided to leak this one out. He took a classic and added his personal touch whilst still maintaining the song's probity. Someone show this dude some love.



Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jonwayne: Royalty [DWNLD]


As Jonwayne puts it. But the real question is, when is the new LP dropping?? We're wondering, and we @ 92BPM def have quiestions. From what I gather, the venerable Stones Throw is doing a showcase @ SXSW and I believe that the Jonwayne campaign should be launching about that time. Even better, Stones Throw may have leaked a teaser of the LP cover - possibly?

** UPDATE **


Either way, a few weeks back he sent us an email w/ some new rap track of what I believe was cutting room floor material.I've always like JW, and some of our readers agreed by the looks of it.





Monday, March 4, 2013

Squaring The Circle: Spaced Out Family EP

Love hearing about stuff like this, right out of Spain. Squaring The Circle is the label, and this Spaced Out Family EP is the title of the record. Enlisted as pilots for the psychedelic trip are Peter Panik, Losen & Lost Twin (the latter who was 1st heard from by we on Brownswood Electric 3). I'll simply say to take this one in as it's a delightful trip through hip hop cadence, soft samples and synth melodies, with artwork as pretty as the coastal city the rep, Huelva.
The Spaced Out Family EP is out now on wax but limited to 300 units. Bandcamp.




Foundry is here.

If you're been living under a rock, you're certainly STILL know this is happening. What might be the biggest endeavour to have taken place in a long long time has kicked off this past weekend with a bang. You can officially called this March Madness (for all your sports buffs).
Seriously though.
The month of March 2013 in Toronto will be one to remember. This panoply of producer during a 5 weekend extravaganza (now 4 at present time of writing) will certainly redefine clubbing, and curating all at once.
The good ppl @ Mansion have essentially pulled off what will be regarded as a quasi festival, and named the endeavour FOUNDRY.

What we have are 5 weekend, 8 nights, 24 acts, all during 1 month and 1 great cause: the music. After a phenomenal launch during weekend 1 with Shlohmo and Juan Atkins, here are how the 4 following weekends will transpire.

It's all going down like this:

March 9th

OMAR S, Reference, Martin Fazekas
tix | event page | curated by breakandenther

March 16th

ANDY STOTT, Box of Kittens
tix | event page | curated by Box Of Kittens

March 22th

3024 Label Night w/ MARTYN, Kevin McPhee, Nautiluss, mymanhenri
tix | event page | curated by 92BPM

March 23th

BICEP, Lapelle, Members Only
tix | event page | curated by Evening Standard

March 29th

ANDRES, Bruce Trail, Colin Bergh
tix | event page | curated by Colin Bergh

March 30th

DVS1, How Does It Make You Feel
tix | event page | curated by How Does It Make You Feel

There you have it. And we @ 92BPM are proud to be a part of this whole endeavour, and very much look fwd to sharing the stage March 22 2013 with friends Martyn, Nautiluss and Kevin McPhee during the 3024 label night. + it's a 4am license. Let's go!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

H∆SHTAG$, Episode 4: Don’t Call It #Beats [DWNLD]

This one was bound to come.

This is pretty much where 92bpm jumped off on this one. I still recall trying to get certain ppl around town to listen to this music in 2007 as something was taking place. I was trying to get ppl to listen to this Flying Lotus among a few others. But regardless, this is a H∆SHTAG$ episode that could have gone much longer. Depending on where you were, for many, discovering Flying Lotus was the chronological start of beat music. I really started to listen to Jay Scarlett, who for me - was near the top of the food chain with this beat music scene. Many including Flylo, have credited him for their early rise, and he would have been a great voice for this. Either way, listen to the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Dorian Concept, Benji B and others speak on this scene in this new episode of H∆SHTAG$.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Suff Daddy: New Era Exclusive / Producer Series [VIDEO]

New Era has been been doing a series of small doc, speaking to producers who have been a fan of their goods for years, and Germany's Suff Daddy is the newest of the guests. Having now gone to AUS just to hang out for a few months, he spoke to New Era Melbourne, and speak on things production, his relocation and of course, New Era Caps.



