Tuesday, September 11, 2012

KIDSUKE: Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe

Joining forces are Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe, both accomplished producers, grads of the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy - London edition - and both part of the 10th anniversary comp from Project Mooncircle. Together, they have morphed into one as Kidsuke as opposed to the multi syllabic alternative. But don't let the sobriquet fool you: the diminutive title carries a massive weight. Mature and complex drum riddims are aligned with playful and uncomplicated melodies creating delightful dichotomy in the their debut LP's delivery.

From future bass, beats, downtempo and even [gulp] dubstep, all are well represented in this forthcoming LP. Due out Novembver 2nd 2012, you can stream the lead track Tiny Concrete Block, and even download this LP promo mix - both below.

Stay tuned and hit Project Mooncircle for more info, or hit their bandcamp to pre order.



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