Monday, October 1, 2012

Flying Lotus Listening: Recap

As all of you who came last night, we Toronto had it's Until The Quiet Comes listening party last night at The Drake Hotel. Don't be stuck on the party end, as it was meant to be a amongst friends. The like minded under one roof, to listen to a record that is set to possibly create a new standard in "beat music".
The night was tagged as a night of HiFi and lo lights. The dimly lit room as arranged like a very large living room, with couches spread across the dance floor, and coffee tables placed about to created the desired effect.
After going through a select set of Flying Lotus classic, and right before hitting play on the new record, we were joined by a very special guest:

Flying Lotus took a few mins out of his schedule to conduct a live interview on the giant HD screen (yup), speaking about Until The Quiet Comes, the inspiration, the direction, the guests on the record, the groundswell of anticipation that has been very evident in EU and esp in on this side of the pond... Either way, it was a surprise that no one expected by the sounds of the gasps. But technology is our friend. ;)

After the 15 min chat, he just asked we get fucked up, have a good time and enjoy the record. So we did.

Thanks to all who came out for something that needs to happen tons more. Music listening. Thanks to Flying Lotus for spending a few mins with us. See you in two weeks.

Stay tuned....

Until The Quiet Comes is available today in EU/UK, tomorrow in America.


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  1. this was SOO FUCKING DOOOOOOPE nearly shat my pants when he came on Skype thank you mymanhenri


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