Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Morgan Zarate: Broken Heart Collector ft Stevie Neale [VIDEO]

I'll always check for Morgan Zarate. Been a min since his last EP on HyperDub, and mans around the way have been waiting for riddims to drop. I will forever rate Zarate for his work/association w/ Spacek so any news is good news from his camp.
Due out next week is a riddim i've been running ever since it arrived in my in box:
Broken Heart Collector b/w Crey Bey is the new 12" in stores Oct 2nd 2012.
This lead single Broken Heart Collector featuring Stevie Neale is a departure for the calculating drum programming heard on Hookid EP, and a serving of something more big room, more anthemic. Featuring the vocals of rising singer Stevie Neale, the ladies will surely love this riddim, let alone identify with the song's main message.

But Crey Bey takes it back to a grimy, drum heavy instrumental riddim that I have loved from him, for certain mans that might try to run a verse or 2 double time.
Either way, this new HyperDub 12" from Morgan Zarate a great single with the best of both worlds on one shiny piece of wax.
Broken Heart Collector ft Stevie Neale b/w Crey Bey is in store Oct 2 2012.



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