What a year this has been. Montréal's Kaytranada has emerged as quote a proiduction force. Having been getting his feet wet chopping it up on the beat music side of town. But he soon found an ear creating masterful melodies in all measures and genres. Oh ya, and only in his very early twenties too. Now, we have a KAYTRA TODO EP release in a HW&W (US) / Jakarta Records (world) distribution release.
He got this KAYTRA TODO EP buzzing when he leaked his JMSN collab, All We Do - which garnered 70k plays in 6 days. Nice.
Either way, the KAYTRA TODO EP by Kaytranada is out on iTunes.


Willow Beats: From Under The Ground (SertOne's Aquatrap Mix) [DWNLD]

Celebrating their 2 years mark, Melted Music label has some freebies going around. Here's something from one of our faves out, a Sert One refix of a Willow Beats original. Quite the edit name I must add, but enjoy as Sert One slow that groove down and gives it some bounce.



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jansport J: Love & Be Loved [DWNLD]

I was talking to someone about having love for the art of hip hop production. There's something for ever special about the sample chop, and the layering of drums, efx and just letting it all go. I used to see the name Jansport J out and about the net (love the name btw, embodies history very well), and failed to spend enough time going through dude's catalog. Consider this an atonement. I've had this one joint (among many others) on loop, and although it was released a few months before Vday, this For The Love LP is just what the doc ordered. Take it in.




S​.​Maharba: Remixed

After what seemed like an endless layoff, trailblazing BTS Radio is back with what some thought might have been a shelved released. The 3rd S. Maharba release, the remixes, is finally available and features some of the faves we've grown to know and love.
Mike Slott, Sweatson Klank, Dibiase, Shigeto, The Clonious and more.... Take it in.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

José James Remix Contest - Trouble [DWNLD]

I love these.

Blue Notes' José James, who just released his new LP No Beginnings - has a remix contest up and running for his new single "Trouble". Now, we know that he's a jazz cat, but this brooklynite has been more than willing to step outside the known boundaries and has released works producing by Flying Lotus, adding spice and flavour to a known jazz release. They're accepting
What you get are 6 stems, and they're yours to use as you please. But here are some details:

What You Need to Know to Enter

You must use at least one of the provided audio stems to be eligible.

Do not include any material that you do not have the legal right to exploit.

Rights Managment Details

Stems include copyrighted material.

You may not sell your submission, nor may you post it on another website.

Entrants own the original elements of their mix.

You have until March 12st 2013 5pm EST. So there you have it. It's all there. And I've been listening to many of the submission, but I'd love to hear something a touch more abstract, more beat centric or even electronic. Check the site for more information and even prizing. You can listen to the original below.

Good luck, and let us know if you enter by posting the link below. Would love to hear these submissions.


Ta-Ku: Boiler Room Australia Mix [DWNLD]

Fot those who missed this Boiler Room Australia, this was a great one. Ended with headliner and Red Bull Music Academy alum and all around nice cat, Ta-Ku who did it up. The video was up, but just noticed the audio was also uploaded a few ago.



A few from Kutmah [DWNLD]

Beats from Kutmah are always a pleasure, and this One For Detroit is a pulsing piece of dark matter, haunting in it's full length.



Monday, February 18, 2013


Some of you will recall this. Others won't.

