Thursday, September 20, 2012

YoggyOne: Canopée

I recall coming across this french producer a few years back as he rolled out a great series of 12" which featured collabs with some of his faves. I scooped a few then simply overlooked the op to post about it. Tisk tisk. My bad.
Either way, French born YoggyOne just released a new LP via the good ppl over at Eklektik Records. Canopée is a 13 track record oozing w/ sloppy unquantized drums, syrupy synths, and instances of smooth rap, contrasted with laboured lyrics warbling over slow beat driven phrases . YoggyOne, an accomplished and studied musician, delivers a mostly gloomy but fun album deserved of multiple listens.

The Canopée LP is out now.

Say wrd.


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