Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Gaslamp Killer: BREAKTHROUGH

This has been in rotation for a few I must say. After having the EP delivered which featured an exclusive edit of Flange Face, the long awaited début from Low End Theory Lieutenant, Brainfeeder Baron Gaslamp Killer was now in my hands.
For those of your familiar w/ GLK's musical penchants, you realize that he's got an affinity for hip hop, bass music/beats and psych rock garnishing spread about liberally. Welcome then, to Breakthrough. Imagine what a young Rush might have done today, say something like 2112 in 2012, if that makes any sense to you.
Throughout Breakthrough, the LP's backdrop of GLK live drums and organic Middle Eastern melodies are supported by the electronic, hip hop infusions on this ingenious mostly instrumental album. The few fabulous songs viva voce, done exclusively by Gonjasufi, offer some great contrast to the LP main focus, with his sinister and abraded voice.
Many more collaborators are present on this record: Cali co-horts Computer Jay, Daedelus and Mophono, to Ann Arbor's Shigeto and label mate Samiyam, to the oft overlooked genius Dimlite.
Faves?? Veins and Holy Mt. Washington just to name a few.

Gaslamp Killer - Breakthrough

Gaslamp Killer - Nissim (with Amir Yaghmai)

Track List:

1. Breakthrough
2. Veins (with Gonjasufi)
3. Holy Mt. Washington (with Computer Jay)
4. Father
5. Critics (with Mophono)
6. Dead Vets (with Adrian Younge & MRR)
7. Flange Face (with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
8. Fuck
9. Apparitions (with Gonjasufi)
10. Impulse (with Daedelus)
11. Peasants, Cripples & Retards (with SAMIYAM)
12. Meat Guilt (with RSI)
13. Mother
14. Nissim (with Amir Yaghmai)
15. Keep It Simple Stupid (with Shigeto)
16. Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun (with Dimlite)
17. In the Dark...

The LP is out today, world wide on Brainfeeder/Ninja Tune. You can scoop it on iTunes and or double 10" from Gaslamp Killer



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