Friday, March 30, 2012

Sonnymoon: Morning Person [VIDEO]

More visuals from the fantastic 2012 EP from Sonnymoon + Plug Research. Do recall that they are currently on tour w/ Teebs and Time Wharp, coming to a town near you.

Toronto, do remember Tuesday April 03 show at the Drake Underground.



Thursday, March 29, 2012


And I quote....

"Feeling generous and making LATENYC a FREE DOWNLOAD FOR THE NEXT FEW HOURS!" - Ta-Ku

Enjoy it whilst you still can.


DVA: Why You Do feat A.L. [VIDEO]

This is EASILY one of my fave records in this still pretty young 2012, and might carry through the year. In a Red Bull Music Academy lecture w/ Frankie Knuckles, he said that voice is by far the pretty instrument. Vocals over the kind of production that DVA delivers is the stuff I dream of, and am wholly thankful for. Here are some simple but effective visuals from DVA for Why You Do feat A.L.. Of course this was premiered by the all world ppl at XLR8R.
Pretty Ugly, DVA's 1st full length is out now - on HyperDub records. Come w/ the Muhsinah track already man.



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

King Britt @ Drake Underground March 29th

In a surprise visit, King Britt will be joining us in Toronto for a intimate show at the Drake Underground. Happens to coincide with this newest release on Hyperdub as Fhloston Paradigm, a fantastic 3 track EP that's out today. Either way, the deets are as follows:

King Britt - LIVE
w/ The Wheel Wells + special guest
Thursday March 30th 2012
The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
Doors at 1030p.
Facebook RSVP

See you tomorrow.


Vlek Presents: Beatsurfing App

The few of you who might know me personally, know I've been immersed in the iOS music development movement. What's come out of that environment for authoring has been nothing short of remarkable. So many interesting apps have allowed for nearly unlimited amounts of creativity. Ask Africa Hitech about it and then listen to Swair. Either way, would it be of any surprise that a label might throw one out there?? Of course not. (Shouts to Ghostly)
Enter Vlek, Herrmutt Lobby and Beatsurfing. It had been a min, since I had heard the name Herrmutt Lobby and the last I recall from him was Bassfudge Powerscones around top of 2009 - so yes i've been out of touch. I was totally unaware he was a code writer. Nice.
So Vlek and Herrmutt Lobby have teamed up to present Beatsurfing.
If apps like Draw Something Free, TouchOSC and Photoshop were to have a kid, it might look something like Beatsurfing. The apparent difference is that Beatsurfing will be less button pushing and more finger dragging, which in part reminds of yet to be authorized Waviary w/o the beat element. Either way, this is something promising for the iOS fans.

This app is still in it's beta phase, but if you're interested in beta testing, you can sign up here. I might actually do it.

They're looking at



Mike Gao: Ausgangsta (Ta-ku Remix)

After a playful upload was posted a few days back, the remix that had been discussed between the two participants has now emerged. The tireless producer Ta-Ku has remixed a Mike Gao authored riddim Ausgangsta that came from his Project Mooncircle release. The slow flow track was leaked for the masses enjoy.



Hawthorne Headhunters: Teleport

It's at least a few years since I saw either Coultrain and or BlackSpade. Both massive talents on their own, but now are both featured on the new Hawthorne Headhunters project. A project that 1st emerged some years back via a collaborative effort between producer/MC Proh Mic (at the time an LA resident) and I, Ced and HVW8 to bring it all together, with songs like She Wanna feat JimiJames (if I do recall), and then even this Dam Funk collab entitled PCH which then featured Ty G on bass if my memory fails me not. Nonetheless, the recordings continued along with some slightly under the radar releases.
Fast forward a few years now, and you have a new situation, a label and now an LP release set, we're treated to a lead off single Teleport, from the Myriad Of Now LP due April 10th 2012 from Plug Research.

Shouts to a few good homies I've not seen a hot min.



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Badbadnotgood: BBNG2 Coming April 3rd

Listen to Alex, Matt and Chester call it like it will be...

April 7th April 3rd it is... BTW, had a blast last week guys. ;)


Dibiase: The Dust Down Under

To promote a tour that will take him out to AUS and NZ, Dibiase put out a 15 min mix of tracks The Dust Down Under, including collabs w/ both Mndsgn and Devonwho. April 2-16 will be the 2 week span that will have that neck snapping, 404 tweaking, D-MOTHERF*CKING bangers reverberate through the other side of the world. AUS/NZ: Get. Ready. But in the mean time, enjoy.

The Dust Down Under Mix



1.) Harmonic
3.) Vallejo Burritos [MNDSGN // DIBIA$E]
4.) Reefer '08 [DEVONWHO // DIBIA$E]
5.) Funkhaven
6.) Subzero



Koen: Outputs v3

Today is the day that Koen's Outputs v3 gets it's due release. With this new Outputs v3, we see the emergence of a Koen who's taken on the challenge of leaving the traditional hip hop cadence and tempo range, for something newer and potentially fresher. The now de rigueur 125-160 rhythms have infectiously taken the lion's share of the attention, and Koen has entered the eco soundsystem with his renditions. I've spoken on this at more length before so I'll let you enjoy this one just as I have.

The Outputs v3 is out now on Soulection, and all for the criminally low price of $2.99. Get it here.



Monday, March 26, 2012

RBMA: Why You Should Apply

7 more days. 7 days are what are separating 60 participants from a 2 week stay in NYC in 2012. As many of you know, the Red Bull Music Academy in settling in NY, NY this fall and will descend onto the media metropolis with the near folkloric fanfare that has been well documented. So, as we round the last corner, take the last turn before the April 2nd deadline, after the countless Red Bull Music Academy sessions across the world, we count down the last 7 days with 7 reasons why you should apply to the Red Bull Music Academy. LET’S GO.

