Monday, October 15, 2012


Nice nice.

This is the kinda of work I love to hear. Some fun collaboration that I'm certain will feature something audacious yet still amiable.
Leaked earlier this year, a collab called S3, comprised of crooner Miles Bonny, and the beat concoctions of Brenk Sinatra aka Brenk, will be making it's way to your ears Oct 26th 2012. Supa Soul Sh*t will be just that. And from the sounds of this video teaser, we have a winner.


Tracklist (LP)

1. S3 Intro
2. Seein Doe
3. Chakal
4. Get This Money
5. Bro Skit
6. Don´t Stop
7. Deeper Skit
8. Sprinkle
9. Chronic Break
10. Dr. Strange
11. All I Know
12. Make Her Smile
13. 10 Minutes
14. Hanging Skit
15. Let It Rain
16. Rain
17. Lystics
18. Really
19. Stars Shine
20. Time Out skit
21. Movin On

Look for more info on this gem from the good ppl at Melting Pot Music.



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