Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jeedo: Make It Boom b/w Let It All Hangout [VIDEO]

Something out now from Detroit's own Waajeed aka Jeedo, is a my kind of 12". A dope track as a picture disk. No one f*cks w/ them anymore. Well, here's one you might want to hang on the wall. Make It Boom b/w Let It All Hangout is a collaborative release between Jeedo's DIRT TECH RECK label and Spills. 2 instrumental floor bangers featuring those Jeedo kicks and snares that can easily keep the night going, and the ladies glowing. Say Wrd.

And here's a fun video to boot. You gotta lol sometimes. ;) But let's appreciate the true work that went in to creating this piece. Tons of youtubing, drawing it down to something like 50 or so clips of booty shaking to create this edit. Phew. That's tons of work. Shouts to Jeedo for having that discerning eye.

Check your fave local shops for this picture disc, and keep you eyes peeled for the EP that will feature rmxs from Shigeto and Charles Trees.


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