Friday, December 28, 2012

12 days of Lucky Me: Day 4 [DWNLD]

Day 4.

The ongoing campaign during the holidays continues as the on the 4th day, Lucky Me lets loose a Baauer riddim. Baauer, The youngest in charge is by far the soup du jour, with his meteoric rise seemingly out of nowhere. No lie: Harlem Shake was a banger. So with additional music to come from he and Lucky Me, here's a classic Baauer riddim, with a hodge podge of sound efx set to a hand clap, all aligned to sound delightfully ravy (as Pritch would put it). 2013. Let's go.

Baauer - Bublé Rap




Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 days of Lucky Me: Day 3 [DWNLD]

In what may be part of Lucky Me's 2013 calendar projects, we find the next member of American Men to shoot out a solo project, after Claude Speed. Sevendeaths' All Night Graves is a very dark, despondent, near desolate piece, not unlike the EP he dropped a few years. Either way, enjoy.

Sevendeaths - All Night Graves



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12 days of Lucky Me: Day 2 [DWNLD]

Day 2 of the Lucky Me stocking stuffers got Machinedrum on the deck. A footie edit of the Roy Ayers classic Everybody Loves The Sunshine gets turned into something interesting. Of course, you can stream it here but def go scoop it over @ Lucky Me.

Machinedrum - Sunshine




Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Xmas from Jellyfish Recordings [DWNLD]

I guess this is a Santa. For 1 day only - and that would be Dec 25th 2012, every Jellyfish Recordings release is set as a name your own price/free download. For a 24hr period only - all 18 releases from their catalog are yours for grabs.
There after, every release will be sold @ 50% off - using the coupon code BLOORP. That will be on until Jan 1 2013. So you have plenty of time to take that in.

With that being said, head over to the Jellyfish Recs bandcamp, and enjoy. Show love.

Happy Holidays.


12 Days Of Lucky Me: Day 1 [DWNLD]

The monolithic Lucky Me family is ending the banner year with with campaign familiar to it's followers, and certainly will be fresh to the legion of fans who's recently come aboard. As they did last Xmas, they're dropping 12 gems of goodies along the next 12 days. 1st up, Obey City and Heli Pad.


Happy Holidays.


Mecca83 ft Buscrates + DJ Ivan 6 [DWNLD]

Here's another gift that popped up during the Holidays - read today. An email from Mecca83. Been a min since I last spoke of dude out here. He's certainly been busy with some releases this year with about 1/2 dozen that I could speak on, but yesterday came another in the proverbial mail.
A collab w/ Buscrates 16bit ensemble along side w/ DJ Ivan 6DJ Ivan 6.
This Nightshift single is a nice smooth piece that def leans more on that harmonious soul side of town, a nice instrumental to ride out. Added, it's holiday freebie for all of you to take in.


Enjoy and cheers.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Tomates: KenLo Craqnuques [DWNLD]

It's been more than a min since we were blessed with the necksnappers from Montréal's own KenLo Craqnuques. His brightly coloured volumes of beat CDs were 1st came to prominence a few years back, finding their way onto some profile compilations left alone the possession of many a fan.
After a 1yr since KenLo Craqnuques's last recording, we've been gifted for the holidays with a new one: Tomates. This crimson red edition volume keeps in step w/ the previous volumes, showcase his kicks, snare and synth game - whilst still relaying his roots, layering some phrases left and right occasionally in his best bas Canadien. ;) As always, you can stream it here and or follow the link for a download. ;)


Enjoy and happy holidays.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nishati: elusive

A new one from Elusive. Chops, samples, drums... Hold it down. ;)

You can grab it over @ his bandcamp.


Guilty Simpson: Parkour (Bonus Track) [DWNLD]

I must admit i love rap and hip hop, and don't follow it nearly as much as I once did. But man, I love me some Guilty Simpson though. And this Dice Game record he put put w Apollo Brown has bangers. And they just let loose this freebie. [via]

You can peep the rest of the record here.