The Music

“It’s the music stupid!”. Paraphrasing Bill Clinton, The Red Bull Music Academy is all about the music. Just think of the days you had a stroke of genius, but found yourself heading to work w/ 1/2 a bagel in your mouth, running for the subway. #Fail. Or the day you figured out this prodigious chord progression, then realized the voice in your head was a customer complaint at your desk job... Le sigh. At the Red Bull Music Academy, you’ll have time to work on nothing BUT music. You have a sudden stroke of ingenuity? You’ll likely be near or IN the studio and will be able to hit your instrument of choice. Stuck on a musical passage?? Maybe one of the numerous engineers in charge of helping you along will help you bridge the gap - be it Mark Pritchard, Marco Passarani, Todd Osbourne, Robin Hannibal, or maybe even past grad Hudson Mohawke.
Let alone the human capital, you’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the best, latest and most sought after pieces of gear, and record in of the many studios which will be made available to you nearly 24/7 - unless someone else is in it. All of it will culminate in the Various Assets double disc which will come out some months after, in a pseudo musical dissertation.
Bottom line, music will be the myopic focus of the 2 weeks at The Red Bull Music Academy.

The Lectures

This is obviously my own op ed, but I personally think the music and lectures at the Red Bull Music Academy could actually be a 1 and 1 prime. That’s how important I consider the lectures to be. We’re all music fans, and if you’re not moved by being in a small room with 29 others, listening to Arthur Baker talk about how Planet Rock came about, or Bob Moog’s stirring statement about the role of music in a community, Jazzie B’s chat about how an intern at Def Jam called Bobby Konders may have been the key to breaking the band in Amaerica, or being in a room with the REAL MF DOOM, shiny mask with corrected lenses and all... The lectures are such a signature of the Red Bull Music Academy, I could sit all day and watch them like Jeffersons reruns.
But in all seriousness, the Red Bull Music Academy picks and chooses the lecturers so that you may hear about their come up in music, their travels, and maybe learn from their life experiences.
The twice daily lectures and lecturers will be there to inspire you every step of the way, whether with their description of life accounts or of past tuneful deeds. You’re quite often privy to particulars that no Pitchfork, Fader or Fact mag interview could ever deliver, with the opportunity to interact in a public or even private conversation afterwards, to get even more details... #priceless. Let’s not forget the world class moderators: Egon, Chairman Mao, Emma and Benji B...


You’re going to be surrounded by all sorts of ppl at the Red Bull Music Academy. You’ve sat through some lectures, you’re going to some events, meeting some press, and festival curators, and of course the multitude of middle men, all of which seemingly make this eco sound system work. But they all play important roles: getting you the exposure you’ve sought out, because you’re work IS the truth.
Ask Flying Lotus who met Kode9 innocently in 2006 at the Melbourne edition and they’ve remained close ever since, and even arranged a release on the Hyperdub 5 year anniversary compilation.
Ultimately, you’ll have the opportunity to spend 2 weeks with some esteemed music ppl from across the globe and they’ll be able to help you in some way shape or form in your endeavors in this landscape - whether touring, recording, press and everything in between.


The shows that will be taking place at the academy will be the highlights of the retreat: From having a Global Communications reunions, to having RZA performing in a movie theater, or rawking in a secret location and a live broadcast w/ Boiler Room.
Of course, whilst at the academy, you’ll have an opportunity to perform in front of crowds from 100 ppl to 3000. Many will gather to come to shows you’ll be billed on, opening for some of the very ppl you’ve looked up to in your careers. Ask someone like Exeter (Red Bull Music Academy Madrid 2011) who went from working at a brewery one week, to opening for Aphex Twins the week after. Ya. Aphex Twins. It may actually have been his 1st show ever in fact...


You’re going to forge some great working relationships from your time working, but you’ll also create some lasting friendships from your 2 weeks at the Red Bull Music Academy. Yes, you’ll record with the ppl around you, creating magnificent music, but you’ll also have magical memories all shared with the participants you spent 2 intimate weeks with. When the Red Bull Music Academy is all done, all 30 of you will go your separate ways, but it won’t end there. You’ll now have 29 couches to surf on around the world - how dope is that?? lol.

Post Grad Life

You’ve had 2 awesome weeks at the academy, played your heart out, produced, picked up some amazing tips for mixing and mastering, sat through some inspiring lectures and made some fantastic friendships. But what now??
Well, maybe you’ll have more opportunities for shows as someone saw you perform. Maybe you’ve been targeted by a label about releasing some music after they heard your Various Assets tracks. Maybe the Red Bull Music Academy liked your performance so much, they’ll fit you in on one of their several stages they curate around the world - and they’re numerous. You can join the local teams like Lunice, Ango and Exeter all did, performing and talking about the Red Bull Music Academy across Canada. Maybe a participant you worked with at the Red Bull Music Academy got signed and was so enamored with your work, is calling you to commission an official remix or collaboration. Imagine that. Ask Hudson Mohawke, Anenon (JG, where's my ticket?), Fatima, Jamie Woon... the list goes on.
There will be some great opportunities to further your career with a future so bright, you might have to wear shades. ;)

The Food

For the fortunate who’ve been able to sit through 2 weeks or Red Bull Music Academy life, the food will be prepared by chefs and will be some of the finest foods the host city will have to offer - every day. From day break to late nights, there will be not a worry about being fed at the Academy. In fact, so of us used to joke about it being the Red Bull Culinary Academy as there was so much of it, and it was soooo good. ;)

If that’s not enough... UGH. But if it sounds good, you know the drill.

APPLY. You have until April 2 2012. Good luck.



Saturday, March 24, 2012

Koen: 993

The last leak from the forthcoming Soulection Release from Dutch Koen. 993 is a 808 kick heavy ditty, to which some smooth chords and vocal shops were added. Something certainly more laid back from Koen, conjuring images of shiny Impalas, hot days, cold Heniekens, clear sunny skies and thick clouds of smoke.
His LP Outputs will be out digitally March 27th 2012. Show love.


GonjaSufi: Houndog

Simply put...

Just. Like. That.


* update *

Looks like the download link vanished. Ahhh... you may have to get your own hound dogs to help you find it. Good luck.


Om Unit: The World Is Simply a Mirror [DL]

Revelation: I'm a Om Unit fan.
Ok, so now that that's out of the way, let's talk about this mix that he just curated for friend and homie's Laurent's Rhythm Incursion site. What we're treated to is a batch of yet to be released bizness that's somewhere between earth and Saturn. The interstellar production from his stellar label is one that will be sure to make it's mark in the next 6-12 months, with his own work, Kromestar's as well as some of the others that are soon to drop, look for Cosmic Bridge to become a much more commonly known label.

