Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bugseed: Soundcraft [DWNLD]

Tokyo's own Bugseed as been in play for a min. I have some folders of hip hop instrumentals that have been in rotation from the Japanese native, the France's Cascade Records will be adding to that. Soundcraft LP, due out Nov 9th will present more of Bugseed's classic hip hop instrumentals - no nonsense bangers. You can download the below posted teaser to get a taste.



01- O-hashi 2
02- Re-person
03- Refreshing
04- Clappppppp
05- Heart wave
06- Bugnus
07- stbb 159
08- Psychedelic
09- O-hashi 3
10- Sukeban
11- Flowering
12- Pizza pizza
13- Robooster
14- 169 remix
15- Bedria neo funk
16- Dance upon nothing
17- Drops
18- Echoes

Pre Orders can be made below.

Jet Set (Japan)



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