Monday, September 10, 2012

Mala In Cuba

I've been listening to this for a few weeks now, and all I can say is: Amazing. This is great on so many levels. Allow me to expound freely. The surprise that was the this fusion of lively cuban tempos, colourful horns and percussion aligned to the bas of south london (as Mala put it himself) has been a bit of a gawd send.
Allow me to expound. In a climate that saw a sudden free fall of dubstep, and a need to original dubstep producers now refer to their sound as bass music - if it were acknowledged at all, there was going to be a need for someone to take the same risk in fusing sounds that birthed dubstep some years back.
Enter Mala of dmZ. In a chance offer, he was asked by Gilles Peterson to travel with him to Cuba to learn more of Cuban music with the opportunity to record a full record.
What has resulted an LP entitled Mala In Cuba: music for the learned, the dubstep and bass music graduate. Imagine the traditional and classic cuban conga song and rhythm, and the underpinning of the the Mala madness. Watch this little featurette on the Mala in Cuba project.

And this 1st single sounded something like this:

Mala - Cuba Electronic from brownswood recordings on Vimeo.

This Mala in Cuba is due in stores Sept 11th 2012 and can be pre ordered/scooped on Brownswood or iTunes.

In the mean time, stream the majority of the LP here below.



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