Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free The Robots: EP Vol.2

Returning to the scene of the beat and rhyme, Santa Ana's Free The Robots releases EP Vol.2 in a series of EPs, 1st appearing in 2007 (wow). In what was originally unseen and unheard - only on mixes and live dates, FTR decodes to release some of this exclusive material in leading to an EP Vol.3 as we round the corner to 2013, marking a decade of Free The Robots. His mellifluous mélange of all things psych, hip hop, jazz, blues and electronic has been an ode to the classic sample and chop, adding kicks, snare, creating progressive and artful arrangements.
EP Vol.2 and soon to come Vol.3 will explore his past, present and future via these tuneful travels.


Moonchild (Plant Edit)
Awake or Asleep
Diary (Exile Remix)
Tire Swing
Live in a Dream
Press Power Police

Free The Robots - Diary (Exile Remix)

Free The Robots's EP Vol.2 is available on iTunes now.


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