Slum Village and Dilla had a special relationship w/ Toronto. As testified by House Shoes - Toronto knew Detroit. It likely started w/ that infamous show at the Comfort Zone in 99 maybe (I was there), and pockets of us were buzzing still. Torontonians have many Dilla stories to share as Jay Dee was here 4 times at the peak of both his career and health.
And in 2000, there was a special one.
I shared this one on the Drip.FM / Stones Throw boards as they were looking for the best stories to win a box set of the 45s. So here's how this one went:

"Allow me to share one of my fave Dilla stories, among the few I have. This is during the Goodvibe tour that featured Cali Agents, Bahamadia and Slum Village in the summer of 2000. The word was that during the tour dates, Dilla has been skipping some of the dates. He would show up @ some, go awol on others, and this was being documented online by fans in the pre blog era of the net: newsgroups. It was quite amazing. So I found myself looking to see what exactly had been taking place.
Then came the Toronto show. The tour was doing an In Store performance at what was one of the most important outlets, the HMV SuperStore on Yonge st. I made it out JUST to see if Dilla was going to be there. To my utter dismay, no sign of the Yancey boy. As much as I was still a big fan of Cali Agents (got some stuff inked), was distraught Dilla never showed. I went to the show anyhow, which was @ the famous Opera House in Toronto. This is where the story gets crazy.
I was chilling outside the venue during what might have been an opener - can't recall. But a limo pulls up. Now, you have to understand that a limo pulling up in front of this venue made no sense. A residential/industrial part of Toronto that's sits right across from a diner and a strip club. So I was like "This dude is lost". It couldn't have been further from that. Doors opens up, and out comes Dilla. !!!!!, and to make things even crazier, he had an MPC under EACH ARM. My head was spinning, and I ran inside to tell cats. And, like nothing had ever happened, SV rawked the show flawlessly.
Toronto was spoiled by Dills. he rawked shows at the height of his career and physical health, and I got to see all 4 shows (2 as SV, 1 LEGENDARY DJ gig <-- which was another ordeal/great story, and the JAYLIB one). Rest In Paradise. Hope you enjoyed that one."

Yup. And to boot, my man hit me up like... 2 week ago telling me he found the footage. After a move, he was going through bins and bins of DV tapes, and found the footage of the show AFTER some wedding footage. He actually had the whole show recorded. But decided to offer just a snippet. We're going to do something with the footage after.

Anyhow, enjoy Slum Village, with Baatin a very healthy Jay Dee during the summer of 2000 tour for Goodvibe. Notice - as you can tell from the still above - how he rawked the show w/ the 2 MPC 3000s. That was the craziest moment seeing him show up w/ those... Shouts to Cairo & YYZBRA for this one.


Friday, February 15, 2013


FAN-TAS-TIC FEBRUARY VOL. 2, as he so aptly calls it. Long time LA stalwart now in UK Kutmah, lays down his version of a tribute set on NTS Live, and just went up for all to download and enjoy.



Potatohead People: Back To My Shit ft Frank Nitt [DWNLD]

In another Valentine's inspired riddim, we have this breakup anthem from the Canadian Potatohead People (Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical), and featured the story telling of the Detroit's Frank Nitt. This was set to celebrate both v-day and the availability of the 7" version of this release from Bastard Jazz & Jellyfish Recordings. It can also be found on the Kosmichemusik EP



SWEATSON KLANK: F*ck & Fight ft Deniro Farrar

FINALLY. The work is complete. After stepping away to work on his new project, we finally have a finished product - really to deliver. Sweatson Klank just released the new single F*ck & Fight ft Deniro Farrar, which is setting the tone for the LP You, Me, Temporary which is set to drop April 2nd.
F*ck & Fight features smooth and polished production, aligned w/ the raspy, raw and unvarnished raps from Deniro Farrar. We have a classic tale, exploring the tumult and turmoil of relationships adding that "all we do is f*ck and fight, break up today, make love tonight". This is the new sound of brash and unapologetic R&B influenced future riddims, with vocals to match - that mature bounce.

In a clairvoyant move, this was released just in time for Valentine's Day yesterday, you can scoop this new Sweatson Klank single F*ck & Fight ft Deniro Farrar @ the iTunes store now, and as I mentioned look for this 3LP full length April 2 from the good ppl over @ Project Mooncircle.