Om Unit: The World Is Simply a Mirror


Track list

1. Jay 5ive and Kromestar – Backwoods (forthcoming Bass N’ Love)
2. Moresounds – Analog Steak (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
3. Beat Inc. – Just Remember (Om Unit rmx) (Original Cultures)
4. Dbridge – Cornered (Metalheadz)
5. Fracture – Bad Habit (Om Unit remix) (forthcoming Astrophonica)
6. Gemmy and Baobinga – Rockfall (Build)
7. Om Unit – Ulysees (forthcoming Civil Music)
8. EAN – Pictarus (Project Mooncircle)
9. Holy Other – Know Where (TriAngle)
10. Chesslo Junior – INlove (dubplate)
11. Traxman – Footworkin’ On Air (forthcoming Planet Mu)
12. Dream Continuum – B Free (Planet Mu)
13. Eprom – Honey Badger (forthcoming Rwina)
14. Ital Tek – East District (Atom River)
15. Interface & Minus – Hardwork (forthcoming Gutterfunk)
16. Pixelord – Ninja Clown (Deft Remix) (Hyperboloid)
17. 813 – Erotica (Om Unit remix) (forthcoming 92 Points)



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sonnymoon: Just Before Dawn [VIDEO]

An evocative eight some minute video from duo Sonnymoon for their most recent single Just Before Dawn. We cycle through nostalgic clips and eventually close out with a colourful climax, coinciding with the airy aria's end.



Dibiase: Swingology 101 [DL]

I still recall 2008, P.U.D.G.E. asked me if I knew Dibia$e and I hadn't yet met him. Boy. A few yrs later and I can easily and clearly assert that Dibi is certainly one of the most important in the game. So when Dibia$e lets loose some tracks, ppl listen. Pun intended.
So in a act of kindness, Dibia$e releases Swingology 101, an LP he dropped in Dec 2011.





Jonwayne: This Is False [DL]

Not often do you find cats that have a very credible reputation as both an MC and producer. Jonwayne certainly made his early mark as a gifted MC but suddenly left that fanfare for the comfort of the 404, performing his bangers from the breakout Bowser among the many.
So Jonwayne leaks a 20 cut rap record, flexing his savoir faire for scripts, proficiency for penmanship. Something that a few of us had been able to relish in a previous incarnation. This Is False LP is a 20 cut affirmation of his comfort and wit on the mic. A fun one at that. Added was the production credits ranging from a variety of producers we know well: Samiyam, Flying Lotus, Dibiase, Mndsgn, Lapti, Kutmah, Mono/Poly and many more. Download This Is False LP asap, it's a great one.

JWSB Bootleg #1 (youtube Samiyam rip)

Hungry (prod by Mono/Poly)



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Elephant & Castle: En Memoria feat tUnE-YarDs [VIDEO]

Transitions in an LP that that been listening to quite regularly from Elephant & Castle's on Plug Research. The young producer's music has been a personal pick of mine for the last little, as it's had that mix of atmospheric, cadence variations, tempo, transitions (pardon the pun).
His Transitions LP drops next week March 27 2012 on Plug Research. More deets coming.



Plug Research Presents: SP-2012 [DL]

The good ppl at Plug Research are setting it all up. With a fantastic roster that's been slowly and carefully growing quietly in the last several months, the arrival of spring signals the label's bloom, with a bouquet of beats billowing from the SoCal label. For the last several months, i've been listening to a macédoine of advance music from Plug Reserach wondering when some of it would see light of these sunny days. Consider this free compilation the start. Sonnymoon, Tensei, Lee Bannon, Elephant & Castle, Anthony Valadez and many more...
You can stream this SP-2012 compilation here and also download it for your listening pleasure.




Young Montana: Cassetteplay // Reprise

Been a hot min since I heard much from Alpha Pup's Young Montana?. But a few days back I had to keep my Safari window open on this gritty lo-fi banger from the UK producer which caught my ear. Cassetteplay // Reprise is a freebie he leaked that got 4k plays in 3 days and a pile of comments. Yup.




#SayWrd w/ Teebs, Sonnymoon, Time Wharp 04-02-2012

Scheduling can suck and be a blessing at the same time. A blessing indeed. It's with elation that I announce the return of #SayWrd, the conversation series with touring artist that I launched a few months back w/ Samiyam. This time around, in town for their show the next day will be Teebs, Sonnymoon and Time Wharp. As I mentioned before, #SayWrd is a conversation series featuring some of the music environment’s most revered talent. With guests ranging from the emerging to the accomplished, look for discussions to swing from playful to professional, but ultimately set to engage all in attendance, delivering more insight into their lives and careers.

Featuring Teebs (Brainfeeder, LA), Sonnymoon (Plug Research, LA), Time Wharp
Monday April 02_2012 @ The Mascot 1267 Queen St West. 8p-10p FREE
FaceBook RSVP

See you soon.


Reason Maker To Deliver a $1 iPhone App

A few of you might know that I have this personal appreciation and semi secret crush on iOS. A few of us have marvelled at the sheer volume of the music writing apps that are available. Brilliant. The ops to create and author are near boundless now.
So Swedish Propellerhead, makers of revered Reason software have delivered to Apple their entry into this fairly competitive landscape. We are now waiting for the approval for Figure, Propellerhead's answer to making beats on the bus. See below.

This should be live in the app store any day now, so all you iPhone users, stay tuned as this might be another 99¢ very well spent.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DVA: Eye Know Feat Natalie Maddix

I've not sat down to talk about this DVA LP, and how much I love it, but Pretty Ugly came out this week and it's an LP I highly recommend. Vocals over daring riddims, much of what is missing and def not heard enough. Anyhow, Eye Know Feat Natalie Maddix was the latest video to emerge from this great record.
The LP is available today on HyperDub, and what better timing for the 1st week for spring. Say wrd.



