Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fulgeance: Mini Club

In between touring EU with DJ Soulist as Souleance, and cooking up a storm with this succulent and mouthwatering plates (la belle vie mec!), Fulgeance was diligently crafting his new indie EP, Mini Club. The author of Low Club (recall that??) and the purveyor of that club bounce and tempo, performing live on 2 MPCs has released an EP full of synths and swing. With a clear movement to the dance floor, the way the sound has been over run w/ trap, it's nice to hear some club bounce that's not all 16T/32T hi hats. One of my faves is the below GR8 MMNT

Another fave of mine is Lemon Curd, and can you can catch it and the rest of the Mini Club EP on his soundcloud.



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