Now, just go kiss and make up.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

92BPM presents: DJEMBA DJEMBA, March 7th, TORONTO [LIVE]

I love this.

Small worlds lead to big nights. Conversation among friends leading to opportunities. Long story, after kicking it w/ my man Steve, he used to tell me about one of his former students (among the many), and told me about how he and his pals had this beat session going on where they would flip a sample and complete it very shortly after. A quasi exercise in production. This then spread amongst friends, and eventually became what we know as Team Supreme, and they just released a record/compilation via Alpha Pup.
We had been in touch w/ LA's Djemba Djemba when he was still using his older moniker, and were glad to get back up with him. He's been very busy applying his craft producing under the Mad Decent flag, releasing on Jeffrees as well as his own label Rabbit Records. To boot, he's got that Team Supreme, a quasi book club for producers, as they've share samples and flip them for each other's enjoyment. HE stays busy. Djemba's 1st release came from the Jeffrees label in 2011, and has seen support from the biggest names (Diplo, Rusko & The Gaslamp Killer to name a few). On the heels of a recent Low End Theory performance, we are welcoming him to Toronto.

With that, it's our pleasure to announce:


We are very pleased to announce the addition of the mighty Christian Andersen (Xi) to this stellar bill, marking his glorious return to Toronto.

92BPM presents:

DJEMBA DJEMBA (mad decent/jeffrees, team supreme, LA)
w/ mymanhenri B2B Christian Andersen
Thursday March 7th 2013
Drake Undergound - 1150 Queen St West
FaceBook RSVP

Here's Djemba Djemba track from the Team Supreme comp which was release this past January.

Im addition, here's a 60 min mix that was done around the holidays - a special treat indeed.



Madlib Medicine Show: Pill Jar Sampler [DWNLD]

Ahead of a Madlib tour that is supposed to take him to Japan and China, Stussy and Madlib release Pill Jar. A collection of tracks from Madlib Medicine Show 1-12. You can check out the full deets here


Pill Jar

01 Static Invazion
02 Episode XVI
03 The Paper feat. Guilty Simoson
04 What Can U Tell Me Featuring MED
05 The Frontline (Liberation)
06 African Voodoo Queen (Drama)
07 Interview #4080
08 Funky Butt, Part 1



Hudmo: Valentine's Slowjams Chapter VI [DWNLD]

Hard to believe that it's been 6 yrs? Wow. I feel like I recall it like it was yesterday. Anyhow, enjoy the annual Valentino mix from a certain Hudmo aka Hudson Mohawke. Maybe I should go back an dig out the other 5 from the archives for those who missed out?

Download and enjoy.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

H∆SHTAG$: Don't Call It #CloudRap [VIDEO]


A few of us will have tons to say about this one. I grew up during the golden era of hip hop as many around me. I saw the internet come, and saw how the changes came about. And as much as I'm a massive proponent for discovery, I do feel it came for the better and the worse. And as much as I think that you can study your way into the good books, I believe nobody cares anymore. So with that being said - let's look @ the new video from the RBMA and the H∆SHTAG$ series and the effect of the net on music, and this time: Rap or #CloudRap. Take it in and start the discussions.



Tuesday, February 12, 2013


In back to back freebies, Ann Arbor's Shigeto teamed up w/ former Klipm0dian Devonwho in releasing their odes to James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee bka, J Dilla. These two are amongst many more that he's posted on Feb 7th - on Dilla's birth day. Enjoy.



Teebsio: for phil [DWNLD]

Maybe a few weeks ago, I was going back in forth w/ Teebs about a project we were trying to set up, and got to chat about the music coming he was working on. Never enough Teebs in my eyes, and ears in fact. And with that said, there's never a right time for his music - as it's always on time. for phil was created hanging out with certain mans at The Crosby in Santa Ana. Usual style and finesse shine through with slow flow, spotlighting a soporific sax looped for mood, and those drums... enjoy.

