Monday, September 10, 2012

Ohbliv: Gawdhour

I've been slow posting Ohbliv goodness - inexplicably. But here's my atonement. Ohbliv has spit out 16 bangers in the classic boom bap form, via the good ppl at HW&W. It's funny as having worked in fashion for years, we talk about the 90s making a return in the textile world - I believe some of that will stand in the music world. Like Dilla once said "Takin it back to the MF cassette." No doubt. In this world where hip hop is being re define (mistakenly) by young ass cats who think that chopped R&B loops over 140/70 is the new hip hop, GTFOH. Where's the boom bap?? Where are those smooth breaks?? Not saying any of that new stuff isn't good music, but it's not really hip hop like it was birthed. Either way, listen to Ohbliv's goodness GAWDHOUR, certified kicks and loops, in stores now.



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