Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Karriem Riggins: Together LP

There are few things I question. A Flying Lotus release, a late night txt from Halle Berry, and Karriem Riggins tracks. No doubt. So this will be more like me jumping for joy than anything else. I've been waiting to this record for just about 4 yrs now. I mean, I still refer to the set he did in 2008 at the Stones Throw Hella International event. The beats were banging then, and they never released the full podcast of his set as it was riddled with unreleased bangers. No more.
Together LP was released yesterday via digital, completing the Alone Together LP duology. You see, after living through that set in Miami, I patiently waited for this record to come out - and you can only imagine what it was like hearing it bang live a few yrs ago. Pls refer to the below clip. Peep a young Aloe Blacc, and his reaction when this beat drops (@ 3.01):

And now, the actual track.


Back In Brazil

Both are from the Together LP. Karriem Riggins has bangers for days, as he and his MPC 3000 continues to put it work, and this Together LP is testament to his Detroit pedigree.

Just scoop it already. For the fans of wax, the physical LP will be out Oct 23rd 2012.




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