[download] [via]

Looking fwd to goodness.


Flying Lotus: Until The Quiet Comes (Almighty Sion edit)

Something that had been sent over sometime back from Sert One. His collab efforts w/ Bolt in the for of Almighty Sion is releasing 'The Beat Generation' via the good ppl @ Original Cultures. The 1st leak is a teaser of what's get to come from the duo.

Look for deets soon from the good ppl over at Original Cultures.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Karriem Riggins: J Dilla The Greatest

ON Feb 7th, we observe James Yancey's bka Jay Dee aka J Dilla's birthday. He would have been 39 years young. He's influence has been immeasurable worldwide, in ways that even I can't understand - though he touched my life as well.
Detroit's very own Karriem Riggins goes on camera with Yours Truly x Stones Throw and speaks on Dilla's influence, and creates a track in memoriam for Jay Dee.

Enjoy and Celebrate.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


In time for Feb 14th?? Not sure. But either way, i have a soft spot for that slow flow, beat groove - and Cali's Elusive just dropped LUV POTION . I mean, if there was ever a beat producer equivalent of garage bands, this would be it: just raw loops, samples and sounds, juxtaposed to fit. Take it in.



I recall getting an email about this sometime back. Chicago's 3LLL of Junkhouse hit me with this release SEED001, and he's is taking you back to the times where you did that asynchronous head bop that your friends never understood. They swung on the snare, you swung on the kick. Right?? Just saying, you need to take this in. Those "sloppy drums" as ?uestlove so aptly described one day, are in full effect, and that lovely slow flow featuring efx, synths and all... nice one. This is the 1st of a trilogy all set to come out in the next few months. Stay tuned.



H∆SHTAG$: Don't Call It #PostDubstep - Epidode 2

This might be the most anticipated and possibly most contentious of recent topics: Dubstep, post dubstep and what ever you want to say about it. For anyone who watched the RBMA Scuba lecture, you know where he stands - though still hard to see w/ binoculars and all. But you also have this new gen of ravers who are essentially coming in blind - and defining what they believe is this bassmusic called dubstep, mostly via the net - and as such, the clash. Enjoy, Epidode 2 H∆SHTAG$: Don't Call It #PostDubstep by the good ppl at the Red Bull Music Academy


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HW&W: Whole Catalog Freebie [DWNLD]

Time to clear the bandwidth. That means that if you're little bro is on a torrent, or you've been watching some NetFlix in Super HD, time to put that on pause for a hot min. Huh What And Where, fine purveyors of beat music have opened the coffers, much like Ta-Ku just did, to release their WHOLE CATALOG, which in includes many of your faves: Bugseed, OhBliv, Ta-Ku, Ackryte, Bahwee, Evil Needle, Elaquent and Juj. That's 18 LPs. That's a ton of music.

Ready, set.




Ta-ku Loves You [DWNLD]

He does love you. Really.

So for the next 48hrs, you were able to peruse his catalog like you owned it, and were free to grab anything you wanted - for free. What a kind man.

Then this happened...

Are you kidding me?? 25k downloads in 7 hrs (nearly down to the minute). That's a ton of bandwidth, and as he mentioned, his site crashed. And to make things worse, much of this happened whilst most ppl slept. Imagine had this taken place during some decent EST hours?? THAT would have a treat.

Oh well. Look for more goodies soon... seriously.


Slum Village w/ J Dilla LIVE (2000) [VIDEO]

As you all well know, it's Dilla month all around the world where most will celebrate his life through the music he composed and that we love. We @ 92bpm has been doing this for a few years now (5th), will be toasting this week Feb 7th - on his birthday - with a live band doing medleys and faves. But whilst doing some research last night, I found this amazing vid - and maybe you've seen this too. But this is Slum Village with a very healthy Jay Dee in 2000 in what I will assume is Los Angeles - but I could be wrong. I recall this tour VERY WELL as it came to Toronto and it was the stuff of legends - Dilla showed up late in a limo w/ 2 MPCs). Either way, enjoy this stunning and heart warming video as we see a young Jay Dee in his prime along w/ Baatin (RIP) and your man T3.