Wednesday, December 19, 2012


In part gift, another part post card it seems, but the tireless Ta-Ku has decided to take a *break*

What we've been treated to by Ta-Ku is a two piece snack pack of bouncy club riddims that are sure to spice up club set. Lot's of triplet high hats to go around.

Shouts to Ta-Ku for this one and what was a great year.

See you next year indeed.


Sonnymoon: Watersboiled (MAST infinity remix) [DWNLD]

A remix from one of my fave bands out. Sonnymoon has one last show for 2012 in NYC this week, so for those out there, enjoy.
For the rest of us, we'll have to go back and listen to the magic on tape, and added is this remix produced by composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Mast. This rework of Watersboiled starts off tranquil, moving to chops up Anna's vocals, keeping the original mood, that descends into a dulcet double time bounce... So pretty. Added to that, it's been made available as a freebie.




Nocando: Up In The Air [VIDEO]

Must suck racking up airmiles. Nocando, MC and full time host over at Low End Theory, was inspired in doing this track, Up In The Air after looking back @ 250 flights taken over a 3 yr period. #Miles.
EIther way, this DJ Nobody & DNTEL beat collab was the back drop for s new single out now on iTunes. It's the lead from his new LP due out Feb 05 2013, Jimmy The Burnout.

Up In The Air is out now on iTunes


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HBO: Opera

2012 - almost 2013.

So nice to hear that Frenchman HBO is still in the game. In early Jan 2009, HBO released a LP I loved, Bionik. A great record that I spun out, til I cuouldn't spin it no more.
There was the Maverick Sessions release that came out later that year. I was even able to dig out some never released materials. Tight.
But in 2012, HBO is still active, bangin em out - and had a new release from the good ppl over at Soulection. HBO is back w/ a 5 banger EP OPERA, with that goodness that some of us knew from way back.



1. Soulfoog 03:24
2. Return In Space 02:42
3. World 03:10
4. Retrospectiv 03:57
5. Boogie Woogie 03:03

This OPERA EP available @ the Soulection bandcamp now for a measly $4, but you can download Boogie Woogie for free up above.

Enjoy and allez les Bleus! ;)



Night Swimmers Vol 1 [DWNLD]

Something that came down the pipe is Night Swimmers vol 1, a comp curated by a true fan of the art. A beat comp featuring some knowns, and discovering some new cats. Names like Astrological and long time rep Ta-Ku are featured, but as well as new sounds. Either way, a great comp worth a good spin.


1. AstroLogical - Thick Soul 03:06
2. Apfel - Herzensbrecher 02:16
3. Kczin - Swing 02:22
4. Meta Force - Ci Sarrano Sogni Per Noi 03:45
5. LoOmis - Sparc 02:56
6. !ngvar - Regentanz 03:05
7. Twit One - Scheinsinnig 01:26
8. Zimty - Kish 02:15
9. Brrd - Noose Paper 02:46
10. Astronut - India Edit 03:28
11. Old Dirty Socks. - Rain. 01:30
12. Constrobuz - Utmost 02:01
13. Kåm∆nd¡ - blooSAMURAI 04:01
14. Jimbo Matsumoto - MenChestHair 02:13
15. Ta-Ku - That Song 02:03
16. Wodoo Wolcan - Hau Rein 03:04
17. Profound79 - 96wubanger. 02:35
18. Prof.Logik - D!sfunk$huN 03:06
19. Funky Notes - Killers Criminals Crooks 02:56
20. Infinite Loops - Communication 03:52
21. Knowsum - humpin, bumpin & sumthin 02:17
22. SNK∆ - Faptstnght 01:43

Above all, this is a freebie from the good ppl at Night Swimmers. You can scoop the comp here at their bandcamp.

cheers and enjoy.


New Salva EP w/ North Am Tour Dates


The co founder of the bay area bass barons Frite Nite is back at it w/a new EP.
Salva, a 2011 Red Bull Music Academy alum has been on fire. A consummate professional, long time DJ/producer found himself some massive accolades after a collab w/ RL Grime of a hood anthem Mercy, and 1/2 million plays later, he's never been in a better place. He found himself breaking from the 'underground', getting played on major radio stations in LA and with that, the fruits of such labor ripened.
We now have a new EP Odd Furniture, coming from he and the Friends Of Friends clique and a tour supporting the event.


