Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Bday Ras G & ASP: AinaT EP [DWNLD]

credit: Theo J.

Celebrating is born day, Brainfeeder's Hight Priest of low bass is delivering a mini mix. With a pile of music due to come out very soon - as always - Ras G and the ASP sends his own gift across for all his fans and listeners alike: AinaT ep

The AinaT EP was created during a dark and introspective moment before a tour to LDN in oct 2012. But recording music is what got Ras G through this period, and opted to share the music.



1. Fixed-Air Detachmentz....
2. Gone.....
3. Gone(interlude)
4. Lentil Quesa-DILLA
5. duh....Mmhhmmm...Eye browz xx
6. Bloody episodes...
7. Lil feet...
8. farewell CosMc T....

Enjoy, and if you're on twitter, show Ras G some bday love.



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