Kutmah: 5 Days Off Festival [STREAM]

In a set of dates done around EU, Kutmah had teamed up w/ long time pal Gaslamp Killer for a night at the 5 Days Off festival.
The set was recorded. Enjoy.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Kutmah: Kutmah Presents WorldWide Family v2

With a selection alone is worth it's weight of gold, Kutmah, in his short time in the UK has proven himself to be a top tier tastemaker in LDN, taking his reputation as a visionary curator from LA all the way to the shores of the UK. His relationship with many of the artists on this comp predates what is currently known as this beat scene or bass music. So it seemed so natural to have exclusive material from the likes of Darkhorsemen on there, but also have Flying Lotus released that sound like rare material from his early years. Kutmah was even able to include a selection from the folkloric Hudson Heeters v1 from 06 courtesy of Hudson Mohawke. Wow. But he certainly had made many friends in the UK, a place he now calls home, and that is evident in this tracklist. The selection flows like to be expected from Kutmah - unexpected. From rap to intrumentals of all varying cadence and flow. Some faves: Tadd Mullinix, fLako... In any case Kutmah Presents WorldWide Family v2 hits stores March 26th 2012 on Brownswood.

Hudson Mohawke

Flying Lotus

The Darkhorsemen

Track list

01. Mo Kolours - Ridda Mountain
02. Groundislava - Creeper Shit
03. ESMK - Blunt Hopes
04. Seven Davis Jr. - Thanks
05. Slugabed - Sex
06. Sam Irl & Ritornell - Three
07. Dibia$e - Remind Me Somethin'
08. Hudson Mohawke - Are You Feelin Hot?
09. Tehbis - Higher
10. Lapti - Leaving Home
11. Shash'U - LA
12. The Darkhorsemen - Taking Over Empires
13. Samiyam - Medallion
14. Mono/Poly - With Grace
15. Bruce Haack - Ancient Mariner (Jonwayne Remix)
16. Tadd Mullinix - Exchanging Modes
17. Flying Lotus - Samsfav
18. Dakim - Typeofblue
19. Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles - Tobyjug
20. Gaby Hernandez - Twin Flame
21. fLako - Lonely Town feat. Dirg Gerner


Koen: 986

This is what I love to see and hear. Progress. In a convo that I had w/ Kenny Dope early this year, we talked about the fact that as much as he was well known and regarded for house, he still had history and love for hip hop - something that not too many cats ever talked about. Only OGs. In fact, rare are the ones who have actually been praised for both (Spinna comes to mind).
So when I heard this little up tempo banger from Koen, I just pushed out a sigh of both relief and rapture. Coming from a marked past of predominantly hip hop production, the Dutch Koen has leaked a quasi house/808 2 steppy riddim 986 that I'm playing for the nth time as we speak. I'm really looking fwd to this Outputs release. Like I mentioned in past, I got hip to Koen somewhere in 08 and have been a fan since. This only anchors my interest in his work as you should book mark this as well.
Outputs will be out March 27th courtesy of Soulection.


Friday, March 16, 2012

FL Studio: Performance Mode

What's this?? FL Studio aka Fruity Loops is testing the addition of a performance mode which will parallel the one that has been the darling of Ableton users for some years now, which in fact got me interested in the s/w suite. FL Studio have long endured some belittling though it's always been suite that many have used, though seemingly have always left eventually. This new dev is very interesting, though some questions still need answering. But there's some promise. Thanks to CDM.

Stay tuned.


Suff Daddy: Twisted ft Vertual Vertigo

Suff Daddy has a full length in the works for Melting Pot, and has just leaked the lead single featuring Vertual Vertigo (Ezekiel 38 & Cerebral Vortex) on the mic. Something of a rarity from Suff Daddy as the majority of his records have been of the instrumental ilk, but this is welcomed nonetheless.
A straight 4/4 old drum break with a guitar loop never sounded or looked better in an elevator. You can grab this lead single from the forthcoming Suff Sells LP, courtesy of Suff Daddy and Melting Pot.
The video is here as well for added visuals, and is there anything more gangster that Cerebral Vortex's beard?? ;)

This lead single will be available as a 7" April 6th 2012, with the LP coming in May. Order info can be scooped here.



Souleance: La Gourmandise 7"

Ahead of their full LP La Belle Vie, Souleance (Fulgeance + DJ Soulist) will be releasing a very limited 7" single called La Gourmandise, for those hungry for an appetizer. The French duo has been releasing under this moniker for just over a year, and will finally have full length release under First World Records April 9th to serve the underfed fans.

Fore more info on this 7" and the LP coming from Souleance, makes sure to hit First World Records for more info.

Say wrd.


Addison Groove: Dance of the Women feat. Mark Pritchard

Coming from the 50 Weapons label is the Addison Groove LP Transistor Rhythm, with a lead off which was just leaked yesterday. The man who will forever be tagged to the incredible Footcrab riddim, will once more deliver frenetic tempos in a footwork cadence - supplied staunchly by the 808, and it's torrid transistors (does the artwork not look familiar?). Most interesting about this leaked single was that, not only does it feature one my faves on a collaborative effort - Mark Pritchard, but it was also done at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid in 2011. Nice.

Transistor Rhythm will be out March 30th on 50 Weapons. You can get more info here.



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Georgia Anne Muldrow: March 25, Wrongbar Toronto

A few weeks ago, I got to sit down and listen to most of the new Georgia Anne Muldrow LP in a Toronto office. [THANK THE LOARD]. A full Madlib produced record w/ vocals [THERE IS A GAWD]. I always found myself listening to The Healer or the Special joint w/ MED. But to hear that the SEEDS LP will be entirely done by Madlib?? Nothing could be better, breathing some life in music and female vocals. YES.

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Husfriend (Produced By Madlib)

So, in a hectic week @ CMW, Georgia Anne Muldrow will be headlining a night @ The Wrongbar along w/ Dudley Perkins and DJ Romes (yes).

Georgia Anne Muldrow LIVE
w/ Dudley Perkins, DJ Romes
Special Guests: Sean Sax, mymanhenri
Sunday March 25 2012, Wrongbar 1279 Queen St West
$15 adv tickets available at Play De Record, Rotate This, Soundscapes,,

Should be a great night, tell a friend, bring another. ;)


NCKBRK 005. March 24th 2012

The Toronto triumvirate that is NCKBRK have reached out for their monthly taking place @ Jang Bang on College @ Bathurst. Quite the busy week ahead of CMW, but of course I'll come through and hang out. Hope you will as well.

For those that are familiar with the sound of NCKBRK, you know the drill. For those now getting familiar, A535 - pack it. ;)

Taktiks, Kaewonder, Sylermayne
w/ special guest mymanhenri
Saturday March 24th 2012 - JANG BANG 430 College St
Facebook RSVP.