1. Get A Life
2. Drop That B
3. Hard Drive
4. Rest In 3-Piece
5. BBQ

Tour dates

01/09/13 - Los Angeles, CA - King King w/ Lunice, Brenmar
01/10/13 - Denver, CO - Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom w/ Brenmar
01/11/13 - San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge w/ Brenmar
01/12/13 - Portland, OR - The Crown Room w/ Brenmar
01/13/13 - Vancouver, BC - Shine Nightclub w/ Brenmar
01/15/13 - Victoria, BC - Lucky Bar w/ Brenmar
01/16/13 - Calgary, BC - Hifi Club w/ Brenmar
01/17/13 - Ottawa, ON - Ritual Nightclub w/ Brenmar
02/27/13 - Toronto, ON - Wrong Bar w/ Daedelus
03/01/13 - Boston, MA - Middle East Downstairs w/ Daedelus
03/02/13 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge w/ Daedelus
03/03/13 - Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts w/ Daedelus
03/06/13 - Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall w/ Shlohmo, Daedelus
03/07/13 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel w/ Daedelus
03/08/13 - Atlanta, GA - Terminal West w/ Daedelus
03/09/13 - New Orleans, LA - Buku Music & Art Project Official Afterparty
03/10/13 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's w/ Daedelus

Check your local listings for deets and we hope to have some

Friday, December 14, 2012

Akai Introduces iMPC

2012 will go down as a make over for Akai. They long staple in music production saw it's lead slowly erode with stiff competition coming from all corners.
I was speaking to a local music shop who compared the landmark MPC as a 486 computer. LOL.
But, as they revamped this year with brand new hardware, they were also faced with a new landscape - iOS. What started as mobile phone software, has now become a platform for mobile music workstation. And it gets better daily.
Introducing: iMPC.
Akai, has formally ported the iconic MPC device to the iPad/iPad mini. It went live yesterday.

As much as there are several clones of the MPC in the app-mosphere, Akai has come to claim the space they originally created - simply.

It dawned on me that there's a generation of young producers who may not have really gravitated to the MPC as the previous gen - esp in light of the software advances over the last several years - so this may still be semi foreign and or may not resonate with them as it does w/ others. But either way, this is still a monumental announcement.

Listed features are as follows:

More than 1,200 samples, 50 editable programs, and 80 editable sequences
Exclusive iMPC sound set and classic Akai Professional sound library
Sample from iPad mic, line-in, or music library using multi-touch turntable interface
Export tracks to MPC Software for use with MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio
In-app SoundCloud community, powered by CloudSeeder
Share on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or export to your computer
Tabletop-ready: works seamlessly with Retronyms’ Tabletop app for iPad
16 Levels mode: 16 levels of attack, velocity, length, and tuning
Note Variation slider: adjust attack, velocity, length, and tuning as you play
Trim and categorize samples, undo takes and erase samples
Create new sequences, record and overdub beats
Live Sequence queuing for real-time performance and playback
Simple drag and drop program creation
Built-in effects: delay, bit crusher, master compressor/limiter
Time correct: 1/8 note – 1/32T with variable swing
Note Repeat: 1/8 note – 1/32T timing, with latch
Supports WIST, wireless Sync Start protocol from Korg
AudioCopy beats and sequences to compatible apps
AudioPaste samples from compatible apps
Tabletop Ready App: works seamlessly with Retronyms’ Tabletop app for iPad
Route to and use with your favorite Tabletop Effects and devices
Line-in allows you to resample Tabletop devices
Use with Tabletop's Timeline Editor

Made for the iPad and iPad mini, this is available now @ a introductory price of $6.99 and is available now @ iTunes.



Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcast 23 [DWNLD]

Ahhh... should have checked my hardrive. This dropped yesterday.
It's the 3rd in 2012, and this could not come at a better time. Seeing that the end of civilization is coming, why not go out with a new Low End Theory podcast and some new music from Gaslamp Killer?? Riding shotgun is long time OG, west coast bastion of the beat, Cut Chemist. Yup. Ok. Enough time wasted. Not too many days left...

Low End Theory Podcast 23 w/ Gaslamp Killer + Cut Chemist.




Mike Gao: Beta World Peace EP


After spending some time in EU and working on come music coding, Mike Gao is back at it with a release due the day the world end: Dec 21 2012. Although the Mayan calendar offers no precise time, there should be enough time to enjoy the Beta Wolrd Peace EP that the talented Mike Gao will be releasing.
Added bonus, sometime between now and that gloriously fateful day, he will be offering the EP and his suite of music apps all for free. Nice. But in the meantime, enjoy this teaser mix for Beta Wolrd Peace, out Dec 21 2012. Stay tuned for deets.



Wednesday, December 12, 2012



So I sat there waiting like, bro - wtf. So I killed time by handling some emails, and POOF - In it came: The new video from Karriem Riggins, Round The Outside.
Of course, all of this comes off the acclaimed release Alone Together out now on Stones Throw. This almost reminds me of Lunice's long time ode to Mike Slott yrs ago, but this is still a banger - directored by Tuomas Vauhkonen and Jeremias Nieminen.

*Hands clap*. Now repeat.


* and stay tuned *


Check One Two: All City 012 Wrap Up [DWNLD]

All City's been quiet. Quietly getting ready for 2013 is more like it. The seminal label out of Dublin, whilst setting up the new year, released mid day yesterday.
Curators extaordinaire, they dropped a little ebd of year mix they're calling Check One Two, a 012 wrap up.


Track List

Jai Paul - Jasmine (XL)
El-P - Drones Over Brooklyn (PIAS)
Harmonic 313 - Lion (Warp)
Shining - Hey You (Young Turks)
Antibalas - Dity Money (Dapto ne)
Actress - Caves of Paradise (Honest Jons)
Theo Parish - Black Mist (Running Back)
Boddika - Acid Jackson (Swamp81)
Scuba - NE1BUTU (Hotflush)
Objekt - Cactus (Hessle)
Kendrick Lamarr - Cartoons & Cereal
Blackhouse - Modulating (Mellow Music Group)
Shabazz Palaces - A Mess, The Booth That Soaks In Palacian Musk - Live at KEXP (Sub Pop)
JJ Doom - Wash Your Hands (Lex)
Danny Brown - Fields (Fools Gold)
Lukid - Bless My Heart (Ninja)
Dean Blunt / Inga Copeland - 2 (Hyperdub)
Burial / Four Tet - Nova (Text)
Joy O - Elipsis (Head High Remix) (Hingefinger)
Alden Tyrell - Rush (Clone)
Sunil Sharpe - Shudder Blaze (Sheworks)
MMM - Meets Tshetsha Boys (Honest Jons)
Girl Unit - Club Rez (Night Slugs)
DJ Format feat Edan - Spaceship Earth (Project Blue Book)
Bullion - Family (Deek)
GB (Gifted & Blessed) - 7 in 24 (All City)
Falty Dl - Hardcourage (Ninja)
Daphni - Yes I Know (Jialong)
Waajeed - Scorpio (Dirttek)

All mixed and selected by Olan & Tuki and Go nuts and scoop that for your listening pleasure. And stay tuned for All City and 2013.



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Bday Ras G & ASP: AinaT EP [DWNLD]

credit: Theo J.

Celebrating is born day, Brainfeeder's Hight Priest of low bass is delivering a mini mix. With a pile of music due to come out very soon - as always - Ras G and the ASP sends his own gift across for all his fans and listeners alike: AinaT ep

The AinaT EP was created during a dark and introspective moment before a tour to LDN in oct 2012. But recording music is what got Ras G through this period, and opted to share the music.



