Thursday, September 20, 2012

Knxwledge: Klemintine​ ​Taype

Yup. I've said the same before. This dude is non stop. But, why even slow down? You remember how Nas said it.
Either way, our fave East coast transplant Knxwledge has released yet another LP for the masses, and this is still in light of the All City LP that has been delivered and is getting ready for it's release - and I heard it's a banger. Sheeeeeeit.
Knxwledge's productivity is rivalled only by a happy FoxConn workers who just got a raise. Nutso.
Klemintine​ ​Taype, the 11 track piece dropped sometime overnight and is fresh out the over - with already 1k likes. wow.



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