See you next week. ;)


Devonwho: Strangebrew EP

Just few weeks before we celebrate the return of Devonwho with his 4 track EP, we're offered a preview of music via the good guys (guy?) @ All City Records.

1. Strangebrew

2. Sleet

3. Cactus [download via XLR8R]

4. Strangebrew (B Bravo rmx)

The Strangebrew EP will drop in early April, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. Did you peep the video yet??


Bleep Presents Filtered

Remember than Bleep unsigned competition from late last year? I suppose that it's all come together after the thousands of submissions. Looks like the final few cats have been picked and Bleep put out a teaser to start the campaign. You can - I believe - download the teaser track here, but you can certainly stream the promo mix for the compilation below. The Filtered comp will be out April 23rd. Head over to the Filtered page for info.

Filtered Promo Mix by

Winners of the coveted spots are as follows.

Corticyte (Devon, UK)
Decibels (Northampton, UK)
Gidi (Amsterdam, Watergraafsmeer, NL)
Goeserr (Koziegłowy, Poznań - Poland)
Hugo Frederick (Melbourne, Australia)
Fist of the First Man (Cardiff, Wales, UK)
imagineIAM (Lafayette, LA - USA)
Matt Cawte (Aberystwyth, Wales, UK)
Oddlogic (Brooklyn, New York - USA)
S_P_A_C_E_S (London, UK)
Super Magic Hats (Melbourne, Australia)
Syndicate (Bournemouth, UK)


Hyperdub Special: RInse FM March 2012

Like they do once a month, the Hyperdub special took place just a few days past - JUST I was about to crack open Kode 9's book. That was kinda weird. In any case, let's all enjoy the 2 hr show just as they prepare for the release of the FANTASTIC DVA LP.

Hyperdub Special on Rinse FM feat DVA & Kode9

[download right click]


Cosmopolyphonic Radio #29

One of the best curated radio shows/podcasts is back with a 29th volume, Cosmopolyphonic Radio. It must that the intro is killer by RLP. As well, it has been 1 yr since the most unbelievable of cataclysms took place, so my thoughts remain for all those affected. Indeed. So lawk in to this fantastic show. Stream and or download. Don't forget, you can also subscribe to the podcast so mornings can be that much sweeter. ;)


Track list

01. Carlos Niño & Friends - Sailing In Concentric Circles featuring Turn On The Sunlight - disques corde
02. Magical Mistakes - Don't Need Much - INNIT
03. Time Wharp - yrLyf - Astro Nautico
04. Sango - Never-Ending - Soulection
05. Benito - Shakes (Devonwho Remix) - Brap Dem! Recordings
06. Jonwayne - Crumbled Luna - disques corde
07. Nosaj Thing - Quest (Low Limit Remix) - disques corde
08. Prof.Logik - Tru Luv - Cascade Records
09. Re:iLL - Dilla for me - white
10. Julien Dyne - KOLN 3 - Wonderful Noise / BBE
11. Julien Dyne - Who Are You - sauce81 remix - Wonderful Noise
12. Jameszoo - Kiwanushi and the cheesechildren - Fremdtunes
13. Emufucka - Paradigm City - Fremdtunes
14. Pepin - ,,,_pepin - white
15. Yosi Horikawa & Dorian Concept - Red Sound - RBMA
16. A Taut Line - Sands - DISKOTOPIA
17. Mau'lin - Function Open (Greeen Linez Remix) - DISKOTOPIA
18. mfp - shining innocence - white
19. And Vice Versa - tender - Day Tripper Records
20. Mike Gao - Herstrionics - PROJECT: Mooncircle / Finest Ego
21. Beat Inc. - Black Tea Morning (Daisuke Tanabe Remix) - Original Cultures
22. MADEGG - Glance - Day Tripper Records
23. Free Babyronia - Bca - AUN Mute


Tokimonsta ft Rucyl: Fame Boozers Lullaby

I got a little too excited. Saw this yesterday, bookmarked it, came back only to see a grey'ed out arrow. NOOOOOOOOO.
After sending a distress signal to Rucyl directly, she was like... CALM DOWN - THERE"S A LINK IN THE PAGE. I looked again and just blushed. Then sent her a eTwitter hug and kiss. I gotta drink less soy milk. Making me way too emo. LOL.
So as the headline describes, we have a smooth, beat driven berceuse from Brainfeeder's 1st lady Tokimonsta, with cheribic chants courtesy of SNS's Rucyl. Say wrd.
This was thrown up as a freebie yesterday, so go nuts.



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Movement: Phase 2 Announcement

With Movement coming very fast, they have rolled out new additions to the festival. Included are Pursuit Grooves, SBTRKT, Two Fresh (Elm & Oak), Bok Bok and the frenetic AraabMUZIK. Here are the rest of the additions. You can hit the Movement site for more info.



As we await this new music from the man fka as Take, Sweatson Klank goes back to the place were we met years past, and the ground zero of SoCal sounds, Dublab, the home of Future Roots Radio. Enjoy this mix, 50 Pounds Of Clay Mix - a free download, all 73 mins.


KenLo Craqnuques: Forêt_Boréale_Mixte

Coming from the Alaclair Ensemble is the grossly unheralded KenLo Craqnuques. A chap 1st came across Beat Dimensions 2, he's been keeping busy diligently releasing his comps, producing for his crew and even some side projects like Sarah Linhares' LP.
So it's with inviting arms, and a timid cervical spine that we celebrate the return of KenLo Craqnuques and a new record.
Forêt_Boréale_Mixte picks up where it all left off: explosive boom bap. That's it. Just a warming, play responsibly. Neck exercises might be recommended.




Kan Sano: Bha EP

From the hands on the prolific Kan Sano comes a new EP. After Fantastic Farewell, numerous appearances on comps, and his fresh Cicindela Japonica EP (free download) comes a new release from the dextrous instrumentalist Kan Sano. The Bha EP will be released by Spirit Notes, April 04 2012. And if this lead single is of any indication, this could not be dropping at a better time. Think luxuriant landscapes, cockeyed cadence, synthsational sounds, all set to a relaxed rhythm. Almost no better way of bringing in the spring season.
Bah drops April 04 2012.