1. Fixed-Air Detachmentz....
2. Gone.....
3. Gone(interlude)
4. Lentil Quesa-DILLA
5. duh....Mmhhmmm...Eye browz xx
6. Bloody episodes...
7. Lil feet...
8. farewell CosMc T....

Enjoy, and if you're on twitter, show Ras G some bday love.



Mala In Cuba, LIVE in Brixton [VIDEO]

Recreating the acclaimed Mala In Cuba, the experiment in fusion of bass music and classic Cuban rhythm that dmZ's Mala released with the assistance of Brownswood Recording, we have footage of his 1st ever live show, inviting the very Cuban artists who were instrumental in crating Mala's latest work.
Set in Brixton, to a packed crowd, we have footage of the memorable night.




Lucky Me spesh on Rinse Fm: Dec 2012 [DWNLD]

Darling of the year Lucky Me ends the year with their inaugural monthly spesh on Rinse FM. I couldn't catch it live, and could not find it on the redesigned site. Hosted by LM's own The Blessings and Eclairfifi. Either way, finally grabbed it and you can as well.

Lucky Me spesh w/ The Blessings + Eclairfifi on Rinse FM.


nota bene: if for some reason, the show is no longer on the Rinse FM site (which is bound to happen), simply let me know in the comment section. I'll update the link still.



HyperDub Spesh on RinseFM w/ Kode9: Dec 2012 [DWNLD]

In what was the last HyperDub spesh of the year, big boss Kode9 took us through a retrospective of 2012. Man, it's been a whole year already?? THAT is nutso. Either way, this DVA-less show was no less entertaining with the Kode9 weaving through some of his faves from the last 12 months. If you didn't catch the show, I urge you to do so on the brand new Rinse FM website. It doesn't look like the redesign is too mobile friendly as such, feel free to stream it here (mobile friendly).

HyperDub spesh w/ Kode9 on Rinse FM - 2012 Retrospective.


nota bene: if for some reason, the show is no longer on the Rinse FM site (which is bound to happen), simply let me know in the comment section. I'll update the link still.



Monday, December 10, 2012

J Dilla Donuts Bonus 45

As some of you may have heard, the Dilla's Donuts is being re-released as a 7 piece - 45 box set mid January but teh good ppl over @ Stones Throw. This will also feature a bonus 45 as a re release of the long out of print Signs which 1st emerged as a "Fan Club 45", and will also feature "Sniper Elite & Murder Goons" w/ Doom and Ghostface - and the files were just delivered to a few of us via email. SAY WRD.

1. Sniper Elite & Murder Goons
2. Signs

And, listen to DJ Parler speak on the record Dilla used, and the flip, by the phenomenal series by Waajeed over at Bling 47.



WITB: mymanhenri w/ Shigeto, Motem, BBNG Dec 29th


In the annual What's In The Box festival, the Drake Hotel has reached out to 92bpm to add to the Dec 29th Saturday night listing which is a big one, but just went over the top.

Dec 29th , the Drake Underground will feature a superb lineup:

mymanhenri, Ghostly's Shigeto, Motem, Badbadnotgood all doing their thing that night, and all for $5.

The Drake Underground presents:

What's In The Box - Dec 29th.

8p. mymanhenri
9p. Shigeto
10p. Motem
11p. BadNadNotGood.


ITZSOWEEZEE for late night.
All for $5. Get there early.

The remainder of the festival's schedule can be seen here

Stay tuned.


92BPM presents 4 w/ mymanhenri + sunclef Dec 27th

4 yrs.


I can still recall the day we made the switch to a *full time* music blog from the messing about we were doing previous to this.

Either way, though the last 1-2 years have been semi trying, with spans of conflicts and even boredom, we've lumbered away as best as possible at this lightly staffed operation. Meh.
But we've never gone out to celebrate our existence, the shows that we've presented or anything of the sort. So consider this the 1st anniversary though we're in year 4. Wow.
4 years of early mornings, late nights, hurried lunches, all with either a blackberry, iphone, or laptop at our finger tips. Trying to find bits of info, chatting w/ friends, following tours, setting up shows... UGH.

