Friday, October 12, 2012

Nick Storring

Set to perform at the X Avant Festival at the Music Gallery will be Toronto's Nick Storring. The trained cellist who considers himself "a bit of tough act to follow" as he sees himself being all over the place musically.
He's written for chamber music ensembles, has produced left abstract electronic music under his own name and has even done beat driven material under as Piège.
At the Oct 18th X Avant Festival event next week, Nick Storring plans to employ the following set up:

cello, voice, electric mandola, Korg Monotron, and other small percussion/ reed instruments being sent through Ableton (and various VSTs/ Max for Live stuff) for processing and looping... I may also bring my Yamaha DX7

Here's a short interview done speaking on his music and style.

Though his live sets have been layered with beats, big sounding with soloist cello parts, he recently has been moving to incorporate more organic feel drawing from the chamber music he's been writing.

Look for Nick Storring to open for Shigeto in Part 1 of the X Avant double feature Oct 18th.

A Mind/Body Split Pt. 1: Shigeto + Nick Storring
Part of the X Avant New Music Festival
CCMC Music Gallery
197 John Street, Toronto, ON
Facebook RSVP



  1. Very Avant Garde. +1 for the sound!

  2. Hahaha... When we did the interview, I actually didn't know that "tough act to follow" meant. I was thinking that it meant it was tough to follow my trajectory through music, tough to predict what I was going to do next... because I'm such a scatterbrain. Just to clarify ;-)


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