Say wrd.

Feb 7th. Toronto. Wrongbar. We toast.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Shigeto: Huron River Drive (Elaquent Remix)

Something from Elaquent that crept up during Superbowl weekend. Elaquent touches one of his "faves of 2012", and re works a Shigeto track, as a free download. Ok now. Enjoy.


Karriem Riggins: Chopped Worm

In honor of the recent passing of Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner, member of Ohio Players, Karriem Riggins and Stones Throw release their version of "the most sample song in history". Enjoy.

Do recall he will be in Toronto Feb 22nd and Montreal Feb 25th.


Machinedrum: Visions Of Saturn v.3 [VIDEO]

In the 3rd instalment of this All City concept re interpreting Sun Ra tracks, Machinedrum has offered his own version of Door of The Cosmos. What started in frenzied drums turned to that classic Sun Ra esoteric sound from Machinedrum.

It's a wax only release, and it's out now from All City.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Zodiac: PE1 [DWNLD]

As a follow up to the H∆SHTAG$ mini doc series, and specifically the 1st one touching on the state of R&B, the Red Bull Music Academy have an exclusive track from Toronto's Zodiac. PE1 is that dark dark, that left left, the eerie moods that have struck a chord, and have been injected in the new sound. Enjoy.


Knxwledge: Hexual Sealings 4

Been a min since I heard from Knx. Had a quick chat with him recently, but it was real quick. But it's always nice to hear Knx rawk and his music. And many do too. And he's been diligent in maintaining his momentum in releasing more indie product for his fam and fans, as we wait for his next full length from All City - which I heard is in the chamber. But as he describes Hexual Sealings 4: Hip hop, rap, loops. No doubt. Enjoy.


Om'Mas Keith: City Pulse [DWNLD]

YAY. This came out as I was in deep with some work yesterday and I still haven't sat down to listen to it. But, Om'Mas Keith, the man involved w/ visionary Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Grammy nominated for his recent work w/ Frank Ocean and numerous collabs with ppl you may not have come across yet, studio team member of the Red Bull Music Academy, has just released the biggest treat of all: a new free LP, City Pulse.
At time of writing, I haven't take this in yet but I simply urge you do go out and get this record, as a music fan, a producer, as a follower of progressive sounds. The early Sa-Ra must credited in influencing beat production early on, and that still remains. Ironically, this comes as the H∆SHTAG$ mini doc dropped discussing where R&B has gone and is going... BTW, look for appearances Shafiq H as well as a certain Badu.
But this is not even the end of it. The zipped pkg contained instrumentals AND a cappellas. Wow. Download City Pulse on his blog.

Slow Motion




Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jung Hollywood: Camouflage [DWNLD]

Something that showed in the inbox. LA's Jung Hollywood create a classic beat tape with the raw elements I like to take in every so oft - raw, unfiltered sampling. Plus, I have a soft spot for anything that has the whiff of chimes getting sampled. ;) But seriously, I nice little beat EP that also features something that I would consider very much ready for club play (Dntsy), à la Onra almost. Either way, take this one in as it's a name your price offer.



Kaytranada: LFTF Mix [DWNLD]

Kaytranada, fka as Kaystradamus, has been on quite a tear in the last year or so. I still recall the oddest of scenarios. Allow me. It was Jan of 2011, and I was playing with Madlib + J-Rocc, only to find out later that Kay's friends were in house. They tracked me down to tell me that I played one of their boy's tracks. I was like who?? Kaytranada. Of course. That beat was a banger. Either way, what a year it's been. He's been heralded by the beat cats, and more recently, he's widen his tempo to some new ranges, and has with that has widen his audience as well. I actually suggested he be booked for this show earlier in the year in Toronto, but this most recent show he played - last week in fact - was one which sealed the deal for me.
His sound has matured and his set has burgeoned. He's that that Black Mozart EP coming from HW&W among other projects. Bout to be a busy yr for my man + he's a fellow countryman ;). Either way, here's a mix he banged out for LFTF blog. Take it in.


