Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Karriem Riggins: 12's in 8 b/w Analog Days 45

In what is another bonus release from Karriem Riggins and Stones Throw, the 45 that is included with the Together LP.
Simply put, another prized piece and a must own for the fans. This 45 includes the revered classic 12's in 8, and track that bewildered listeners from it's 1st appearance yrs ago on that once rare Kaleidoscope mix, then more widely heard on Beat Machine. Years later, this song is still a banger.

But the b-side is what had me most curious and was delivered to the inbox yesterday. Another tight beat from Karriem Riggins on his 3000 (i'll assume). Sharp drums of course, with synth medley looping throughout the track.

Analog Days

Do yourself and favour and scoop this 45 from Stones Throw whilst you still can.



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