Friday, November 9, 2012

Benji B: World Premier of DIRT TECH RECK

A few weeks back, Waajeed was in London, and dropped by the Benji B show and pretty much gave him the steering wheel. Say wrd.
We got to weave through an extensive sampling of Waajeed's new catalog of bangers. Was pretty crazy I must say man - between Waajeed, Jeedo, Electric Street Orchestra and all things in between. Essentially, the Dirt Tech Reck label was on showcase. Either way, the show was uploaded w/ full track listing for all to enjoy and pop in your player.


1. Benji B Intro
2. Monica Blaire / Waajeed — Set Me Free (instrumental) [Bling47]
3. Waajeed — The Doo Wops [Bling47]
4. Waajeed – Tron [Bling47]
5. Jeedo — Make It Boom [Spills/Dirt Tech Reck]
6. Waajeed — The Event [Bling47]
7. Electric Street Orchestra feat. Underground Resistance — Scorpio [Dirt Tech Reck]
8. Electric Street Orchestra feat. Theo Parrish — M.F.A. [Dirt Tech Reck]
9. Electric Street Orchestra — The Natives [Dirt Tech Reck]
10. Jeedo — I Will See You [Bling47]
11. Electric Street Orchestra — Reconstruct [Dirt Tech Reck]
12. Jeedeci — Cry 4 U Melody [Dirt Tech Reck]
13. Jeedeci — Cry 4 U [Dirt Tech Reck]
14. Jeedeci — Freekin U [Dirt Tech Reck]
15. Waajeed vs. FRSH SLCTS — Lonely At The Top (instr.) [FRSH SLCTS/Bling47]
16. Jeedeci — Love U 4 Life [Dirt Tech Reck]
17. Jeedo — Poppa Smurf (instrumental) [Dirt Tech Reck]
18. Tiny Hearts — Dark Eyes [Dirt Tech Reck]
19. Tiny Hearts — Centrefold [Dirt Tech Reck]
20. Tiny Hearts — Monsters [Dirt Tech Reck]
21. Waajeed vs. FRSH SLCTS — 4 PRTLND (instrumental) [FRSH SLCTS/Bling47]
22. Jeedo — Hood Tech [Dirt Tech Reck]
22. Jeedo — BUCK! [Dirt Tech Reck]
23. DaM-FunK — Mirrors (Jeedo Refix) [Dirt Tech Reck]
24. Jeedo — Trainers [Dirt Tech Reck]
25. Jeedo — Need You Bad [Dirt Tech Reck]
26. Jeedo — Blax On Blacks [Dirt Tech Reck]
27. DJ Rashad feat. DJ Spinn — We Trippy Mane [Lit City Trax]



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