01. Vayu (4:29)
02. Jala (1:55)
03. Bhati (3:53)
04. Ayus (3:23)
05. Sweet Baby (Feat. The Funkallero) (3:42)



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mutek: 2012 Pre Announcement

Just over a week after attending the launch of their new website, Mutek clearly the best curated festival in Canada, and one w/ a fantastic worldwide rep has now made the pre announcement of acts for this year's landmark festival.
Some of the notables? Kode9, Nautiluss, the Nouveau Palais trio and Paul White. You can see the rest of the early acts here. This is just the beginning. I'm hearing rumblings of other headliners. Believe me, this one you'll want to make with out a doubt.

Stay tuned.


Teebs, Sonnymoon, Time Wharp @ Drake April 03 2012

Pre Announced weeks ago, the Teebs, Sonnymoon and Time Wharp tour is just about 3 weeks away from their show at the Drake. For headliner Teebs, this will be a return of one of Brainfeeder's most talented. For Sonnymoon and Time Wharp, this will be premiere as this will be a 1st time at the Drake let alone Canada. Plug Research's Sonnymoon has been on the radar and their arrival at The Drake could not be timed any better. My man Paul put me on to Time Wharp officially, and I'll be reserving some space here to delve deeper into his work. Either way, make some time for this show Toronto, April 3rd 2012 @ The Drake Underground. Being that his will be a Tuesday, this show will have doors @ 8 and show @ 9p sharp.

92BPM Presents:
Teebs (Brainfeeder), Sonnymoon (Plug Research), Time Wharp
w/ mymanhenri (92bpm)
Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
April 03 2012
Doors @ 8p. Show @ 9p
FaceBook RSVP Page

And to set the tour off, here's the mix that was posted a few weeks back, featuring the afore mentioned and mixed by Time Wharp himself.

Tracklist is as follows

Sonnymoon - Near Me
Teebs - Pretty Poly
Time Wharp - mdat (feat. Divine Interface)
Stereolab - Diagonals
Kuhn - Slime Beach (The Range Remix)
Avila Santo - Punic Wars
Sir Froderick - kungfu
Arthur Russell - I Like You!
Teebs - Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)
Four Tet, Burial, & Thom Yorke - Ego
Time Wharp - BLK (Obey City Remix)

Enjoy, and mark your calendars.


CosmoPolyphonic Radio x Mike Gao

Mike Gao is San Diego's best kept secret, and likely the whole state on a whole. And I do say that w/ the utmost sincerity. We're talking about a cat with some of the most diverse skill sets in this production environment. I believe his best work has yet to come, and i'm not even begun to talk about the music. In any case, whilst on the road last week, saw this podcast come up form the CPR crew. I had been a hot min, but these are welcomed always. So this edition of the guest mix from CPR is from our man Mike Gao and he blessed us w/ almost 40 tracks. 40. Dayum. So with that said, take it all in.

01.Mike Gao - Tokimonsta texture
02.Mike Gao - Udon Quixote (unreleased)
03.Gabe Noel x Mike Gao - Lazarus (unreleased Vosotros)
04.Morpheground - Melt Away
05.eLan - I Can't Breathe (50 Weapons Monkeytown)
06.Falcons - Nigeria (original + Bobbytank Remix)
07.Little Dragon - Ritual Union (Sango Remix)
08.Soosh - Missed You Tonight (Bambooman Remix)
09.Hourglass Sea - Memory Eternal
10.Ghost Mutt - Figure You Out
11.Bobby Tank - unreleased
12.Nasty Nasty - Prognosis
13.Royalty - Twilight Fades
14.Jimi James - Bitchin' (Kareem Riggins production)
15.Aaron Evo - trAAFIK One Jazz
16.Whatnauts x Ciera
17.Mike Gao - random ass unreleased beat なまえきめてない
18.D'Bora - No Sense
19.Mike Gao - Bewanderment (Faces EP w/ Daisuke Tanabe)
20.813 - Ultramagnetic Pipirkus
21.Mike Gao - Freaktrap
22.Mike Gao - untitled unreleased なまえきめてない
23.Mike Gao - Youth and Cupid BOVGVEREAV (Sun Shadows)
24.Mike Gao - untitled unreleased なまえきめてない
25.Mike Gao - Don't Fake the Funk ft. Zackey Force Funk/Eddy Funkster (Sun Shadows)
26.Mandroid - Sneeky ((from Eddy Funkster's crates)
27.Mike Gao - Futuristic Wife (Faces EP w/ Daisuke Tanabe)
28.Airforce - Body Data (from Eddy Funkster's crates)
29.Mike Gao & Eddy Funkster Respect the Game (unreleased)
30.eLan - Blackout
31.eLan & Marzio - Cosmic Love
32.Mike Gao - Someone New (Asian)
33.Kendrick Lamar - Riga mortis
34.Darkhouse Family - Snaggletooth (In & Out EP)
35.Ta-ku - Nikki (24)
36.eLan x Mike Gao - Withdrawn
37.Mike Gao & Infinite Potentials - What a Job This Is Remix (Unreleased)

Enjoy the stream or grab the download as well.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ta-Ku: Scraps v2

In productivity that is now rivalling Madlib's, the Monster from down under, Ta-Ku has put out another tape, Scraps v2. And in actuality, it's there as appetizer as he prepares to release his much buzzed about 50 days of Dilla project. Regardless, for the fans of his finely tuned sound and style, we have a new one to hold us down until said afore record drops, and is available now on his bandcamp.



Kone: Mix for Inverted Audio

The brilliant homie Kone who I erred in not profiling last year after he dropped a great record for Alpha Pup, has put together a mix and ran an interview w/ Inverted Audio.

You can download the whole mix, and peep the interview here.


Baatin: Helleven (prod. By Waajeed)

Waajeed posted a clip of a track he produced for the late Baatin of Slum Village, entitled Helleven. It was featured on a Ghostly mix that habitual readers of this blog know and have heard, but was reposted on Bling47. As well, he speaks on his relationship w/ Baatin among other things. Check it out.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lunice, Ango, BADBADNOTGOOD, Zodiac March 23rd for CMW

CMW has many nights in store, and this one will be big.

Coming back to Canada to headline this show is a Red Bull Music Academy grad, Lucky Me Lieutenant, Mad Decent Marshall who calls Montréal home, LUNICE. We'll be treated to his high energy, low tempo, trappy with that southern 1/32nd hi hat swag, one that has been been received w/ thunderous applause worldwide.
In support will be fellow RBMA 2010 London grad Ango, shooting stars Badbadnotgood as well as Zodiac.
Also in support are mymanhenri, Humans and Voltaire Twins.