Either way, we still love the music, love the sound, love the ppl, and we absolutely love ours readers/fans - anonymous as you may be - we feed off you, ALL. With that being said, a few changes in the new year will come about. Though I will still purposely keep this lo-fi, I will make a few updates to the layout.
Before all of that, let's have some fun and celebrate.

92BPM presents:

w/ mymanhenri (extended set) + Sunclef.
Supermarket - 268 Augusta ave, Toronto.
Doors @ 10p
Free before 11a. $5 after.
$10 after 12p.
Facebook invite.

Come celebrate 4 yrs of shows, nights and freebies. Should we have mymanhenri doing an extended set and the sounds of Sunclef, all taking place at the Supermarket during the holidays. A slow week has now turned BIG.

See you then.


King Deluxe presents: Year 2 [DWNLD]

Celebrating 2 years of releases, Canadian King Deluxe drops release 17 featuring the cats that have made this run possible. Along for the celebration, some commissioned remixes by friends and fam, making this release a complete work.
Names like: Fancy Mike, Muta, Julien Mier, Option Command, Alphabeats Heaven and others....
You get a mix of tempo and ambient bizness - and you know I have a certain penchant for those. Here's the trailer featuring Option Command's 3000 clones.

... and more of that bizness...

You can scoop the anniversary Year 2 from King Deluxe over here.



Thursday, December 6, 2012

Karriem Riggins on Letterman [VIDEO]

But really, he was gigging w/ Diana Krall. As some of you well know, and are others finding out right now, drummer extraordinaire and Stones Throw's Karriem Riggins tours w/ Diana Krall as her drummer. And they were on David Letterman last night. Enjoy.

Have you copped his record yet??

Say wrd.


Small Professor: Yokozuna

As I mentioned just a few ago, your man Small Pro was releasing something this week... and it's now dropped.
Yokozuna is a straight rap record of remixes from Gigantic, Vol. 1, and throws in the instrumental joints to make the cypher complete. ;) I sometimes forhget how much I still love rap and hip hop. Thanks for the reminder Pro.

No doubt.


Amin PaYnE: Cosmic Planets [DWNLD]

Something out from some of my fave Frenchmen @ Cascade Records, Amin PaYnE. This NZ born producer's LP Cosmic Disfunktions is simply an ode to the art of the beat, hip hop, and that MPC swing I love to refer to every so oft. The kind of stuff you want to have playing to groove to, right?? Here are a few downloads for you cats to mess with.


Or the mini mix medley of the Cosmic Disfunktions LP.



01. Extraordinary Feat. K-SABA
02. Love Dust Feat.SilentJay
03. One Day
04. Moonlight Feat. BEN BADA BOOM
05. Letter To Dayton [The Sound]
06. Cosmic Planets Feat.Roughsoul
07. Waiting For Her
08. You're The Only Star
09. Via Lactea
10. Soul's Desire feat.Karen Morales
11. Dreaming
12. Infinite Horizon
13. NO Reason [Bonus Track]

You can gladly scoop and listen to the whole record over at the bandcamp site.


The Blackhouse: Lectrivunkin [DWNLD]

So sometime in early 2012 (?), I sat down w/ Georgia Anne Muldrow's manager and he played me some new project that she was messing with, this electronica bizness. She's an incredible producer and a wonderful musician, so I was all ears. Though - I will admit - I have issues w/ cats who come out their lane w/o spending time in the culture. Smell me??
But man o man - there were some bangers on this record. As such, The Blackhouse was born, an instrumental project feature herself and DJ Romes. Tight.
FFWD to last night, read this email reminding about the record and a new single. Well, here's your reminder as well. Lectrivunkin is this single, and it's free. A nice electro dance floor boogie banger, to make these buxom broads bounce to that bassline groove... lol. Seriously though, a fresh little chune dat. Hold it.


The Blackhouse is out now, and you can scoop over at the bandcamp site.



