Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Om Unit: Aptitude Show in Rinse FM [DWNLD]

This tweet came out a few weeks ago and although I missed it live, the show was uploaded just yesterday. As usual, you can expect to hear some gems from Om Unit and with the added tracklist?? You can now dig through and see what is avail among the certain Cosmic Bridge exclusives as well as classics. I've yet to even dip into this set in it's entirety and I can't wait.


Blackjob ft Suz – Rise Again (Baobinga remix)
Indigo - Reaching the Source (feat. Poppy Roberts)
Machine Drum - Gunshotta
Om Unit - Le Singe
Danny Scrilla - Fallout
Gemmy & Baobinga - Rockfall
J Kenzo - One Drop
Amit - Manic Mirror
Joe Syntax - Signal Drop VIP
Lynx - Disco Dodo
Boymerang - Soul Beat Runna
Escher - Little Terror
Indigo - The Robot
Escher - Untitled
Om Unit x Sam Binga - Electribe Riddim
Fracture - Bad Habit (Om Unit VIP)
Om Unit x Sam Binga - Squares
Om Unit x Kromestar - Solar Cycle
Danny Scrilla - Jolt
Dawn Day Night - Big Booty Girls
Om Unit - Timelines (forthcoming Metalheadz)
Kid Lib - Kunta Kinte's Ride
Harmonic 313 - Ghosts
Tango - War in '94 (Fishstix remmix)
Roni Size + DJ Die - It's a Jazz thing (Phillip D Kick edit)
Will LV - Drop Juke Out
Bad Influence - F.U.B.A.R (Mat The Alien remix)
DJ Vadim - Lost My Love (Memory 9 remix)
Actraiser - Lost In The Jungle
Nookie - Only You
Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style
Tek 9 - A London Sumtin
Doc Scott - Far Away
Skanna - Find Me
Rufidge Kru - Ghosts Of My Life



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