Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HBO: Opera

2012 - almost 2013.

So nice to hear that Frenchman HBO is still in the game. In early Jan 2009, HBO released a LP I loved, Bionik. A great record that I spun out, til I cuouldn't spin it no more.
There was the Maverick Sessions release that came out later that year. I was even able to dig out some never released materials. Tight.
But in 2012, HBO is still active, bangin em out - and had a new release from the good ppl over at Soulection. HBO is back w/ a 5 banger EP OPERA, with that goodness that some of us knew from way back.



1. Soulfoog 03:24
2. Return In Space 02:42
3. World 03:10
4. Retrospectiv 03:57
5. Boogie Woogie 03:03

This OPERA EP available @ the Soulection bandcamp now for a measly $4, but you can download Boogie Woogie for free up above.

Enjoy and allez les Bleus! ;)




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