LUNICE (Montréal)
w/ Ango, Badbadnotgood, Zodiac, mymanhenri, Humans, Voltaire Twins
Friday March 23rd_2012
Wrongbar 1279 Queen ST West
Doors at 8p
$10 or free w/ CMW wristband

LUNICE - The Good Kids.


At $10 for a ticket, this is a certified steal, and again this is going late with the bar keeping doors open until 4am. Plan accordingly and see you then.


Elaquent: Grey Poupon feat. Octavio Santos

A leak from Elaquent's forthcoming LP The Scenic Route has emerged, and this melodious masterpiece features the polished brass sounds of one Octavio Santos on horns.
This track typifies the transformation, the maturity and growth in Elaquent's sound as he begins to explore new sounds, song arrangements and structure.

The Scenic Route hits stores March 28th on wax and digital.

Stay tuned for more deets.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Dabrye March 22 2012 @ Drake for CMW


Anyone recall that campaign on line?? A simple joke turned viral into the full campaign. No one knew where Dabrye was. In any case, he surfaced in LA for a Low End Theory, another spot date and then vanished again. Well, guess who's back?? Ghostly's self professed fan of hard rap/MCs will be in Toronto for CMW, invading the Drake Underground w/ night, going late and full of slow 808s. 92BPM is proud to be present:

DABRYE (Ann Arbor, Ghostly)
with guests: Kevin McPhee, Pho & mymanhenri
Thursday March 22_2012
Doors at 11pm. GOING LATE. Serving Until 4am.
Drake Hotel 1150 Queen St West
Facebook Event ESVP

Not only does this mark the return of Dabrye, but we also have as solid lineup w/ the likes of rising star Kevin McPhee (RAMP, HOTFLUSH), and the bass heavy edits of the one PHO of renown duo BONJAY. We're certainly looking fwd to this exclusive night bound to filled w/ bit crushing, raspy raps, heavy bottom end and crispy hand claps. Say wrd.

Here's a mix from Groovement radio w/ Dabrye and Illumshpere going back to back.

See you March 22 2012.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Koen: Outputs 3 for Soulection

Coming from the hands of Koen and So Cal's Soulection, we have a release to look fwd to.
Koen, as I mentioned, is a cat that I've had on my radar for quite some time. In fact, I've gone to listen to an old radio show from 2009 @ CKLN 88.1 FM where I was a guest host, and played some classic Koen. Man... RIP CKLN (man, this mix is a hard listen. earphones crapped out).
In any case, it's always a pleasure to peep some newness from him. Shouts to Soulection in their grind, as they'll be releasing this record March 27th 2012, so later this month. Say wrd. In the interim, here's a teaser for all....

Tracklist as follows

01 - 978
02 - 986
03 - 993
04 - 992
05 - 999
06 - 998
07 - 984

with 2 apparent bonus cuts. I know I'm looking fwd to it, and you should lock in as well. 289 was a classic and still is. ;)


Krystal Klear: XLR8R Podcast [DL]

Red Bull Music Academy's Madrid 2011 grad, and Prince Of Boogie Krystal Klear is in the building. I still recall the intrigue and the curiosity I had when 2-3 yrs back, Hudmo was on Benji's show and was asked who he was listening to currently, and passed the name of the afore mentioned. So as with many others back then, I locked in. Nice.
Either way, he's been on the ascent non stop ever since. Releases, travels, and of course, the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy admission in 2011.
It was only natural that XLR8R jump all over him for a podcast. No doubt. And what a podcast it is. Lock in for this fantastic podcast and make sure you head over to XLR8R to download the whole thing.

Krystal Klear for XLR8R


01 Henry Mancini "Lujon" (BMG)
02 Jocelyn Brown "Somebody Else's Guy" (Vinyl Dreams)
03 Double Exposure "Everyman" (Salsoul)
04 Richard Jon Smith "Love Is What I'm After (Macello Giordani Edit)" (Jive)
05 Gino Soccio "You Move Me" (Atlantic)
06 Delegation "Heartache No.9 (Extended Version)" (Mercury)
07 The Limit "Crimes of Passion (Extended Version)" (Portrait)
08 Cornelius Oliphant "I Love You" (Knockout Records)
09 The O'Jays "Put Our Heads Together" (Philadelphia International)
10 Raydio "Still In The Groove (Woody a.k.a. il Bosco Find)" (Arista)
11 Henderson & Whitfield "Dancin' to the Beat" (Park Place)
12 Le Knight Club "Holiday on Ice" (Crydamoure)
13 Justice "Helix" (Ed Banger)
14 Pitchben "Stand Up (Tiger & Woods Remix)" (Compost)
15 Todd Terje "Inspector Norse" (Olsen/Smalltown Supersound)
16 Metro Area "Caught Up" (Environ)
17 Guy Cuevas "Obsession (The Nassau Mix)" (Balearica)
18 Krystal Klear "The Message Part One"
19 Staygold "Justified"
20 Krystal Klear "No Sweat"
21 Krystal Klear "Soho Spritz"
22 Prince "Erotic City" (Warner Bros)
23 Secret Ingredients "Chicago Chicago" (Evolution)
24 Kenny Dope "I Wanna Know" (Henry Street)
25 Nightcrawlers "Push the Feeling On (The Dub Of Doom)" (Great Jones)
26 Krystal Klear "We're Wrong" (All City)
27 Secret Ingredients "Takin Over Me" (Evolution)
28 The Doobie Brothers "What a Fool Believes" (Warner Bros.)
29 Storm Queen "Look Right Through" (Defected)
30 Robin S. "Show Me Love (Kerri Chandler Remix)" (Rhythm)
31 Krystal Klear "From the Start" (All City)
32 Wale feat. Miguel "Lotus Flower Bomb" (Maybach)
33 Jimmy Edgar "Switch Switch" (Hotflush)
34 Lone "Crystal Castles 1991" (R&S)
35 Krystal Klear "Clove Dagger"



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Devonwho: Strangrebrew [VIDEO]

With his new EP due to drop in about 4 weeks, and just off this All City Japan tour, our man Devonwho drops some visuals in support of the afore mentioned Strangebrew.

