Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DM-1 v3

One of my fave iOS apps has been updated, with some very significant additions. DM-1 v3 is now available in the App Store, w/ the update free for previous owners.

DM1 The Drum Machine, Version 3.0 from Fingerlab on Vimeo.

Updates are as follows, with many having been request by users:

-Samples import (from iPod, microphone, AudioPaste, DropBox & iTunes Folder)
-Time signature
-FX per track
-FX automation
-Pads Ribbon Automation
-Export new features (separated tracks, AAC encoding & DropBox)
-Master volume track
-22 new drum kits

Got an iPad?? Get your hands on DM-1 asap. TOTALLY worth the $3.99.



1 comment:

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