Monday, October 29, 2012

DVA: Fly Juice

Been listening to this one for more than a min.

DVA is back w/ a release on Hyperdub with an EP, Fly Juice. Still with the fresh melodies, still with the ravy bounce in the riddims, still with what seems to be non 4/4 cadence for dancefloor, DVA returns with his signature strain of soul. None more evident than in the title track Fly Juice. Looping chords, adjoining sound efx and samples, all make for a nice orchestration worth of both the DVA and Hyperdub stamp. The rest of the tracklist looks like this, physical and digital.


01. Fly Juice
02. Do It
03. Walk It Out
04. Long Street feat. Big Space
05. Fly Juice (4/4 Dub Mix) (Digital Bonus)
06. Ganja (French Fries Remix) (Digital Bonus)
07. Rumors feat. Inga Copeland (Digital Bonus)
08. Shook (Digital Bonus)

DVA's Fly Juice will be out Nov 20th 2012 in all fine outlets and online.


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