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Percussion Lab presents: Cambio LP [DWNLD]

The music portal that is Percussion Lab is a labor of love that has spanned more than 10 yrs. They have been providing an outlet of for electronic music since 2002 and has been a pillar of support for the NYC environment as well.
This endeavour had singularly been funded by their own pockets: the events, the live streams, the podcasts, all were self funded.
As means of celebration, Percussion Lab has curated a compilation featuring some of it's closest and dearest friends, long and early supporters of the project. Names like Shigeto, Machinedrum, Xi, Muxmool, Daedelus, Calmer, Lando Kal, Braille, Sepalcure and many more, have all lent a hand to this great undertaking.
Most importantly: every single penny of the sales of this Cambio LP will go to maintaining and funding Percussion Lab.

The compilation is available, all 15 tracks, for $5 (or more, bless your souls!). It's available over at the Percussion Lab bandcamp site.

You can download the Shigeto track here.

Show love.



Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Small Professor: The Easiest Way feat. Guilty Simpson

From some forthcoming work out of Small Professor's catalog, a new one from he & Guilty Simpson.

This will be the lone original cut from a record Yokozuna due out tomorrow comprising mostly of remixes.

Stay tuned, and lock in.


Homeboy Sandman: Richardsun


Something that popped up yesterday, a release from Stones Throw featuring a re release from Jaylib, but more importantly, a hot b side from Homeboy Sandman. Whoa.


the written word: +1


TNGHT in Toronto: Nov 29th 2012 [VIDEO]

For those of you who may have missed what may be one the highlights if 2012, TNGHT's show in Toronto was nothing short of explosive. A night of high melody of low end grooves.
Again, shouts to Hudmo and Lunice on this one. Hold tight Joe. Hold tight BBNG for being part of it. Shouts Mansion, Union Events and 92bpm for making this happen.

More to come...

Hold tight.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Korg Introduces iPolysix

The iOS musical app-mosphere just gets more impressive - despite the seemingly abundance of current apps available. At the forefront is the Korg and it's developers.
They have now released iPolysix, the 2012 iOS version of the classic Polysix for the iPad. The 1981 piece of engineering has been unearthed as a new app, and is getting tons of acclaim. Some of you might know i'm a huge proponent of the music apps esp in light of what has emerged and been produced from it. Impressive indeed. Korg's iPolysix has brought another fold to the game. Here's a little sampling of it's potential:

And @ $14.99, iPolysix on sale for 1/2 price until Dec 31st 2012, along with the rest of it's fantastic set of iOS apps.



OOGenesis: Bike [VIDEO]

It's been WAY too long since we've heard a peep from RBMA alum, 00genesis. So, with his 00-FI EP set for the new year, he's on a campaign setting it up with trailers and teasers.
!st in line will be the re-release of what I felt was a banger back then, but largely flown under the radar: Bike.

Originally released around 2008 on the Re-Runs LP, one my faves Bike gets a re-work, facelift and visuals courtesy of Guillaume Blanchet.

You can actually hold this one down, and download it for self. Head down to his store to grab it for free.

Enjoy and stay locked.


Flying Lotus: The Making Of Tiny Tortures [VIDEO]

Flying Lotus dropped a new video for Tiny Tortures a few days ago. They share with us the making and the process in the production on the video, that starred as you've seen THE lord of rings, Elijah Wood. Trippy.

Flying Lotus "Tiny Tortures" Process montage from dlew on Vimeo.



Saturday, December 1, 2012

TNGHT & Kanye West: NYC Show Nov 29th

So as a few of knew, TNGHT had 2 exclusive North American shows this past week. One in Toronto that we co presented, and the other last night in NYC. Hudmo told me to come down, but time restrictions and same day tickets kept me from heading down - but I did look, believe me. Either way, there are always surprises in NYC, and last night was no exception. Your man Yeezy, who's been working w/ both Hudmo & Lunice, came out the shadows and hit the stage. I was reading the tweets come in:

The scene went a little like this...


I've said it, and I'll say it again: Nice to see mans like Hudmo and Lunice get theirs right now. I still recall hanging w/ both during their humble beginnings, and now they're both in the studio w/ Kanye West and such... congrats guys. Lucky Me stand up.


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