Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zodiac EP

Could there be a more intriguing release coming under the radar?? I think not. Let's take a moment to chat Zodiac bka Jeremy Rose. You may not be familiar with his name or nom de plume, but you have been singing along to his work - if not your girl. You see Zodiac was the man responsible for The Weeknd's early works - and some go as far as saying his best - on House Of Balloons (What You Need, Loft Music, The Party & The After-Party). After going separate ways, he was forced to sit along the side lines and watch as The Weeknd's new R&B waves splash onto international shores with the impact of a tsunami. No more.
Zodiac release his debut EP on Vase Records with many a curious ear awaiting to hear. Recently leaked Come ft Jesse Boykins III certainly set the tone: A sedate, sensual song with a slow plodding measure, as JB3 adds libidinous libretto as only he can. #WINNING.
GirlGirlGirl is another one of those melodious and mysterious morceaux, morose but yet amorous (I love these kind of joints). Zodiac rounds off the EP with a few more tracks with more bounce, but I quickly longer for more vocal arrangements. He may have found that void that I have been looking for more vocalists and producers to fill: dark and nebulous works. This Zodiac EP is certainly the start I've been looking for.

Track list

1. GirlGirlGirl
2. Come ft. Jesse Boykins III
3. So Soon We Change
4. Loss Config.
5. 138

You can listen to Come ft Jesse Boykins III here.

Zodiac's EP is out September 24th 2012.


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