Strangebrew, available April 2 on All City.


Mary Anne Hobbs: TEDx Talks [VIDEO]

How many of you have it?? I know Mary Anne Hobbs does. So much in fact, that she was invited to speak at TEDxManchester to speak on the very subject. This happened a few weeks back and the 15 min video has now surfaced.
For the few who have met me in person, you know that I love these events. Nothing better than to hear what drives the very ppl you love to listen to at their craft.



Elaquent: The Scenic Route

As I listen to this full Scenic Route LP, the artwork has now been revealed, as well as the track listing for this highly anticipated LP. I've seen Elaquent's star rise over the last few years and am more than happy to see this new project come to fruition.


1. Recurring Dream
2. Montreal Poutine
3. No Sense of Direction
4. Work of Art
5. Sweet Nothings
6. Grey Poupon (ft Octavio Santos)
7. Knuckle Sandwich
8. Love at Third Sight
9.Black Magic (ft Kae)
10. Teddy Bear
11. The Look (YouKnowWhatLoveIs)
12. Palm Tree Shit (ft Coincidence & Bahwee)
13. Carpe Diem
14. My Apologies

More to come.


Jon Wayne: Oodles & Doodles [VIDEO]

What is old is new again. 1stly, congrats to Jon Wayne for signing to Stones Throw. In a convo we had sometime in mid 2010, he mentioned he was about to get down w/ ST but asked to keep it low. So I did. Glad to see it all come together.
As such, Stones Throw is releasing 2 records as 1. Some will recall the original Doodles which he released on his own, selling it at shows. Other will recall his massive breakout Bowser from Alpha Pup which was championed by the likes of Gaslamp Killer, and had some great riddims. Well, the 2 are being released as a double album and it's available now.
More importantly, what's old is new again. When releasing Doodles, we spoke and I mentioned the old rap series entitled FROM THE VAULTS (2008-2009?) where he flexed his emcee skills, quite adeptly in fact and I wondered if that was ever going to resurface. He had lost the masters last he mentioned. They're likely floating around the net and I couldn't pull them up myself as my ext HD is in Toronto, as I write this from a west coast hotel. Either way, glad to see Jon Wayne officially back on the mic. In the interim, as you wait for that new new, scoop the OODLES OF DOODLES by Jon Wayne, Stones Throw newest signee.


Mndsgn: A Freebie Somewhere [DL]

Just as he put it.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Slugabed: Missin U [DL]

Coming form the visionary minds of the good ppl at King Deluxe, we're treated to another brilliant conceptual leak featuring the musical mastermind of Ninja Tune's Slugabed and the visual virtuosities of Theo Prins.
Think breakup. Think adieu. Think farewell. Now imagine it all in a futuristic setting in an outlying solar system, having one last embrace. A moment of mournful malaise, but jouissance as well. Such are the emotions on Missin U. Add a illustration to complete the project, as they've been on this on going project.



RareBit: Mt Weather [VIDEO]

Featured from his Daizo LP which dropped very recently from Non Projects, Rare Bit premieres Mt Weather visuals in support of his release. More short film than actual video, this desert landscapes, stop motion and post production after effects heavy visuals leisurely lead you through the 5+ mins, with an adagio soundtrack to match.

via Needle Drop.


Anenon: This Is What I Meant [DL]

I just finished talking about Anenon yesterday. At the start 2010, came across this Non Project label and was immediately caught in their gravitational pull of ambient and delicate soundscapes coming for the So Cal label. The Music program and Red Bull Music Academy 2011 grad Anenon, not only runs the label but finds himself as a recent focus of attention. With an EP dropping this this month, he's also announced the arrival of a full length Inner Hue. Finally.

Inner Hue was conceptualized shortly before in Madrid at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2011, and could not be more proud of the project (pun intended). A leak of the LP has emerged and can be heard and downloaded at Dummy Mag. You'll love it.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Boiler Room Los Angeles 001: J-Rocc [DL]

For those that caught the live feed of Boiler Room's 1st ever broadcast from LA, it was quite interesting. Teachable moment?? Get a spot w/ no neighbours. The event was interrupted a few times by LAPD's finest as the noise had been traveling a little too far for some ppl's liking. But seemed like the who's who of LA was out and about that night for sure. One of the esteemed curators that night was J-Rocc of the world famous Beat Junkies/Stones Throw and he was in full effect that night. Either, here's a rare (and I do mean rare) mix available for public consumption by the one and only, courtesy of Boiler Room. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast. Enjoy.

Boiler Room feat J-Rocc



Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary:1000 Names [DL]

More calculated teasing from the good ppl over at Project Mooncircle. After being treating to a leak earlier this week w/ Sweatson Klank, we see another one coming this time from the Bulgarian Barons, and beat science veterans 1000 Names. Plucked from a previously available record, this Perception of Color track will also serve as an additional teaser for this colossal 4LP, 42 track release from Project Mooncircle. Nothing better than music discovery. Say wrd. Enjoy and enjoy the weekend.



Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary: Sweatson Klank [DL]

As the Project Mooncircle campaign continues, a few more track are making their way out to tease the masses. This time, Sweatson Klank (fka as TAKE), has indeed made his track avail for public consumption. As usual, rising above the fray of middle road beat science, "beat makers" (a term I absolutely loathe btw), Sweatson Klank delivers something more for the thinking man's beat science connoisseur, riding that 128 bpm lane, maneuvering smoothly through the 4 some min track. As he personally prepares for what will be a big year for him (massive plans), he's offered a little teaser for things to come from him for the Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary boxset, set to hit shelves later this month. Enjoy this download, courtesy of XLR8R



ARP 101: Mystery Man [DL]

What might be the most apt titled track has emerged. ARP 101, known to some and very much unknown to many more was spotted streaking through the night sky last night. In a rare sighting, ARP 101 has emerged with not only a classic retro interstellar banger, but in celebration of the Eglo Records 3 yr Anniversary, it's been made available for free. The track that will make you want to pull out a doo rag, pop and lock w/ a Troop suit will assuage any immediate need to ask the more obvious question: WHERE'S THE ALBUM BRO?? We need that in our life right now. Say wrd. In any case, enjoy this one courtesy of Eglo and the Myserty Man himself, ARP 101.

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