Monday, October 1, 2012

OHM Podcast: Mr. Beatnick presents Sun Ra

Classic hashtag. #uneasylistening.

A mix for that academic in you, this is will expose you to the genius that was Sun Ra. Mr Beatnick, a RBMA alum, producer, writer and all around renaissance man has put together a mix for One Handed Music. As he puts it:

"Struck by the enormity of the cosmic task at hand, I ended up with snapshots from a range of Ra's work. You have the ballads, the standards, the poetry and the freak-outs all balanced in harmony, just as it was in a typical Arkestra performance, darkness counterpointed with bursts of bright frenetic energy. A lot of focus is on the 70s, partly cause that was a prolific and funky time for the band, partly just cause it's my favourite period. I wish I could have made it 12 hours long and got in all the tracks I wanted to, and the mix wouldn't have been possible without Kirk DeGiorgio and Max Cole who put me on to a ton of these tracks, so this is dedicated to them with astral thanks. There are other worlds they have not told you of, that wish to speak to you."


Discipline Intro
Outer Spaceways Incorporated
Love In Outer Space
Somebody Else’s World
Mayan Temple
The Antique Blacks
Island In The Sun
There Is Change In The Air
Night Of The Purple Moon
Space Is The Place
Nuclear War
Journey Onwards
The Cosmic Exploror
God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be
Strange Worlds
Where There Is No Sun Outro

So download and enjoy the mix, hosted by the good ppl over at One Handed Music.



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