Friday, October 12, 2012

fLako: Honey Drips

A few days ago, I saw a few posts about fLako and some chatter about his music but positioning him as a new artist. Never deny discovery I say and love to see ppl get their due. Glad to see things coming all together for fLako. Been a min of hard work, with the light at the end of the tunnel seeming distant some days, but it's now time.
Though he had several works floating around, fLako's break out my have been either the Ho Tep release, that featured the slamming Rubies & Diamonds, under his alias of Dirg Gerner, or the Carving Away The Clay EP from PMC. He decidedly added vocals and slowed his tempo in both of these phenomenal EPs.
He's now on schedule to have another release drop from the good ppl at Five Easy Pieces. This Elosure EP will drop Nov 5 2012 and will follow in the foot steps of the sound that he's so well crafted as with the last two releases. Vocals, and some beautifully rhythmic production and melodies that at times feel drawn from his Chilean inspiration. Maybe? Either way, look for this EP to drop soon, and lock in.

fLako - Eclosure (12" Vinyl / Digital)

A1 Honey Drips
A2 Mating Dance
B1 Lion's Mane w/ Dirg Gerner
B4 Eclosure

Hit up Five Easy Pieces for more info.



  1. This is fresh stuff. Producers with different sounds are always appreciated. This is nothing like the typical simple melody over hard-hitting 808's. I like the fact that this beat is so simple in a complex way. Good work Flako!

    PS: My head can't stop rocking at 2:23 and onwards. >||

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