Dom$Olo - Brownsugapackets
Kenlo Craqnuques - Astrocalin
Kaytranada - Nevalie/Down Low (Feat. Cyber) {Unreleased}
Mr. Carmack - Pay (For What)
Aaliyah - We Need A Resolution
Sean Price - Title Track
Da-P - Flight
Kaytranada - Holy Hole Inna Donut
Nas & Ginuwine - You Owe Me (Sango Edit)
The Celestics - Black Mozarts (Feat. Green Hypnotic & Cyber)
Youthkills - Time Is Now (Kaytranada Remix) {Unreleased}
Rami B. - Shatdafackap
Ta-Ku - Hustle
Dibia$E - Skullcrack
Kaytranada - Get It Confused {Unreleased}
Djemba Djemba - Yah Pop
Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
Jaylib - Heavy (Chronic Mix)
Kaytranada & Shash’u - Untitled {Unreleased}
Kenlo Craqnuques - 160_Mute
Munoz - Takeoff {Unreleased}
Dibiase - Renegade Slap (Devonwho Collabo)
Myth Syzer - C’mon (Feat. Kaytranada) {Unreleased}
Lakim - She’s The Type
Vlooper Aka Nrvloopa - Little Queen (Feat. Modlee)
Teeko, Dibia$E & Devonwho - Young Funklords
Black Eyed Peas - Falling Up (Remix Instrumental)
Jay-Z - Lalala



Danny Scrilla: Fluxus EP

I've been messing with this for a hot min now. Ever since the email dropped in a few weeks ago, I've been lawked in. One thing I've loved is how he's been riding that 80-85 bpm groove, and what the possibilities are with that riddim. Cosmic Bridge have played a great part in this, and Munich's Danny Scrilla is having his input.
His Fluxus EP, which drops Feb 25th, is full of superb melodies, tight grooves and that swing I love - all written in beautiful electronic language.
The 6 tracker features 4 original joints and the enlistment of both Goth Trad and Deft on the remix duties.


A1 Fallout
A2 Thorium
B1 Jolt
B2 Magellanic Clouds
05 Fallout (Goth-Trad Remix)
06 Magellanic Clouds (Deft Remix)

Out Feb 25th 2013 on Civil Music. Enjoy.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

H∆SHTAG$: Don't Call It #AltRnB [VIDEO]

This is the inaugural series of H∆SHTAG$, a video series by Red Bull Music Academy meant to look @ genres that, for better or worse, were seemingly invented and proliferated by the internet. In this 1st one, we look @ R&B, or AltRnB - the experimental offshoot. Loved seeing Zodiac in there, and oddly, they spent some time in Toronto. But to my shock and awe, no interview w/ pioneer Doc?!?! No JB3?!? Surprising. Anyhow, give it watch, and post comments as I plan to have this discussion with friends on this for sure.

// update //

Just heard back from Doc himself. Too bad this could not have happened. Would have loved to hear his take. Either way, enjoy.


Werkha: Bottle Trick

Live from money making Manchester is where this cat came from to surprise me! I'm not even sure how this discovery came about, but I will assure you, it was of the most random way. Either way, I bought this asap. This track Bottle Trick comes from Werkha, and is all world in my books. All the elements I love, rolled up in one track: smooth guitrar strums, pulsing synths and a swinging beat. You can scoop it from his 3 track EP Cube & Puzzle from from Cool Kid Music label.

You can scoop this Cube & Puzzle EP now in most major online stores. Anyhow, enjoy. I did.

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