Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FL Studio 2: Updated

Been a min since I talked iOS software. Well, here's a treat for the ones who have FL Studio: the new FL Studio 2 is here, and it's a free upgrade for current users. What's new?? Peep the video below.


Audio tracks - Import WAV/MP3/AAC/AudioPaste & iPod library.
Wave editor - Cut, trim, normalize, reverse, fade in/out
Multi-tracking - Up to 8 track simultaneous recording
FL Studio Mobile HD - Now a Universal App
iPad retina display - Supported
Dropbox - Export to Dropbox. Import from Dropbox App.
Library - Amped Guitar & Bass pack in the shop
ZIP - Export improved to include all custom instruments, audio recordings and the project

You can scoop FL Studio 2 in the app store.


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