Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Percussion Lab presents: Cambio LP [DWNLD]

The music portal that is Percussion Lab is a labor of love that has spanned more than 10 yrs. They have been providing an outlet of for electronic music since 2002 and has been a pillar of support for the NYC environment as well.
This endeavour had singularly been funded by their own pockets: the events, the live streams, the podcasts, all were self funded.
As means of celebration, Percussion Lab has curated a compilation featuring some of it's closest and dearest friends, long and early supporters of the project. Names like Shigeto, Machinedrum, Xi, Muxmool, Daedelus, Calmer, Lando Kal, Braille, Sepalcure and many more, have all lent a hand to this great undertaking.
Most importantly: every single penny of the sales of this Cambio LP will go to maintaining and funding Percussion Lab.

The compilation is available, all 15 tracks, for $5 (or more, bless your souls!). It's available over at the Percussion Lab bandcamp site.

You can download the Shigeto track here.

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